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  1. I've upgraded from the RC62II. I thought my old center sounded weak after I decided to add an external amp(emotiva A-300) to the equation to power up my fronts (RF82ii) . There was an unbalance of sound there. Now with the RC7, dialogues no longer have to fight their way to be heard, if that makes any sense. RC64 is overkill and way too expensive for my blood. I might contemplate getting RF7s but that will be in the very far future. I have a 7.1 setup with all klipsch speakers except for the subwoofer(SVS PB-2000)
  2. Thank you very much, clear enough. Best wishes to you and your families on this New Year
  3. Hi community, As stated in my title, I'm confused on how to install the RC7. It has 4 binding posts which are interconnected with some type of plastic covered wires. The red terminals are connected and the black terminals as well . Which 2 do i use? And do I remove these interconnecters or do I leave them there? Please have a look at the attached picture. Thanks again
  4. Which version of the Klipsch RC64 are you looking at?
  5. Roney


    Is it still available?
  6. Thank you very much guys, much appreciated!! 😁
  7. I had one more question for you guys, are there more benefits to upgrading my center to the RC7 or will I be better served with a 2 channel external amp for my 2 front towers and leaving my RC62ii as is? Will one of these option provide a better sonic feel?
  8. Thank you very much for your help on this topic. I guess, at the end, all I needed was some convincing
  9. I can't Demo the RC7, I don't have that luxury . Im relying strictly on what the fine people on this site are telling me, in addition to numerous other threads I've read. Once the choice is made, I know I'll stick with it for years to come. Your opinion is truly appreciated sir.
  10. If you say so Billybob I've had the rc62ii for awhile and although it's a great speaker, I feel like it's missing something. As long as the RC7 is superior than the RC62ii, I will certainly look into that and sell mine.
  11. K5SS, that makes alot of sense, thank you. The problem now is to find the 64ii at a reasonable price,and by living in Canada, that's hard to find However, I was offered the RC-7 in "mint" condition for 400$ USD. I'm contemplating... Thank you for your input!
  12. Roney

    RF82's with RC7

    Thanks for the info Wuzzer, I appreciate it
  13. Roney

    RF82's with RC7

    Gfalk1, I'm know this thread is almost a decade old but I was wondering, do you still love your rc7? I was offered one to be paired with my rf82ii and was hoping for your impressions thathank you
  14. Is there a noticeable difference between my RC62II VS RC7?
  15. I'm actively looking for the best deal possible for either of these 2 centers. I live in Canada, everything is expensive here but hopefully, I'll find something suitable. What do you guys think about the Klipsch 450? Does it compare to the other 2?
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