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  1. I'm kinda cranky until I have had my coffee. Don't get between me and it
  2. I know you guys will appreciate this a fly landed on the rim of my coffee cup "Oh, you are soooo dead!" =================== making lasagna today. I normally make it vegetarian, but, time of the year, a lot of stuff is out of season. Thinking about putting something "meat" in.... Trying to decide whether to use bird or burger. I will happily be eating it 3 times a day for a couple days. The leftovers are better than the firsts
  3. I learned something today... it was almost painful since I heard The Rapper the other day, I decided to search it up on spotify and saw Donnie Iris ["Ah Leah"] had a live version of the song. I bit and gave it a few seconds... in the intro, he says something about him being in The Jaggerz
  4. wife was giving me looks as I was singing along...
  5. Well... took the wife to a Dr appt today. I did a little grocery shopping. Coming home, I had a local radio station on... not a syndicated one. I kinda think this station is one man's dream.... KTBX Nice mix of old and older rock. No commercials, no jabbering DJ.. Just continuous music....they played these back to back and then Oh... still no phone
  6. No experience here. I'm prolly in for a "little procedure" myself. Keep us posted
  7. I used the broiler in the new stove this AM. Was making toast.... gotta adjust ... I had flames coming from one of the bread slices... LOL
  8. this is the land line. All buried wires. I think the problem is 20 or 40 miles from here... in one of the big junction boxes.
  9. we're getting a month for free, sorta. It's been totally gone for a week and at the beginning of the problem, it was only dead during the cold of the day/night. We may need to ask for another month or two N/C...
  10. I mesquite smoked a bird once... I was single... I ate the whole thing myself and didn't feel the least bit guilty I missed the game you guys are on about. 2 chidlings - 5 and 7 tearing up the house....I got to watched a few minutes of the Grambling halftime show. The Rockettes ain't got nothing on a marching band [I will admit to them being more attractive]. Still a "NO LINE" display of the phone... Why am I not surprised?
  11. with having leftovers... we are not doing organized meals, just a continuation of yesterday. The carcass in the stock pot. Smells like Thanksgiving. with a degree of luck, my quiet will be disturbed by the sound of telephone solicitors tomorrow. It's been a week since they fixed the intermittent to dead all the time. Can't help to think they let the magic smoke out of something when they were working on it last week. I don't know how close you all are to your siblings... I miss talking to my sisters. We laugh a lot.
  12. Burrrrrrp! Dinner came out good. Grand and her mom showed up just as I was carving the bird. A super nice, casual day..... time for a nap, after I have a cup or two of coffee. Hope y'all are having a great Thanksgiving.. you too, @MicroMara..... even if you aren't having a turkey feast. When wife was in Malaysia, wife wanted something Thanksgiving. The fam got her a pumpkin [of some sort]. She made a pie with it and started a new thing for them... They had never had pumpkin pie. After that, one of her family wanted pumpkin pie for his birthday. I thought that was too cool.
  13. You've got a good start. I remember "Kicks" - Paul Revere and the Raiders I made a loaf of herbed bread for stuffing, yesterday. I don't think I'm gonna use it for dressing. It came out too good. Plus, I am fond of my basic recipe. I/we have no idea who or how many or when things will happen tomorrow. I know pumpkin pies are made. I did that today It will prolly be the wife and SIL....then the boy and extended family trailing through the evening. UArizona made a good game of the Maui championship. They were in a position to turn it into a bloout... but NOOOOOO. enjoyed watching it.
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