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  1. Hi ggasco, sorry I did not respond sooner but for some reason I did not get an Email notification of a response. This actually sold recently elsewhere, I was coming to remove it from the ad. Thanks!
  2. These were all pulled from a working but battered Klipsch Synergy F3 a while back, so it's time for them to go. Thought some use might come along for them, but I need the space back. All of these work correctly. Woofers (2 available) $45 each Horn Tweeter K-138 - $25 Shoot me a zip code for a shipping quote. Thanks!
  3. Klipsch Chorus II Crossover. Works well. One of the wires has a few creases in it, so i'm including an extra wire in case you would like it replaced. It does not affect function. I will ship this to anywhere in the US via a priority mail medium flat rate box for $13. Thanks!
  4. Excellent working condition. Shipping will be $13 to anywhere in the US, via a Priority mail medium flat rate box. Please rest assured this will be well packed for safe shipping.
  5. I recently asked about my Klipschorn in the "Ask the Historian Section", (Serial number 1761), and the records indicate it was from March of 1963, so the 4 digit serial numbers seem to have gone on for some time. I imagine Jim Hunter would have the best answer to this question.
  6. Jim, Thanks so much for the information. You are an invaluable resource.
  7. Hi Jim, I was wondering if I might be able to get the production information for the following two speakers. Klipschorn # 1751 Model H #574 I purchased these from the grandson of the original owner. These sport the clear plastic badges. He did not know why his grandfather only had one Klipschorn, but he thought it was likely due to the setup of his grandfathers living room, it had only one large corner which would have easily accommodated a Klipschorn. Given the other Fisher stereo Amp/Tuner set and the Empire turntable that came with it I'm guessing this was all purchased somewhere around 1960-63, but information on these early Klipschorn is hard to find.. Of course many people might have still had mono setups or been accustomed to them, but because it came with an early model H (which was often the center channel, if I'm not mistaken) I'm wondering if this was actually purchased as we received them or if there might have been another Klipschorn originally purchased at the same time. I would have loved to find a pair from this early timeframe, they are incredible looking and sounding speakers. Thanks in advance for any help and information, Jonathan
  8. Klipsch K-48 Woofer. Pulled from a battered but working Chorus II. Excellent condition, works well. $120 plus shipping. Shoot me your zip code if you want a shipping quote. I've shipped many large drivers before, this will be well packed for safe shipping.
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