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  1. @Islander, can you explain what is meant by "inboard side of the speaker?" Thanks!
  2. I’m curious, what would be considered a LARGE room?
  3. No input sensitivity control on my amp. But I do have a test disk and SPL meter handy so I’m going to mess around with that tomorrow. FYI, the Audyssey FAQ describes the same two options you did. It doesn’t really seem to recommend one or the other. BTW, after my first run of Audyssey + pulling out a few absorption panels things are already sounding much better - even without yet getting speaker levels fixed. Where it was sounding like the music was coming from two different speakers, I now have a soundstage that had me thinking I had a center channel again. Forward progresss!
  4. Thanks for that detailed explanation @GaryC! Is this the type of attenuator you were referring to: https://www.parts-express.com/harrison-labs-12-db-rca-line-level-audio-attenuator-pair--266-244. And I would need 6 pairs of these (2 fronts, 2 rears, 2 subs)? What, if any, is the advantage to option #1 vs #2? I pretty much blew my budget on the LaScalas, so option #2 is definitely more appealing than option #1. Also, pardon my ignorance but what is DEQ?
  5. Is there a primer on “EQ for dummies” somewhere? So many things I don’t understand... negative PEQ, high Q, PEQ, 80/24, AVR/12, convolution filter, BBC dip, attenuating filter, .2 octave,, etc. 😊
  6. I do like a good DIY project. This might be the perfect project in a year or two when the next upgrade~itis bug bites. 😁
  7. Sorry, I’m not sure what this means. Can you say more? Thanks!
  8. Just starting to get a new pair of LaScala II speakers setup in my system. I have a Denon X3400H which has Audyssey XT32. No Center. Two Rythmik subs. Pair of small Boston Acoustic bookshelves for my surrounds. Primary listening is music (lots of 5.1 surround SACD and DVD-A). Main listening area is about 18’ x 22’ with a few nooks and a staircase up to the second floor. First run of audyssey set fronts and rears to small with 60Hz crossover for the LaScala and 40Hz for the surrounds. Needless to say, this surprised me. I’ve always been kind of disappointed in the amount of “midbass slam” from my system. I’m hoping for a bit more from the LaScala and curious what folks might recommend for bass management settings? Large or small? If small, what crossover level? LFE + Main? LPF for LFE at 120Hz or higher? I also just bought the Audyssey app, so I can mess around with the curve. I’ve never done this before though. Any thoughts on settings here? BTW, I attached the first try at correction results for the front left speaker.
  9. Hi @GaryC, I finally got my LaScalas set up and just ran Audyssey for the first time. It did as you suggested it might and set the trim at -12 dB for each. Can you help? Thanks!
  10. Well, I did it. Found a pair of La Scala II 15 miles away, owner gave me a good deal, so I pulled the trigger tonight. Unfortunately I leave on vacation first thing tomorrow so it will be a week before I can play with them. BTW, my wife was a trooper in helping me carry them down to the media room. Though she was certainly not pleased by the size of these beasts. 😁
  11. Yes, he does? What kind of skills/tools are needed to swap tweeters?
  12. I'm looking at buying a used LaScala II that has had the tweeter replaced with Crites CT-125. Anyone have experience with this "upgrade." Is it better sounding? In what ways? Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  13. PMFJI, what would you all estimate the price range to be for used LaScala II?
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