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  1. Hi all Still alive. Been busy putting the garden up. took a break today and put on JeffBeck Wired. First time I've listened to it thru the LaScalas. I was missing half the music.
  2. mornin' all Practice day for the cold coming. Calling for a freeze Wed AM. I am hustling to "winterize" things a little. I have some wood gathered up. The garden is the big project. I have some row cover that should work for the tomatoes
  3. up at 3 and coffee at 4... yeah. that's messed up. I am drinking cold/leftover while I'm waiting for the fresh to finish brewing
  4. Mornin' all Been a little busy. Rounding up a few days of fuelwood. Predictions for 70` as a high means a fire in the AM. Just a bucket full of twigs will take the edge off until the sun takes over. Wife's secretary had a procedure done to her back and isn't much able atm. I've been trying to cook and coordinate with the others... so that she has a continuous supply of fresh eats. She's supposed to be flat back 20hrs a day... for 2 weeks ... Yeah right. You don't know this woman. still trying to get to town and Yuma. I might end up doing both in the same run....When I do get to Tucson, I am bringing an amp/receiver back. This is a very bust time of year, for me and I may not get time until Nov... maybe later. I find going to town a chore and don't really enjoy the traffic and all. Not any more.
  5. this vac lasted pretty well given the conditions it was was used under. Cleaning ash from around the fireplace, sucking up stuff that accumulated under the pinsetters. It worked hard and lasted about 15yrs. I use/d it almost every day.
  6. mornin' all Kinda fresh this AM and I'm not moving too good yet. I need to bask in the sun.... It is around 45`F. Windows are half open. It might be 65` in the house... maybe. Prolly close to 55`. I visited Liliput Friday. Went to the school for a minute. I was a head taller than anyone in the place.... and that was staff. Most of the kids were waist high. Granddaughter was all excited to see me. That made my day. I guess I need to buy a shop vac. The old one served me well for many years of regular use. It has been making noises [bearings] for years... 10 or so....I've been shooting Tri-Flow in it. Tri-Flow is basically WD40 with teflon in it...good stuff. Anyway, I was going to use the vac yesterday. Turned it on and all I got was a short groan out of it. No magic smoke. No sparks. No excitement. Thinking about jumping the switch... just to see. The motor doesn't even try. Acts like it's not getting any juice. Hardly worth the effort when I can buy one for less than $100. .
  7. so... you didn't have a good time? lol and you didn't get down here... so you could fall out of the chair [like another guest did]. That was pretty funny. The look his wife gave was priceless. I suggested we get some fresh air - take a little cruise. Told him to leave his 4 X 4 here. Wouldn't want him to break something .. and then piled them into my Oldsmobile for a drive down dirt road.
  8. June bugs are lots of fun... so are "cyclone gnats"... huge swarms at 2ft to 4ft above the ground. They WILL get in/under your helmet and into your eyes, ears and nose... --------------------------------------- having a lazy day. Ran the vacuum and did a load of laundry. Made a loaf of bread. Hard to make tomato and cheese sandwiches w/o bread. I improvised and made tomato burritos. Melt cheddar on a tortilla and roll diced fresh tomato into it. We're out of tortillas now.
  9. ...if I hadn't given up riding, I doubt I would be here to tell the stories. Left to myself, I do OK... it's the random stuff that gets me. Like a jackrabbit running under the rear wheel or a butterfly splattering on your faceshield and blowing up under it, to make a smear on yer face... The waitress, "Bill, you have some mustard on your face"... "Errr, no, it isn't"
  10. I got kicked off the freshman track team because my hair touched my collar and ears.... I remember those days well. was more like I quit the track team because they wanted me to cut my hair. Being a knothead, I refused ---------------------------- We're getting fall like weather. I see a low in the sub 50's this week and a couple days below 80`. Brrrr ------------------------------ I am thinking my livingroom cancels bass. Gonna bring the RP600's in to see. I noticed that the R15Ms sound fuller when I moved them to the doghouse... using the same [Sony] amp that was in the house. I know the wood floor and walls are somewhat reflective, and the rock work around the fireplace, too... but, the doghouse has concrete floor, paneled walls. The doghouse is nearly square [approx 12 X 12] and has a 7ft ceiling. The little speakers sound a lot mote "punchy" in there. Trying to figure it out ....
  11. Yes, it is a nice fall day. fresh Mexican coffee... picked a few tomatoes... 5 or 10lb and a 5gal bucket of jujubes. ----------------------- that was yesterday today... it is thunder and lightning. Some rain to go with it. Not copious amounts, but, I won't have to water the garden for a couple of day... especially if we get the rain that is predicted. We have chances [higher than zero] the next few days. Give me a chance to think about putting some of the tomatoes up. They are coming fast. Hardly any thru the summer and then everything comes ripe at one time. I have some Kiwano melons getting close, too. Even if you don't eat them, they make a good conversation piece. Little orange footballs with large fleshy spikes... Something from StarWars
  12. looks like part of one of those "whisper chambers" ---------------------------------- Good mornin' all a bit damp this AM. Almost enough rain to get wet ... almost. Boy went off to VA to visit his LF and her folks. In the DC area. Asked him if he packed some dress clothes. Can't wear cowboy boots and blue jeans everywhere. Told him I got looks for wearing bib overalls....before I let my hair and beard grow. Tossing about the idea of going to Tucson to do some shopping ... er... bring back an amp/receiver. The shop [that got a referral from the guy that closed] has vintage gear for sale... I didn't say "on sale". See what he has in my price range. i don't expect much. I'd like to check the white elephant on my way there. Ya never know. That adcom amp/preamp on CL kinda appeals to me.
  13. that thought crossed my mind -- after the fact.
  14. uh huh for people with more dollars than sense. If I had the money, why not?... there would be a lot of other things purchased before a quarter million dollar amp.... but, IF I had that kind of money .... notice that nobody is standing , even, close to it...
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