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  1. They look great! Give them time to break in before critical comparison.
  2. This is my first posting. I took delivery on a pair of H IIIs a little over a week ago and I have about 20 hours on them. I came from a pair of homebrew Lowther-based transmission line speakers and I wanted a change from the polite Lowther sound. I remembered Klipsch from a college friend's LaScalas, and I wanted to check out the current Klipsch Heritage line. Unfortunately there is no Certified Heritage dealer in the NYC area - the closest for me was outside Philly! I called Klipsch and they referred me to a guy who referred me to a dealer in north New Jersey. I wanted to hear the Fortes but all the store had was a pair of Heresy IIIs. I was really impressed with them and my wife loved the size, so we bought them. These speakers definitely need break in. They sounded good but edgy for the first 5 hours, then they started smoothing out. Between 15 and 20 hours they really started mellowing out. My wife likes listening to music at low volume, but even at low levels these speakers have great definition and body - and surprising bass. For now I'm running them with my B&K EX442 amp, Forte Model 2 preamp and Velodyne sub. I'm really pleased with my Heresy III.
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