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  1. Finger Lickin' Barry Commercial Jingles Barry Manilow Wrote: State Farm: “Like a Good Neighbor” Band-Aid: “Stuck on Band-Aid” Stridex: “Give Your Face Something to Smile About” KFC: “Grab a Bucket of Chicken” Pepsi: “Feelin’ Free” McDonald’s: “You Deserve a Break Today”
  2. Golddiggers's Christmas
  3. A Lenny and the Squigtones Christmas Carol
  4. It's all a front. She's actually quite tender.
  5. Subway

    Let that SINK IN...

    The wealthy have been known to blow huge money on unprofitable items; think $500M yachts. Most likely he thought he could purchase for less. Like to see more development on natural gas cars. Why did Elon Musk agree to buy Twitter for $44 billion, again? (yahoo.com) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Mars, the Bringer of War
  7. J Mascis? Two months ago Guitar Center had one used for $399. Played great, very good fit and finish. Sadly, it's been sold.
  8. Please Hold This While I Dig A Pony 3:52
  9. 400ft Tall Halloween Light and Drone Show! Featuring: Metallica
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