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  1. bottled in StLouis and trucked/shipped here in whatever year ... a trip to Tucson, from here, was a multi-day thing. The road wasn't paved all the way here until after 1970 lol
  2. yeah ... I know. I don't think Dad was a discriminating drinker. Drewrys was what was around most. cheap and local https://indianaontap.com/news/long-defunct-drewrys-brewery-reopens-in-south-bend/
  3. I remember Falstaff beer. Not in that type of bottle. My earliest recollection of beer bottles were long necks with a paper label and they gave you a "church key" when you bought a case. I have a Schlitz church key
  4. I'll change the subject.... I was picking kindling from the yard and "discovered" an old beer bottle ... not affiliated https://www.ebay.ca/itm/194515352142 like this the neck is broken. I thought it was an old Coke bottle at first. The glass is the same color. No idea how old it is. I haven't searched it that far.
  5. I have been pleased with these LEDs. This is the 3rd year of [pretty much] continuous service
  6. Mine are done, too. Put them up 2 years ago. Never took them down. Just strings of lights in the trees. They are on every night ... all night. The cold wet passed. A couple days of sub 60 highs. Mid 70's this coming week. I've been splitting wood .. again, still. poco poco. Work a little. Rest a lot. The knots don't make it any easier. The wood is starting to check. That helps a little.
  7. I was working at a factory on a little hill. There was about 4 inches of snow on the ground when they called it a day. Oh ... did I mention there was a stop sign at the bottom of the hill?
  8. you think chaos ... you should see it ,here, when we get snow. Folks don't seem to know that snow/ice is slippery
  9. our weather is nice for the moment wet and cold predicted . 50`f highs... The wood we bought is almost too big to build a good fire in our stove .... so, I burned off some energy splitting wood. Mano y mano ... splitting wedges and [my favorite tool] a big hammer. a little bit of "Old Folk's Boogie" "... with the right medication, won't be lazy"
  10. like when I complain about our heat... you get that, when you live there.... a little late this year, isn't it?
  11. Looks good! I took a break from leftovers to have leftover lasagna.
  12. LOL George sounds like you're having some fun. ----------- the stupid things I notice Cin vs Pit football game there is a drop of water in the middle of one of the camera lenses ... like the camera has "floaters" .... ---------- correction the Michigan player that got broken yesterday.... his name is Zak Zintner
  13. overcast ... 60` ... a bit of dampness [spots on the windshield]... I spose I'm gonna look at a couple ball games. ... just in time to see Lintner get his knee broken.. That makes me cringe I'm back to eating lasagna. One serving of stuffing left. Pies are gone.If there is enough breast left, turkey enchiladas... for those interested a couple cups of pulled/diced white meat sour cream green onion cheddar cheese green chile red bell pepper cilantro sliced black olives that's the filling. it's a really good turkey salad if you don't want to wrap it in flour tortillas. Line in a pan and cover with green enchilada sauce. Bake at 350f until bubbly
  14. Everyone's watching ball games, I guess hope y'all had lots of food, family and fun. We don't have much for leftovers ... Boy and grand were here ... boy went and came back with some extended family...
  15. lasagna is in the oven. I will survive until T'day I'm half afraid to go outside today. It is a bit on the breezy side. If there were leaves to rake ... they're gone. So are the garbage cans and you might want to tie down the VW. I see the cats have their claws out, trying to keep a grip on the ground...
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