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  1. she is/was... but not driving. With things being the way they are...covid .... I don't know if they are coming at all. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- My wife still likes the bumpy black LS
  2. I had a Pioneer Supertuner and Jensen Triax in my '76 Dodge pickup... Jammed the Pioneer in dash... Back when cars were cheap... I paid $3700 [brand new] for the truck.
  3. careful with those... Last time I posted a Sinatra lp my computer puked
  4. how old is this? Last time I was in a "club" was 25 years ago and that's what things cost.
  5. Yeah buddy. I like them 'gills. ...there are red-ear sunfish in the lake, too. Not to be confused with bluegill. Red-ear can taste muddy. Half tempted to go out again today... w/o the boat. Bank fishing. Lake is down enough to do that.... er, don't have to walk an extra half mile [around a boggy area] to get to where I want. Hiking with fishing gear is kinda a pita. Following cow paths thru the brush, which has thorns and cat-claw to slow ya down... not to mention hiking hunched over. Cows don't seem to clear stuff higher than their head. Pulled a bird from the freezer. Looks to be 13 or 14lb. Need to cube some bread for stuffing.That's is for me. Wife doesn't care about it. Hard to think Thanksgiving is this week. We might get near seasonable weather for the occasion. I can do w/o that.... rather enjoying the 80` temps.
  6. we're still anticipating fall/winter weather... it has been quite nice. 80` - 85`. Record warm.... beats the hell outta average. that would be around 65`. One reason I went fishing....
  7. you get that when you live in an area called woodlands. we have tumbleweeds you get that living in a desert
  8. ... I like Bob's music... however, I can only think of one person that has less pleasing vocalization....Yoko Ono. I'm not that sophisticated, I guess. what would her style be? freestyle scat.... it is scat... but in another sense of the word....
  9. Nothing would have happened to him even if he didn't move away If there was somebody in the car... that's another story --------------------------------------------------- went to the lake again... got another mess of 'gills. dragging today... musta been the lack of coffee while I was out. Didn't take coffee with me. trying to make up for it today... it's not working
  10. the people around here are wonderful enablers... I would like to add sub/s to the set up. A sub to sound good with the LS isn't gonna be cheap, even if I build one. I think I need a tapped horn... and space is a consideration. I'm working in a 12 X 25ft room with a traffic pattern all thru the room.
  11. I'll change the subject Leftover coffee and fresh fried bluegill for breakfast. Put on a loaf of bread. Thinking about hitting the lake again, today... take advantage of our warm [20`+ average] temps. Nice w/o all the bass fishermen. No reason to be putting 20ft boats with 150hp motors on a 90 acre lake, All they can use is their trolling motor/s. Yeah, you can run gas motors here .... 10hp or less. My little boat draws about 3in of water... those "big" boats draw a foot or more... which lands them in mud.
  12. I went from entry level bookshelf speakers -- R15M's straight to LaSacalas. I hear folks comparing this to that and I have nothing to go on... not that I miss spending a lot of money working my way to where I am. I didn't spend a lot of money on my system. I budgeted $2000... Bought a vintage H/K630 and a pair of LS... and came in under my allowance. Even with the cross-country trip to pick it all up.
  13. was a nice peaceful trip to the lake. Gotten too shallow for the fancy bass boats to launch. Folks with oars rule the lake. Got a little chuckle.... One couple, on a kayak, asked if "we" were on tour/// Huh? ZZTop. Then, I spent 1/2 hour chatting with a BordePratrol agent at the ramp. When I saw a uniform walking toward me, I thought I was gonna need to dig my fishing license out. Nah.. just a BP.. Nice convo. We talked politics of the border and "the wall" and the cartels. .............Actually, it was his Friday and he was looking for a place to take his boy fishing. I think he was trying to hide and cruise out his Friday w/o getting involved in anything too exciting. --------------------------------------------- Decorative rock... what a pita. Generally speaking... If it is bigger than pea gravel, shovels don't work on it.
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