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  1. Why would you taunt me and coincidentally have a house in Evansville. That's where I am. Have you found a buyer yet?
  2. Understood @ishwash. I appreciate the reply. SInce I already have the CW1228's and new Sonicap's on the way, I will probably use this setup for the time being, assuming I don't run into any issues with tweeters or squawkers and the sound is satisfactory. Down the road I would definitely like to collect parts to do the SH's, but i'll more than likely enjoy them with the new woofers and caps for now. Thank you all for your help! We'll see how everything sounds with my Marantz 2230. I'm sure they have wayyy more potential that 30 watts, but I figured the 74' Marantz is going to be a good, clean source. Time will tell!
  3. Thanks for the input guys. The CW1228's are in and sound fantastic (the magnet's on those things compared to the K-22 yowza!) Sounds like the cap's are the next move. @ishwash The K-77's and K-53's are all making sound, but they do sound a bit muttled. Probably going to get with Bob Crites and make sure I acquire the correct components for the E-2.
  4. Too funny! I was just reading through this thread moments ago. Not sure what the future plans will be for these. As you mentioned, starting with a $0 investment opens some doors. I already have Crites CW1228's that will be in today, so that was step one. Step two will come after much, much reading and learning on this site. Today I've been browsing trying to determine how much of this is OEM and how much has been replaced over the last 33 years (see pic's attached).
  5. Brilliant! I was hoping someone would call me out if I was wrong. I kept going back and forth trying to determine if they were II's or not after looking through the "heritage codes" thread. " 1983-1984: The K-24 woofer is substituted for the K-22, and during the last production of the Heresy-I, the midrange K-53/701 is substituted for the K-55/700. 1985: The Heresy II is introduced......" Thank you for clarifying.
  6. Thanks for the nice welcome everyone. I'm definitely lucky to have stumbled across them. I didnt even realize until reviewing the pictures that the two woofers that came out weren't even the K-24-K's that belong in Heresy II's. They are marked K-22-K. Somewhere in the history of these things, someone said, "meh, K-22's fit, so go ahead and throw em in." Rather than going through the trouble of repairing these K-22's, I went with of Mr. Crites CW1228's, so if anyone is interested in some K-22-K's that need re-coning, let me know! Thanks again for all the advice on shops nearby. Cant wait to get these thing back in action.
  7. Nice. Yes Louisville is a quick jump away. The name definitely seems aggressively generic, but I will give them a ring. ha! That would be great, but i've called just about everybody I know that would maybe recone in the city and nobody wants to mess with old speakers.
  8. Definitely. I forgot to mention that in the original post. Might as well knock them both out while i'm at it.
  9. Excellent. I appreciate the resources! I'll have to give them a ring. I've never seen a woofer contorted like this, but my guess is just a result of time. The sound seems like its coming from back in the voice coil, so i'm not sure what my best options might be.
  10. Noted. I had read that elsewhere and did double check to make sure the sound was not coming from the panel itself. I think if you saw the pictures, it might make more sense. You can here the "click" when you tap on the face of the woofer. Thanks! Unfortunately im way down at the other end of the state in Evansville, right across the Kentucky border, but shipping would definitely be less painful in state.
  11. Hello Klipsch wizards! Looking for some insight on a pair of Heresy's that I stumbled on. No joke, these were found in a dumpster and I had no choice but to rescue them. They are in surprisingly decent shape, but after giving them a test drive, there are issues with the woofers. They still sound decent with low volume, but one of the woofers has a bit of a knock/click/rattle when given some extra volume, and the pictures can explain. It's as though the cones in the woofers have sagged? twisted? over time. One worse than the other (the black one). Not to mention, the history tells an interesting story. The two woofers are obviously different, but very similar at the same time, marking wise. One with a raw casing finish and soldered connections, and one with a black finish with obviously newer wiring connections. I want to do this the right way, so the question is: 1. Are these in the category of sending off to be re-coned by the appropriate shop? (I could use some advice on said shop near Indiana) OR 2. Are these in the category of looking into full replacement woofers? Please let me know if additional info is needed, but thank you all in advance for any helpful input! Heresy Photo's -PC
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