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  1. I'm kinda shopping for a subwoofer but I am not exclusively looking at Klipsch subwoofers. If I had the space I would go with the SVS PB16 but I do not have the 31" deep dimension. Every other spec on this speaker is what I am looking for.
  2. I am still working on this setup and frankly I didn't think I would even need a sub but I need a little more bass. I'm going to increase the gain on the subwoofer and see if that has any affect. The Onkyo set-up said to turn the sub up to 75% and I never did it because I always had great bass. I'll do that and run the set-up again with the sub turned up and see how that sounds.
  3. A picture is worth one thousand words...
  4. Alright, I'm definitely thinking I need additional bass but everything else is really nice. The location of the Cornwalls is a little unique, I have them in a Bay window so although they are next to the wall they are not parallel to the wall and the corner is inverted. Would this setup affect the bass in a negative way?
  5. I am adding the Klipsch Synergy center channel C3 and Synergy S3s to this sale. Make me an offer, pick-up only
  6. Turn the Page...yes although this handle is reverence to a very old fraternity that I associate myself with. For music, not doubt the Cornwalls are more than sufficient while included in a surround system they are marginally better than the rest of the system. The center speaker I have is a RC-64 III and another Cornwall or Hershey could have been purchased for the same price but this speakers physical dimensions made it a better choice. I will research the Academy center but I think the RC-64 III is worthy. Thanks for your response Billybob.
  7. I recently upgraded my Klipsch speakers after wanting Cornwalls forever. Anyway they were not sounding as well as I expected in my 5.1 surround so I upgraded the center Snergy C3 with a Klipsch RC-65 III. Expensive but a nice balance for the dialog in the system. After a few weeks I discovered a weakness in the rear surround speakers, the Snergy S3s. I upgraded to the Klipsch RP 502S which include (2) 5" midrange and (2) 1" tweeters vs the S3 single 5" driver and (2) 1" tweeters. I just installed them and I am really liking them over the S3s. I was always happy with the Snergy line for most listening but this system is head and shoulders better. I still have the 12" Snergy line sub installed and I am wondering if upgrading it would be beneficial. My AVR is a Onkyo TX-NR510 so I have the capability of adding another sub. I am thinking about letting the 12" Snergy go and adding a single Reference series 15" sub since the Cornwall IIIs are so capable. What do you guys think, a single 15" sub or (2) 12" subs? My room is in excess of 16"X20' since the Kitchen blends into the area too. Your comments are appreciated.
  8. I had the C3 speaker and F3s for a pretty good while and the dialogue was always lacking. I say a good while, I had them for 12 years and I was fairly satisfied. I didn't realize what I was missing until I replaced the F3s with Cornwall IIIs. The C3 continued to disappoint and It didn't take me long to realize I needed to replace the center channel. I replaced it with the RC-64 III and it was a major upgrade. Unfortunately for my wallet I'm now looking to upgrade the S3s with the newer Reference series surround speakers.
  9. I am going to try this, the center channel is not horrible but it does sometimes overwhelm the Cornwalls. Thank you and Happy New Year
  10. Alexander, I agree and I will reach out to Klipsch. I guess I was looking for an upgrade option and on a Klipsch forum Klipsch would be the logical option. I am partial to the design anyway. Thank you and Happy New Year
  11. I am looking for a more traditional type center channel. Ironic as it is, the Cornwall was designed as a center speaker. I really do not have the room for even a Hersey in the center. Thank you for you input though.
  12. Thanks for the reply, I was considering the Klipsch RC-64 III but it is like apples to oranges in comparison.
  13. I upgraded my main speakers and now I need to upgrade the center channel speaker. I have the Klipsch Synergy line C3 and it is clashing with my new Cornwall IIIs. Any recommendations? The Cornwalls are in Walnut so I would like to maintain the look but not by sacrificing quality of sound.
  14. I am the original owner of these F3s and they are in excellent condition. These were never abused they were used in a 5.1 surround setup driven by a high quality Harman Kardon audio video receiver. I replaced them with a pair of Cornwall III so I have no need for them any longer. Located in central South Carolina, no shipping. $350
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