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  1. Update on kidney stone adventure. With a Stent inserted, and having had my first meal in 48 hours, I'm doing much better now! I'll be going home this afternoon and can't wait to play some good vinyl records. Will definitely help me deal with the ordeal I went through. Some light classic, Bach, and some easy going jazz should do the trick! Thanks for your support!
  2. I got this 25% off ad in my inbox, for Dexter Gordon Blue Note LPs. If you live in the US. https://store.bluenote.com/
  3. I'm surprised by this Pink Floyd debut because it is in mono. Does anybody have both mono and stereo, and which do you prefer? https://www.amazon.com.be/dp/B09Q3ZS8YV?ref_=cm_sw_r_apan_dp_H83C2ZBA53107A9EDPSG
  4. I love the Japanese cover art! I'm a great fan of Japanese woodblock prints. Hakusai rules! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty-six_Views_of_Mount_Fuji?wprov=sfla1
  5. Thank you all! Here is an update. I was sent back home with lots of painkiller meds. I seemed fine so the wife left for Ghent. I thought I'd have a quiet afternoon spinning vinyl records. Not! Around 3pm, the kidney stone pain was back, in an excruciating way. I was trying to fight it until the wife was back, but when she called me on the phone, I could not speak anymore and I was hyperventilating so she decided to call an ambulance for me. While she'd get back to me. The ambulance caregivers - great people - loaded me with intravenous painkillers before driving me to hospital, where my wife was already waiting for me. I was in zombie state by the time we met. The 2mm stone will be removed today. No matter what. Silver lining: so glad this didn't happen in the isolated Moroccan desert, where I was last week with 33 of my student.
  6. I'm in the ER with a kidney stone... The CT scan shows it is 2mm in size. Waiting for the urologist now, who will decide what to do next. Painkiller doing its work. 😷💊🩺 No vinyl spinning here!
  7. Back in Belgium after hiking for seven days in Morocco. I've got only one African vinyl album: Anouar Brahem - Barzakh So that's the obvious choice to play. I have the rest of his work on CD. I heard little or no recorded music during the trip, except the cacophonic mix on the squares of Marrakech. I'm sure there is a rich tradition of Moroccon music, so now I have a reason to go back!
  8. Oh yes, the camels were with us all five days. Other than that, it was a cliche breaking trip: we arrived in heavy rain in Quarzazate, where the river Draa, which had been completely dry for many years, had turned into a deadly wildwater stream. Locals came with their children to bridges to show them! Also the Sahara desert had pools. And some rain at night. The best music I heard was not from the students' boom box, but from three young women singing, in their shabby house, in traditional clothing, accompanying themselves on three empty water bidons, and our guide clanging two tea glasses. I'll never forget that. I have pictures, but not on my phone. Note: the camel wasn't hurt by carrying my bulky bag of bones.
  9. After hiking for 5 days in the Moroccan Sahara, I'm back in wifi-country. This is the closest I can get to spinning discs...
  10. From Quarzazate, Maroc. Rock the Kasbahs! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_the_Casbah?wprov=sfla1
  11. I want to let you know that I'll be completely off line for the next week, no 4G, no internet, no vinyl spinning: I'm on a hike in the Moroccon Sahara with my students, living in tents, off the grid!
  12. Or you can watch Mr Bean's legendary performance of it!
  13. "Side B is amazing!" This is what I was thinking this morning, while listening to Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I then realised that this short sentence is seldom heard nowadays, with streaming and CDs being the staple source of music. Some vinyl records have sides that are quite different in style or tone. Another example is The Carpenters' Now & Then. And Vangelis' Chaririots of Fire, of which the b-side is a symphonic suite. No synthesizers. Add to this some remastered CDs and released with additional tracks spoiling (!) the concept of an album, which is another argument to listen to vinyl records.
  14. I bought this one in 1989, first on vinyl, later I bought the CD as well. From the first moment I heard it, I knew it was a masterpiece. Prince adding an insane character to the movie, Partyman, that I think, is scarier than Jack Nicholson as The Joker.
  15. Have you all seen this thread? Please consider pledging for this Kickstarter project. I did, and it'll cost around 100 dollars for me , because I live in Europe, but I think it's worth the money!
  16. I have a number of Coltrane CDs, and then this very recent release on vinyl, a Craft double album with tracks where Coltrane is the 'sideman', not the main feature.
  17. I too posted this in the Vintage Klipsch Fan FB group.
  18. They used to be like this:
  19. I used to put them higher (tweeter at ear height when sitting), but they lose a lot of low frequencies when like that. Those are nice stands by the way. I may still buy them, just to be able to put my Hs on stands is I want to.
  20. This is one of the albums that's sounds bright and sparkling with my new bonded Jico elliptical stylus now, while it was dark and muddy with the old, standard needle.
  21. One reason I like Sundays, see below... The other reasons are good music, Klipsch and this forum! Cheers!
  22. Update on my new Jico Stylus, bonded and elliptical. On Wednesday I was greatly impressed by the improvement in sound quality when listening to my 'usual suspects' pop, rock and jazz albums. Today I listened to some of my more demanding Baroque albums, and an old Grieg best of album, with great conductors. See picture for details. This album used to sound dark and moody/muddy but now it shines with brightness and bass. I guess the greatness of the recording lies in the deeper part of the grooves, where my old needle couldn't reach...
  23. I'm intrigued by that red brush. It moves a lot around that table, so you're using it often... How!?!?
  24. Today, I got a new Jico stylus replacement in the mail, and I've been enjoying it all afternoon. The impact on sound quality in the chain is very positive. In the past year and a half, I have mostly invested in buying CDs and vinyl albums, not in hardware. Maybe it's a bit inappropriate to post about the total cost of my setup, but I'm not expecting anybody to do the same, I just like to share this with you because I've been really enjoying the music while not allowing myself costly investments because I have three teenage kids/students, so there isn't a lot of budget available. This is the gear I have acquired over the past 5 years or so, and now forms my main system: 1972 Klipsch Heresy speakers (€700) Leben Hifi CS300 (€1,200) + €100 worth of tubes Technics SL DL1 (€75) + two styli (€30 (Thakker) and €63 (Jico)) iFi Zen Phono (open box price €124 (retail price is €199)) Advance Acoustic MicroStreamer (€129) Marantz CD5005 (open box price €170) Beyerdynamic DT990Pro 250 Ohm (open box price €129) Total investment: €2,720 Most of this gear was bought after getting advice here and doing a lot of reading on this forum. I did buy some other gear as well, but that's not in my main system.
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