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  1. scabbers

    Subwoofer and Forte III?

    Thanks. Does that mean you are using the LFE input on the sub?
  2. scabbers

    Subwoofer and Forte III?

    Going with your recommendation, thanks! Would you mind sharing the settings that you have found works best for this sub? Any info appreciated, thanks again.
  3. scabbers

    Subwoofer and Forte III?

    Looks great!!!
  4. scabbers

    Subwoofer and Forte III?

    Thanks. Those are a stich higher $ than I was thinking, but look like great reviews. Can you share your full settings in case I splurge (again)?
  5. scabbers

    Subwoofer and Forte III?

    Thanks. Budget has already been sort of blown by the Fortes, so looking to keep it in the $500 range I suppose?
  6. scabbers

    Subwoofer and Forte III?

    Hello all, Setting up my new HT, and next week I have two Forte IIIs and one Heresy III coming for my front stage (Heresy as the center). I’ll be running Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 with Klipsch speakers for the height and rear surround (CDT 5800 II and Pro 180 RPW respectively). Have not selected receiver yet but will likely go with a Marantz SR 7012. Room is roughly 12.5 feet wide and 20 feet long. Left and right speakers will be about nine feet apart. The last remaining component is a subwoofer. Wondering what you all would recommend? With the powerful front stage, is a sub woofer even necessary? I know that it’s probably not for music, but I hear that it probably is for home theater. If so, i certainly want something that can stand up to the Fortes, and at the same time I don’t want to not take advantage of the sound quality the Fortes can deliver. A sub which is less expensive, so I can rely more on the Fortes, but is still confident enough to handle the very low end for home theater is probably what I’d be looking for? So, advice around a sub woofer, if needed, and given the likely Marantz receiver any recommended settings that would play well with these speakers as above? Thanks!
  7. scabbers

    Center Channel with Forte III

    Similar question, with a small twist, for my pending setup. I'm about to pull the trigger on L/R Forte III speakers for my new HT, and trying to figure out what to do for my center. I don't have the screen or room space of the OP (77" OLED TV), but am getting a media center (https://www.birchlane.com/furniture/pdp/belen-tv-stand-for-tvs-up-to-70-grck1897.html?piid=30970361) which has an unusually large center cabinet with more than enough space for a Heresy III to fit in the middle (with doors open, of course). The Heresy III would also fit in either of those side cabinets, but with only about 1/2 inch of room on the sides and would have to play through that door iron weave. However, this would free up the center space in the cabinet for the A/V receiver and other large items which need room. My other choice is as noted above, to abort the vertical speaker and go with an RC-64II on the top of the media center. However, more expensive and I'm not sure would sound (and match) better than the Heresy III. SO, choices: 1- Go RC-64II on top. Good - Cabinet space preserved. Bad(?) - Does it sound good enough to hold up to the Forte IIIs, and worth the ~50% increase in price vs Heresy? 2 - Go Heresy III in center cabinet. Good - Should match Fortes quite well, is centered nicely. Bad - Huge space waste for media center, will vibrations or other distortions happen? Is it a problem to have the center speaker that 'low', knowing the Heresy III has a built-in upward toe? 3 - Go Heresy III in either L/R cabinets. Good - As above, plus reclaim the center cabinet space. Bad - Will a slightly off-center center sound weird? It will be close to one of the Fortes (probably 12-18 inches), but I think the Heresy imaging is wide and maybe can tolerate ~2 feet off center axis? Same question on vibrations/distortions. 4 - Go Academy on top. Good - Lots of internet suggestions that it's a good timber/quality match Bad - Won't look as modern as new Fortes, looking at specs still seems to not be as good of a match as a Heresy III, and where do I buy a used one with confidence? 5 - Bag the whole dedicated center thing and use the Fortes as a phantom center. Good - Cheap. Bad(?) - Will a 2 x 4 row seating arrangement (roughly 8 and 12 feet) get reasonable imaging? The Forte III imaging to my ear was amazingly wide, so perhaps.... I realize at least 1 post above strongly advises against this. Hope this isn't considered a thread hijack. My considerations are close enough to the OP that I thought we could both benefit from common advice. Thanks!
  8. scabbers

    Where to demo RF-7 II in Seattle area?

    They have them. Long drive but I’ll go if I have to. Any other ideas near Seattle?
  9. scabbers

    Where to demo RF-7 II in Seattle area?

    Well two strikes. None at Frys and Olsons has none. Maybe in two weeks. Maybe. Other locations ideas?
  10. scabbers

    Where to demo RF-7 II in Seattle area?

    Thanks. Perfect!
  11. The title sort of says it all. Looking to build a Klipsch 5.1.4 system for my new HT, and I'm eager to try out the RF-7 II. But, I hear it's a bit ear-dependent for what you like and I'd like to hear before I buy. Magnolia doesn't carry them, I can't seem to find any resources online. Any recommendations on where to demo (and possibly buy)? Thanks! System thus far: Klipsch CDT-5800-C II x 4 (with metal Klipsch enclosures) Klipsch PRO-180-RPW x 2 (with Klipsch drywall frames) LG C8PUA 77" OLED (Considering Marantz SR 7012)