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  1. 1 hour ago, Marvel said:

     I can only imagine how nice the 12010GAE models are.

    they got a stronger direct drive engine, a much better tonearm and the chassis have a better decoupling due to better materials used

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  2. 2 minutes ago, KT88 said:

    I still haven't invited you because it's still not operational with the active crossover. Not because I didn't want to invite you. There were so many other things to do in the family. The passive version as it still is would not have been good enough to demonstrate. Feel free to think it over until spring. You are very welcome.

    keep me in touch with this matter and let me know when the project is finished , than I´ll come to cologne as we agreed allready a couple of month ago. 

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  3. 7 hours ago, KT88 said:

    We could arrange a date for the next spring if you like. I can send you my email as a PM. Yes, I know your area, very very nice in the Netherlands, I have every year a week with two old school friends for 18 years where we rent a boat in North Friesland. For Americans it is a distance like for us to get bread rolls....

    @MicroMaraas well if you like.

    We used to sail on the Islemeer many years and we were on Texel many times as well. Oh I love the netherlands... Rotterdam, Amsterdam , Eindhoven, Gronigen, den´Bosch ...visited sooo much cities ....The netherlands are one of the best countries to life in europe .....


    Ja Heinz that´s a good idea ,kindly involve me for further communication in this matter for the upcoming spring in 2024 ! 

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  4. 6 hours ago, KT88 said:

    My current configuration. The Quad 606 I bought cheaply four months ago and installed new electrolytic capacitors, because I want to drive the bass with it and with a Quad 306 the K402 TAD. At the moment I have other projects, when the time comes and it is ready you are welcome to visit me, I probably have the only UJ in Germany.




    WoW Heinz ..it´s better for me to stay where I´m , glad that you haven´t invited me to cologne to listen to your gear . I´m sure I cant´t sleep for a couple of weeks after such a listening experience 😁

  5. 8 hours ago, mustang_flht said:

    1210GAE 😍👍

    As I used the 1210 Series three and a half decades ago as a prof. DJ , I´m happy that these outstanding tt is still alive and beeing better than ever before. Have a lot of fun my french vinyl buddy Guy 😁

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  6. My internet is quiet slow , can use my laptop with the mobile hot spot from my smartphone only . Needs to much time till threads loading it´s content. It´s time to take care of this issue soon , have an Idea and will solve this problem a.s.a.p. We had returned our clock´s last weekend by one hour, now we´re back in our regular c.e.t. , even it´s only one hour , waking up earlier and going to sleep earlier as well . Body and mind needs two or three days to be familliar with the change of time. How many different time zones do you have in the states ? 


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  7. rained all day through , was in a soft mood today and spun ....


    The Astrud Gilberto Album





    Randy Crawford´s debut from 1980 " now we may begin "




    followed by Victor Lazlo " She "




    finally Swing Out Sister " it´s better to travel "



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  8. Well in the last two days I spun these records


    The Spliff Radio Show




    The sec. Spliff Album 85555 , btw Spliff was a succesfulln german band in the 1980tees 




    The german Rock Band Grobschnitt ( rough cut if you like ) 




    the debut from Lake , awarded by the german phono academy




    Was fun boys .....

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  9. typicall autumn weather here ...rainy in the morning , at noon , at afternoon , early evening, late evening and at night ..24/7 , 50 F max , relaxin in my new apartment , beeing busi with some design works , installed a induction stove and an oven in the kitchen today so I´m able to start cooking soon . My lawyer  has initiated everything for the separation year and sent by mail to my "still" wife, she will turn green when she reads this, it is quiet sad that this marriage will end like this , but there isn´t any other option for me . 

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  10. It was now another 1.5 years well packed in my store ...Yesterday was baptism ...Peter Pritchard's MI ADC 10E MKIV is on the modded SME 3009 in operation. Had purchased it from a collector , technically impeccable condition , the needle has assured max 20 operating hours , moreover I had purchased the ADC with an original replacement needle Astatic USA. This is still well packed in the store.







    Among other things I still own an ADC XML MK III with JICO needle , a NoS XLM MK IV ( very very rare ) and a Sonus Gold Blue

    Just imagine , the good man had bought it on 04.09.1972 , it actually sometime in the last 50 years just for fun a little play , forget and that's it. Actually incredible ... these collectors ...collect & collect & collect ..but do not hear or have collected so much that they lose track.




    Now I'm the lucky one who can hear it . Initially it distorted in the Mids spectrum , ran unsteadily in the scan , pale timbres , little fundamental ...from bass spectrum no speech.


    After a few corrections of the VTA, the Trackingforce ( 0.5 > 1.25 / 0.7 recommended ) with me currently 1.0 Antiskating, Azymuth and a whole night in the idle groove of the Clearaudio Break In Vinyls sounds today already quite different




    This crazy spatiality ..solved airiness of the action in the room..a stage structure at its best. Slightly dark timbre without losing resolution in brilliance & Hights, strong Mids&Groundtone down to the bass staging with attack , bounce & dynamics with an almost heavenly musical flow.


    I'm impressed and amused , that's they way it should be

    A low-flyer in the true sense of the word




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  11. 1 hour ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

    What the Law states S what Lawyers tell you Ain't what happens in Court. 🙄

    That´s true , same in germany , but according to German law, we now have to live separately for 1 year before the court decides on the material things. So there is enough time to develop a battle plan

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  12. 27 minutes ago, Full Range said:

    Glasses to drink the Riesling 🫣

    @Tim Sr.




    Sorry mate , was an misunderstanding , you mentioned the glasses and not the Riesling himselfe. Btw ..Riesling has a duarability to max. four years ....


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  13. 1 hour ago, Full Range said:

    I have some special Riesling glasses as well 

    They are over 40 years old and I received them from a German wine merchant that introduced me to Riesling

    HHMM ..40 years old ..I believe they´re a quiet good Sherry now 😂

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  14. 2 hours ago, Zen Traveler said:

    Especially along the middle Rhine and Mosel Rivers is where the major growers are. My favorites are the Mosel Spatelase wines and for a real treat an Auslese!

    indeed @Zen Traveler , they come from the best wine areas in Germany . As you´ve been in germany for a long time I think you´ll be able to read this link about the actual top Rieslings from 2022 





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  15. Well boys ....she started the war of roses 😂 Have an appointment at 11 am with my lawyer, gonna see how things will develope. If the marriage is finished than ...finally it´s all about money . Money does´nt  replace love, happiness, satisfaction and men´s freedom,  all this can´t be bought ! I´m in a quiet good mood !

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