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  1. By the way I put some anti scratch pads below the khorn (you can see in the pic) and that killed the bass. I’m planning to cut an area rug and put it under the khorn flipped so that the rubber bottom seals the base of the bass bin and the soft side against the floor allow easy movement of the speakers if needed. Anyone tried this? for the back and top area I’m using pipe isolation. some pic attached of the rug and the pipe isolation. am I missing something? best AB
  2. I’ll send the motor board pics With the tar material this weekend when I’m going to approach the cleaning and if I achieve to get it right the result. attached the speakers now
  3. Hi my k-33p are still working properly. Also I measured the ohms and I have 3.3 ohms on both woofer. However a month ago I had the opportunity to get 1 Crites woofer from a friend for a trial to compare it against my k-33p and... wow what a difference. Any additional bass I can get from my khorn is welcome. That is way I now bought a pair to swap with my k-33p. I suspect that I can hear the difference of a 50 year old woofer agains a brand new with theoretically the same specs. ill use the putty knife and new gasket. It’s just that with only the putty knife I can’t really clean completely the surface which is my goal before apply the new gasket. thanks AB
  4. Hello all i opened the bass bin of my khorn 1971. I suppose no one ever did that because the gaskets both of the bass bin cover as well as the motor board look melted and created this sort of sticky tar like material. It took a wile just to open the bin as the cover was completely stuck. With a putty knife slowly I achieved to open them. im replacing the k-33P woofers with the Crites cast ones but I need to clean out that stuff And replace the gaskets. I’m not sure what product to use. Mineral spirit? Gasoline? It’s really messy and sticky! Any suggestion? best AB
  5. Did anybody here ever compared the K402 to the Eliptrac 400 with the same driver? thanks all for the help so far! best ab
  6. Hi coytee, great answer. You may be right. im indeed from Italy. is there anywhere where I can find schematic of the jubilee. I’ve seen before but never really though they could be an option. is anybody around here ever built them? best ab
  7. Thanks PT my main goal in fact is to upgrade the horn. Those that I mentioned have the possibility to hook up an adaptor for the k55 to start with. any suggestion? best ab
  8. Since I change the tweeter with the ct120 I noticed that the mid range is a bit too horn like- metallic sound. I read quite a bit and apparently going to 2 inches mid help a lot to lowering the harshness and increasing realism. I did not hear any 2 inches mid horns on klipschorn before. Any comment well accepted. thanks AB
  9. I believe you can... thanks for the... help.
  10. Hi all im new to the forum and I have a question for all of you. I am an owner of a pair of klipschorn.They are 1971.I did some upgrades to them. In order:- Replaced the K-77 tweeter (it was the Alnico one with round magnet) with Crites new CT120.- I replaced the crossover (type A) with crites type A/4500 (this cut the mid at 4500 to tweeter).- re cabled all connections.Now I still have original woofer and midrange.The midrange has the older K55 (round magnet) and the old K400 Horn ( I believe it’s made of either cast iron of aluminum). Now I’d like to upgrade the horn itself and switch to 2’ mid driver and here it comes my question:I looked into different horns and driver and the below are the solutions I found: Horns: Eliptrac 400 Volti Audio V trac 2 Is is there any other option out there I can consider? deivers: -dcm 50 ( really the only one o found for 2’ mouth) Any pro- cons about the 2 horns and the driver above. I’d like to keep my new ct120 tweeter (that sounds great) and the A4500 crossover. any help very well accepted.Best regards AB
  11. Hi there thank you for your answer. what kind/brand of gasket should I use to replace the old one? best aB
  12. Hi all im upgrading my pair of khorn. They are 1971 and I’m replacing the crossover (typeA) with crites crossover A4500 together with new tweeter crites CT120 (they replace the old K-77 round magnet).As I’m doing this I also re cabled with new cables all the mid, bass and tweeter connectors. The only part I miss is the inside of the woofer.Well I unscrewed the screws to remove the wooden plate to acces to the woofer and somehow the plate will not come off. It looks like the sealing turned into some sort of glue, tar like, very sticky that makes impossible to detach the wooden plate.Does anybody here saw this already and achieved to remove the plate without damaging the cabinet? Any advice welcomed.Thanks in advance for any tip and help.AB
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