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  1. The Blues always make for good photo subjects.  Their "Noises" most definitely piss off some neighbors.  Others Embrace it!

    I truly hope that you guys enjoyed the show.  

    Since someone will probably ask about what they're seeing in the pic.  As you approach the speed of sound, air molecules build up on the leading edges and parts of the aircraft that are making it difficult for the air molecules to smoothly flow around them, so the molecules build up like a wall (think perpendicular) until they can slow enough to move past that wall of buildup. In this pic, the temp and humidity are such that you don't see the more common cloud of visible vapor, you see the light bending in the water immediately behind the wall.  Think of looking through a magnifying glass from a side view.  I take a lot of photos at air shows and this one was taken at San Francisco Fleet week some yeas ago.   I'm so fortunate the humidity is relatively low in my sound room ;)~

    btw- If you see this phenomena on your speaker cones, you've turned it up too loud.


    Blues 5 HSP 8x10 IMG_2571.jpg

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  2. 31 minutes ago, Ceptorman said:

    The same design crew in Indy did the RF7 series and the Palladiums. 


    Excellent background information Ceptorman, thanks.  Maybe there isn't a big enough target market for a tower in the $3000 to $4000 per unit range. 

  3. So when will Klipsch release the 3 way FR-X-Twin 10's?  It's overdue Señor Bonehead.

    Yeah I can say that, I'm Hispanic. ;)


    I'm a Lascala owner considering a Double Vertical Doghouse with two 15's but I'm not convinced it will perform as intended.  Think along the lines of an RF-7III with Forte  Mid sound.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Sammy81 said:

    Thats a bummer. I have been looking into the SVS PB 1000, considering my room is 15x15 will it be sufficient to give me a thump for action  movies. I like feeling movies as if I am in the middle of the action.


    Looking forward to a response 



    I think due to my past experience with self powered subs, this time I chose to go overboard in regards to power/capacity.  My main room in 17x17 but it opens to 3 other rooms with wide openings in the walls.  Since I have Lascalas or more like "LaChupascalas", the LF seems to fall off early, like about 100hz early, so I chose a sub that will likely operate at 40% throttle at most.  The SB-4000 is conservatively rated at 1200 watts RMS with peaks about 4,000 watts.  The good news is that if my bad luck continues,  SVS subs comes with the 5 year bumper to bumper so my financial exposure for the next 5 years is +-$0.75 a day for the beautiful LF emissions in a worst case scenario.  I can live with that cost.

  5. I'm sending my R-112SW back tomorrow. I purchased it 2 weeks ago via WOOT.  It's already making morse code type sounds from the woofer.  You have to focus on the sound but it's definitely there, so I ordered an SVS SB-4000 with a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty.  I'm glad that I'll have a sub for at least 5 years moving forward.  Klipsch aimed at a lower priced / higher sales volume product and no one can blame them for that choice.  We all make decisions.  btw- I only augment my Lascalas with Jazz and some 80's music, I didn't send any EDM to it during it's short visit here at the house.

  6. 1 hour ago, jimjimbo said:

    In my experience, yes.  I think you'll find quite a few other members here that feel the same way.  They are compatible with the K400 horns, and recommend that you also replace the driver to horn gasket, also from Bob Crites.


    I think what I'll do is replace the balancing network with either the A4500 or AA and replace the K77 with the CT120's and then listen for a week or so.  Then swap out the K77 and Woofer to see if I like the differences.  That one thing about components, you can always put the OEM's back in if you like.


    Of the A4500 and AA networks, will I lose any LF authority with one or the other?  I want to reveal as much LF as the Lascalas will permit.

  7. 2 hours ago, Islander said:

    Why the recommendation to replace the stock squawker drivers with A55G models?  Are the present drivers showing any problems?


    No current issues with the original K55V's, they sound great.  I'd still like to utilize the K400 horns though.  

    Are the A55G's significantly better sounding to the K55v single phase push pin connector transducers?

  8. 18 minutes ago, jimjimbo said:

    Before you do any bass bin mod or even get a sub, install the Eminence Kappa 15C woofers and listen to them for a while.  I was shocked at how great they sounded in a couple of pairs of La Scalas that I renovated.  Give them a little bit of time to break in.


    Will Do.  I will order all the parts next week and give my ears a few weeks to become adjusted once I get them back together.  Then after that period,  think about other LF improvement options if necessary.  Thanks.

  9. Great info jimjimbo and Islander, thank you.  I appreciate your input.

    You're right, the AA sounds great.  I will indeed replace the woofer as well.   Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the accuracy of the OEM Lascala lower but I want to get as much bass out of it as I can before I consider adding the 12" bass box with dual 4 inch ports that are 7 inches long.  Any suggestions for improving the LF response without adding the lower box?  Or is the bottom box more or less a mandatory for the older Lascala?

    (I have a poor history of product longevity with self powered subs.)

  10. 9 minutes ago, jimjimbo said:

    This isn't a valid measurement for caps, but that's OK, you need to either to replace the caps or replace the entire network.


    I had a feeling that might be the case.  I left all the wires attached and put the probes on each Capacitor.  Understood. Thanks.  


    I've tired to search what the differences are between the AL-4 and AL-5 network without luck.  I ask because the Klipsch Lascala Upgrade package is a proven set of hardware with the AL-4 and associated OEM transducers.  By chance do you know what makes up the AL-5 network?  Or is that still PWK Inc. propriety privilege since it's a new product?



  11. Now to make the decision re: re-furbish, ALK, Crites or Klipsch Heritage Upgraded AL-4 package for $1200.  

    The OEM AA networks sound good but hey- it's of mid 70's lineage so it's time to ensure that they continue for another 40+ years. K77 Round, K55-V appear to be OEM, haven't dropped the bottom to visually see the woofer.  These worked in a Bingo Hall in Livermore CA for a few decades and then for 2 more decades in a smoking environment.  I was shocked that they functioned so well.   I just wish there were some forum members in Central California that would permit me to listen to a few different options.  I've got about 80 hours of reading about balancing networks on-line and now I'm in full IO (information overload).   If there are any members that would be kind enough for me to hear some balancing networks in a Lascala in CA, please let me know.  I'm driving to Sacramento on Saturday to hear a new pair of Lascala II's.  (200 miles to the closest Heritage dealer)  Uhg ...but its a good kind of ugh;)

    Resistances:  K77=6.5 ohm Left/6.8ohm Right.  K55V=10.7ohm Left/11.0ohm Right. And the Woofers=3.7ohm Left/3.5 Right

    Left Speaker Network Capacitors: Aerovox 100V 2uf from left to right on network: 6.9ohm, 1.4ohm and the 13uf is 4.5 ohms.

    Right Speaker Network Capacitors: Aerovox 100V 2uf from left to right on network: 7.1ohm,  1.3ohm and the 13uf is 4.5 ohms.

    Any suggestions?  A Loaded question no doubt but my prior speakers were RF-280F's fed by an Oppo-205 and a PrimaLuna EVO300 with KT150's and occasionally EL34 valves.  Other valves on amp are factory PrimaLuna.

    Network AA Lascala.jpg

    Lascala Speaker.jpg


    Lascala Rear.jpg

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