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  1. I don't have H I grills to trade but interested in the H II grills..
  2. Hello, I have bought, second hand, 2 Heresy II speakers. The only problem is that the two copper badges are missing. Does anybody know how I can get my hands on two badges in order to restore them in original state? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you for that! I now see the pattern. Have been looking into the older pair 1. It could not be 1985 since the cable connection mounting plates were still round be then. It could not be later then pair 2 since the woofer was not coated. Online I found two other Heresy's with the same labels but both topics ended without a result. I could not resist getting to know more so I pulled the tweeter and squawker. K-76-K with code 9051 K-53-K with code 9051 Both week 51 - 1990 Not sure how many time would sit in between the production of the components and the actual speaker build, but a good indication though.
  4. Hello everyone, I got the opportunity to buy two pair of Heresy II speakers after they had been stored for 10 years. I'm most likely the second owner of these speakers and really curious to know how old they are. I did have a look on the serial number guide on this community but couldn't figure it out based upon the numbers that I have. Hoping somebody could give me some assistance. Thanks in advance. Pair #1: P/N 09000351210 S/N 280040 and 280041 W/O 4980 Pair #2: S/N: 293297714 and 293297715 Notes: - Pair #1 has older looking paper serial number notes on the back with some nails. - Pair #2 has coated (paper) woofers
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