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  1. 8 hours ago, CECAA850 said:

    I was under the impression that it's made to be applied to contacts that open and close like a relay.  That's why I'm confused.  Well......one of the reasons I'm confused.

    Hello CECAA850 🙂 what confuses exactly, I try to answer all ambiguities ... but I'm not a physicist. Everything I modify with the RF 7 MK II is based on my personal experience, well over 40 years in private use. I am not (yet) doing this professionally, but would be an option ...

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  2. 7 hours ago, Randyh said:

    he cleaned all the boards  , the copper coils and the contacts of all the resistors and the capacitors  with the NASA Contact Enhancer.   that stuff is somewhat similar to DEOXIT ,  if I am not wrong here -

    Hello Randyh 🙂 It is not a deoxite ... I do not know the chemical composition of the fluid, but my wife is a qualified chemist by profession and comes from physical chemistry, so the use of chemical fluids to optimize the flow of electrons in copper structures is not a voodoo for her. These fluids are used in many technical areas today ... Thanks and regards

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  3. The Horn Tweeter as well as the Mid/Bass Woofer tuning with physically chemical NASA Contact Enhancers which optimize the current flow and act in the copper structures.

    All copper coils were treated with NASA Contact Enhancer.....This application has massively improved the step response and the pulse speed of the chassis.


    Now you can perhaps understand why I am so enthusiastic about my RF 7 MK II in the opening post









    Kupferspulentuning Basschassis3kleiner.jpg

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  4. This is just the prototype. Unfortunately, I have to completely rebuild the housings because they are too small. I fear magnetic induction because the wax coils are all too close together. Freehand silver wire soldering is also becoming too complicated. So I have to go back there and rebuild the two housings first. Unfortunately .....


    Keep you updated ........, but this will need some days ......hope you´re patient


    Regards MicroMara



    Georgs Weiche 4kleiner2.jpg





    Hi Gents...I am from germany and an fanatic Klipsch Lover ....... 


    Two days ago I had to delete all my pictures because the 150 MB folder had exhausted its capacity. For this reason the summary of the RF7 MK II SE modification thread has been summarized on pages 12 and 13.



    This report is based on a purely subjective description and can only be assessed by the author. There is no one who can confirm or confirm this as this project took place exclusively in my music room. Even from my acquaintance / circle of friends, nobody was there to officially confirm it and to be able to certify it accordingly.


    I bought the RF 7 MK II in March 2015, never before had a series loudspeaker so impressed me with its performance, so packed, so fascinated, that I cried 2 packs of handkerchiefs while listening in the demo room Seller was completely unsettled. He had never seen that before. I told him after an hour ... wrap up ... where can I pay. After the demo, I took a closer look at the beloved object of desire and found "it is the loudspeaker of my life" ...... will be with me until the last day of my life. Regardless of the emotional force with which the RF 7 MK II acoustically captured me and its "classic beauty" as a loudspeaker, I said to a friend who was with me, who also confirmed to me with the words "I have never heard anything like this in my life and felt ", .... imagine you go back to it when you have it for a few years and start to tune it ..........


    I said this for a good reason, because I had designed, designed and built speakers myself in the late 1990s with the absolute top chassis from Dynaudio at the time, 2 x WW 30 basses / active passive, D 54 mid-range dome and Esotec 260 tweeters Crossover was a 3 way base crossover from Dynaudio which I modified completely with Mundorf components together with another friend who was running a very successful DIY loudspeaker store in my Hometown at that time. We gave the project the name "Dynaudio Pentagon". At various demos in HiFi shops in surrounding cities, we played numerous dealers speechless with the Pentagon. You are the cool speaker was the general tenor after a demo.


    During this time I work for a leading manufacturer for sound / light / laser technology with a 1,200 m2 showroom in which we advised international customers about these professional technologies, developed, designed and distributed concepts for sound / light / laser technology systems and distributed them worldwide , I was export director in this company, looked after the international clientele and built up a dealer distribution network on 3 contenders.


    In our showroom there is an 18,000 watt, 5-way active system from JBL, which was gigantic in the purest intravenous form, both acoustically, as well as lighting and vice technology. By mid-2010, we had become one of the leading global outfitters for multimedia projects of this type. After that, the company was bought up and broken up. Based on this background knowledge in audio technology, it was clear to me from day one that I would not be able to avoid using my knowledge one day on the RF 7 MK II in order to really exploit its potential.


    So I started tinkering with her after half a year already, i.e. during the guarantee period, because I always knew ... she can do more than that ... I feel that ... I know that ... she can much much more ........


    All the little things that I have done with the so-called mini-modifications do not play a major role. However, it became clear to me that she immediately reacted acoustically to each of these small interventions. So she is a highly sensitive lady .... a sleeping princess waiting to be kissed awake and then to mature into a queen.


    I decided that one day I would completely modify it, just didn't know when it should come. Sometime when the time is right ........ I also forgot all of this thought, also for time and professional reasons.


    In November last year awakened this forgotten project..............


    I divided this project into 4 phases, in the end there were 6 ..........


    1st phase> Optimization of the current flow within the loudspeaker by massive reduction of the contacts, incl. the installation from new internal wiring.


    2nd phase> Acoustic optimization of the interior sound room


    3rd phase> Mechanical optimization by rebuilding the stability and resulting housing-space decoupling


    4th phase> Optical revision with new heavy spikes, the horn and the two Medium Bass woofers.


    5th phase> Use of physical-chemical fluids influencing the flow of current on the chassis and the crossover, which were developed by NASA


    6th phase> Reconstruction with external crossover from high-end components from different manufacturers, with 2 additional optional modify levels in the sound image



    Phases 1 to 5 have been completed and I kissed my princess awake .... breathed her new life. Never before has she played with the basic crossover so energetically from a single source at such a fabulous level. The radiance and beauty of music, its immense power and at the same time tenderness, its emotion and precision. She captures me and doesn't let me go, enchants and plays with my feelings as she likes. She breathes the stage into the room. as light-footed as a tap dance by Fred Astaire. It is soulful and smooth like the tender kiss of a beautiful woman. She whispers in my ear with a hint of a sunny, warm spring wind ..............


    I love her like never before.


    Thus, the potential analysis phase 1 to 5 is completed and can be rated subjectively as, that is the maximum.


    This potential analysis is also based only in combination with my electronic playback equipment.


    Phase 6 is in preparation, the necessary material for the external high end crossover is already available.


    Thre might be some grammatical faults within my Topic , please so kind an do not pay any attention to them ..  🙂



    Pictures will come up soon ............


    Regards MicroMara














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