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  1. Just saw this one...... Klipsch RC-7 Center Channel Speaker - Used - Mint Condition https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223536418382 Looks nice, includes box.
  2. I would happily take tweeter complete with driver and diaphragm, they’re just not needed. Thanks!
  3. It sounds perfect! I sold home and car audio from the end of the 80’s til 2000, but I’m a fan, not a critic. I’ll probably never complain about timbre matching. I bought the Academy to match the veneer and era of the other speakers in the 5.1, not because of a sound issue with the 250. To my ears, the RP-250C does everything the Academy does with no problems.
  4. I finally found the Walnut Oil Academy I was waiting for, so I am selling my RP-250C center channel that I bought in December. It is in excellent condition, with no rips, dents, snags, or scratches. I still have the original box and instructions. How’s $220 shipped sound?
  5. I want to replace the K-76-K horn on my newly acquired Academy, as the screw hole corners are cracked. I don’d need the driver or diaphragm. Anyone have a spare at the right price? Thanks!
  6. Finally! One listed on ebay. I snatched it up in minutes. The seller messaged me that he had a second Academy in walnut if I needed it. I didn’t. He listed it, and it sold in less than ten minutes. Apparently walnut Academy speakers go fast!!!!! Can’t wait for it to show up on Wednesday so I can fire her up and see what needs to be done (crossover, driver upgrades). My Klipsch happiness is all Walnut Oil 5 channel speakers. Now, perhaps Klipsch made Walnut Oil subwoofers.......... It’s too late for me.
  7. Thanks for the Knoxville notice, but I’m holding out for walnut.
  8. Hey Klipschophiles! I’m still holding out hope for a nice Academy in Walnut Oil to match my beautiful Walnut Fortes. Anyone out there? I love my RP-250C, but I’m jonesing for a matched finish surround setup. My rears are Walnut Oil KG 1.2’s that are perfect and just the right size for my situation. Every time I sit down they whine at me sadly, though, looking for their long lost matching center. Please help put the family together 😢
  9. That lava lamp is much too modern and, as such, is definitely not timbre matched to those Khorns! The LL people went to a cheaper Chinese wax in 1994 that has completely different tonal characteristics. The least you could do is swap out the light bulb for one with a Crites filament. Pretty speakers, btw. Wish I lived closer. Matthew
  10. I have loved my Forte I’s forever. Used to sell Klipsch end of 80’s / beginning of 90’s at Good Vibes Sound in Champaign, IL. I keep jonesing for a center to match their finish. I would love to find the Klipsch Academy in Walnut Oil in good condition. Anyone have one? Somewhat limited budget, but hopeful..... One post limit per day for this newbie, so I guess I’ll respond to any postings once a day!
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