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  1. Speaking of Teles and Prices: 7 Pound Tele, MIM, Paid $1,100 Chasing the Dragon: The Magical Mystery of Jimmy Page’s Painted Telecaster | Fender Guitars DRAGON SLAYER: THE MAGICAL MYSTERY OF JIMMY PAGE’S PAINTED TELECASTER How one '59 Telecaster powered the Yardbird's final years, Led Zeppelin's debut and one of rock's most iconic solos. It was first owned by Jeff Beck’s school friend and Deltones bandmate John Owen, who bought it for 107 British pounds in 1961. The precise date of the Tele’s birth is not known, but the guitar was originally painted blonde and featured a maple neck, a slab rosewood fingerboard and a top loader bridge, which was common for Telecasters produced in 1959 and 1960. Also, Fender introduced the slab rosewood fingerboard to the Tele in mid-1959 after bowing them on Jazzmaster models the previous year. When he formed Led Zeppelin in 1968, the Dragon Telecaster became Page’s go-to instrument and he played it onstage and in the studio until 1969, wrote Brad Tolinski in Light & Shade: Conversations With Jimmy Page. The instrument was the main guitar used on Led Zeppelin and was later used to record the iconic solo for “Stairway to Heaven."
  2. Every Picture Tells A Story?
  3. Just Flashed to Mind..........................
  4. Bullet Slinging Singing Cowboy
  5. @Dave1291 said, " Doyle Bramhall II hangin right in there like a rusty fish hook. " Here he is in 1992 with Arc Angels:
  6. He Sings Too ! who's on drums?
  7. Perfect! Great video too. Shirtless tux wearing, walking in NYC with switchblade in pants! Throw in a monkey and "Lettuce Boycott", what more could you ask for?
  8. "Jeans are for kids" and actors who are race car drivers.
  9. Haven't bought jeans in decades- good point. Maybe quality has declined. 501's never an issue after broken-in, pull down in ripping motion. The following may pose a problem: This is why sailors have 13 buttons on their trousers - We Are The Mighty
  10. Don't you know about the new fashion honey? All you need are looks and a whole lotta money. Can't go wrong with 501 Button Fly.
  11. Watched that and posted some time ago. They play the hell out of Chris Cross on XM Yacht Rock Channel. Word is SRV's #1 was owned prior by Chris Cross. Christopher Cross: I filled in for Ritchie Blackmore on Deep Purple's US debut | Louder (loudersound.com)
  12. Refernece to cardio wasn't directed at you, rather a general statement. I'm all for doing your own thing. Im not a fan of of cardio either, don't enjoy. I perform cardio for cardio fitness (not calorie burn) and strength training for strength, hyperthrophy, testosterone, bone, etc.. FWIW-Mayo Clininc research showed 6 mile run (or equivalent) once per week is ample for basic cardio fitness.
  13. "I lift weights five days a week" --- that's the special sauce, the game changer! throw in a little cardio and .................
  14. Maybe Tomorrow .................
  15. Breakfast (breaking fast) is the most important meal of the day? I guess that depends on what you do for a living and what research you believe. Bottom line is you have to find program that works for you and one you can live with.
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