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  1. I am overwhelmed, where I live now the house is on a hill, from my living room I have a view of about 5 miles into the depth. So I was able to see the New Year's Eve fireworks from hundreds of thousands of people, it was a sea of lights, incredibly moving and beautiful to watch. Pitty that I didn´t took pics , there wasn´t any time for that . I had to watch .

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Tim Sr. said:

    Good to see you here George :) and of course everyone else as well.

    George will understand this image I think, and I will only say that it does relate to Vinyl and driving my Heresy's here, we will see soon...



    Ja Tim , but I don´t mention further details as we´re the undercover tec maniac´s 😂

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  3. 8 minutes ago, amped said:

    Well, my tonearm lift quit in the up position

    sorry to hear that , ja it´s almost a sudden unexpect technical issue coming up with vintage tt´s ....you get it solved ..next year ..for sure , good to have a digital device as well . 

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  4. @JohnJ seems to be a a kind new neighbor , got problems with mine in the new apartment , they complain the bass vibrations from my RF7 Evo´s in their apartments 🤣 , so I´m limited w/the the volume , 65 dBA is possible not more , that´s the red line for them. Think it´s time to look for another new place to live....Can´t accept that here . Need a bigger listening room and an apartment on the groundfloor with less neighbors in the house . The other problem is ...these neighbors are too old for me , above 70 years and older ....this house is a living graveyard 😂, I´m too young to die here 😅

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  5. 14 hours left and than the year is gone here . I´m glad , done the right decisions even if they were difficult. My life is better now even if i can't look through rose-colored glasses, it's not always rosy either.


    There are many mental "up & down" moods of the day that affect me. The correspondence between the lawyers is exhausting and nerve-wracking. It's upsetting that my ex not only washes dirty laundry but also lies to get more money. The worst realization, however, is that I have to admit that after 22 years this woman has become a complete stranger to me, as if I had never known her. It's good that my children don't hear any of this, I don't talk to them about all these things but keep them out of it. Well, you never stop learning in life.


    I wish you all the very best for 2024



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  6. I'm having a hangover today, had a visit from a friend yesterday, he came in the afternoon, we listened to music and played backgammon, early in the evening I start cooking.  We had roast goose breast in an onion, orange honey sauce, brocolli with Sause Bernaise and homemade bread dumplings, we drank Spanish red wine with it. We both drank 4 bottles of red wine til 1 o´clock at night. We were pretty drunk, laughed a lot that night, this morning he went home again after breakfast and I have to recover now .


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  7. 1 hour ago, KROCK said:

    The Cartridge King!😁

    No Sir I´m not the King of Carts , I´m just a littel old guy cart maniac. I´m member of the german analogue audio association. Close to 17.000 Members, it´s about vintage to present analogue audiotechnology for TT´s, Cartridges, R2R, Tuner, Tapedeck, etc. pp. There´re members who own a cartridge collection which has value of approx. 150 K€ , but even these guys a quiet smart and aren´t arrogant or something similar. Last autum they made an event in a hotel andintroduced their private gear to let the members listen to , the top class set up was worth  one million € . 

    So as I toldyou .....😉

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  8. 4 hours ago, AndreG. said:

    Merry Christmas for all of You too!


    @Full Range @Dave1291 @MicroMara @JohnJ @GWSmith @Tim Sr. @MeloManiac @billybob


    As You may know, we had a nasty storm here for the past three days, yesterday a little snow. Snow didn´t last long and is now replaced by perpetual rain. Doesn´t look like white Christmas (again)... Too warm...

    But, it´s the right weather for spinning and having good food!   Stay healthy, all of You! 

    You´ve forgotten @KROCK & @dirtmudd   🫢

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  9. Can´t stand this weather anymore , since more than two weeks just dark grey and rain , no daylight , clouds hanging so deep, you can touch them 🤣. Shouldn´t change till after new year 🤔.





    However I´ll wish you all together very happy christmas days




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