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  1. A private home theater prior to me, but yes possibly.
  2. Also, mine are older models, not the T2 version.
  3. I ran REW, noticed one was way off throughout the graph and figured it may be defective caps or simply went out early.
  4. I bet you would.... But sadly that's a negative ghost rider lol
  5. Thanks, I've been here for a year though lol. I'm more of a reader and observer.
  6. Looking for Kpt-1201 crossover schematic so I can get replacement capacitors for ahead of opening the speaker for recapping.
  7. I have two RSW-15 s and one RSW-12 for sale. Located in El Paso, TX honestly looking for $700 for both 15s or $850 for all three. Reason for sale. I bought three 21" full Marty's.
  8. My current k-75-k horn from my forte ii has a rather large crack on the base towards the diaphragm. Does anyone have a spare they'd like to sell? Either just the horn part or the whole assembly. Thanks in advance!
  9. Rudy, Do you still have a volume and power cable available? If so, could you please PM me? Thanks! -Armando
  10. Tom, You should also list location, I'm hoping your close to El Paso, TX 🙂 Respectfully, Armando
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