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  1. I want to thank everyone that has weighed in with feedback. You all have given me so much (too much, really! 😁) to think about! Some things I have learned... If I am willing to buy used, there are a lot of Klipsch heritage speakers in my price range. Used KHorns would be an option for me if I were willing and able to either shrink OR expand my projector screen, and build a fake corner. Unfortunately, unless I want to be a single guy, I think this option is at least a few years in the future. 😁 I could afford brand new Forte III and still be within budget based on the amazing prices that @MetropolisLakeOutfittershas to offer. LaScala are the next best thing - or maybe even better according to some - than the KHorn. They don't quite fit my space, but I could either (1) toe them in and out depending on how serious I plan to be in my listening OR (2) get creative with Audyssey XT32 per @garyrc. There is a Cornscala speaker option that is within my budget, and maybe sits somewhere between a Forte and a LaScala - both in size and sound? It kind of feels like I'm "cheating" if I go this route though. 😁 There is an awesome community of Klipsch fans that I will join once I pull the trigger on one of these options!! 🙂
  2. @garyrc, I just wanted to say a quick "thank you" for this post. It gave me A LOT to think about. 🙂
  3. So, I thought I was sold on the idea of finding a pair of used LaScalas. However, when I approximated their size, I realized that if I toe them in at all, they end up blocking a fair amount of my screen. See images below. From all I've, read it's pretty important to toe them in. Correct? I suppose for movie watching I could point them straight and toe them in for serious music listening. A bit of a hassle, but maybe worth it?! Thoughts?
  4. Keep me in mind if you decide to sell them. 🙂
  5. I'm not too concerned about "deep bass." I have two subs that can handle that. How would these Cornscala's mate with a pair of Rythmik sealed subs? Do you happen to know the dimensions of the Cornscala? Any other observations about the Cornscala sounds compared to the LaScala? Thanks!!
  6. I really don't care about anyone else. LOL! 🙂 Seriously though, aside from family movie night, I'm the only one that listens to the system.
  7. Thanks. I think these might just fit! Just found a pair of II's from 2009 nearby for $5,000. Unfortunately, about $2,000 outside of my budget! 😞 Hmmm... to keep looking for something in my budget or "settle" for the Forte... decisions, decisions! 🙂
  8. Is this similarly true for music? Or, more of an issue for movie dialogue?
  9. So, I have 24” between the side wall and inside edge of projector screen frame. Do you think I could squeeze a LaScala in that space? For the front right speaker, there is no side wall. Would you still recommend a LaScala here? Is there a smaller speaker that would mate well with LaScala for a center channel? How would an amateur like me go about finding a used pair of working LaScala?
  10. @Chris A, If I said something that suggested I didn't take your advice seriously, I apologize. It wasn't my intent!! I appreciate the information, advice, and education I've been getting here! Your prior response raised two other questions I've been wondering about: Currently, I have some triangular bass traps in my front corners. Would I want to get rid of these if I were trying to place a speaker like the Forte into the corner? Second question pertains to center channel... A. Do you think I could get away WITHOUT a center channel? At least temporarily? I was thinking if for some reason I end up not liking the Forte (or whatever model I end up with) that it would be easier to sell 2 rather than 3. As a reminder, the biggest use for my system is surround sound music (SACD, DVD-A, Bluray). B. If I do get a 3rd Forte for center channel and put it behind the screen, it's going to have to go right up against the wall since I only have something like 13"-15" space between the wall and the screen. Will this be a big problem? It works okay with my current center speaker which is front ported. Thanks!
  11. I wish it were that easy. 😁 I don’t believe there is family buy in (or budget) for building a wall and getting a smaller projector screen. 🤯
  12. Interesting @Chris A! And mostly over my head. LOL. 😋 So, to optimize the Forte, should a I place them close as possible to the corner and EQ them with Audyssey?
  13. Did you see the image of my room that I posted above? No way to fit without modification to my room. ☹️ Sounds like folks are saying Klipschorns or nothing. Is this true?
  14. So, can you say a little more about the Forte vs the KHorn? Is the move from Salk to Forte going to at least get me a little closer to the feel I had when hearing those KHorns 30 years ago?
  15. My current screen actually is built with Seymour AT material. 😀