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  1. 10 Rules For Staying Out of Jail at the Qatar FIFA World Cup (vegasslotsonline.com)
  2. Excellent!! Do You Know Raphael?
  3. Happy Fathers Day !
  4. "We'll create the cure. We made the disease."
  5. Subway

    Chicks with sticks

    Doing the Bo Diddley with Heather
  6. southern train
  7. It is lacquer painted onto an aluminum disc, with a spiral etched into it by music Bob Dylan Records On New Hi-Fi Audio Format From T Bone Burnett (stereogum.com) T Bone Burnett has unveiled a new analog audio format that he’s calling “the pinnacle of recorded sound.” He teamed up with Bob Dylan, who re-recorded a number of his own songs, for what is being called an Ionic Original, a one-of-a-kind disc that apparently surpasses the sonic fidelity of existing formats like vinyl, CD, or streaming.
  8. Beautifully Broken
  9. Gunna See the River, Man
  10. I think I was wrong ...............
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