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  1. Mateo6477

    Sold- Khorns Walnut MD/DC/VA/PA

    That lava lamp is much too modern and, as such, is definitely not timbre matched to those Khorns! The LL people went to a cheaper Chinese wax in 1994 that has completely different tonal characteristics. The least you could do is swap out the light bulb for one with a Crites filament. Pretty speakers, btw. Wish I lived closer. Matthew
  2. Mateo6477

    WTB Academy in Walnut

    I have loved my Forte I’s forever. Used to sell Klipsch end of 80’s / beginning of 90’s at Good Vibes Sound in Champaign, IL. I keep jonesing for a center to match their finish. I would love to find the Klipsch Academy in Walnut Oil in good condition. Anyone have one? Somewhat limited budget, but hopeful..... One post limit per day for this newbie, so I guess I’ll respond to any postings once a day!