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  1. ..... my SIL asked if I bought my rock columns from HD or Lowes...
  2. last year was bad for tomatoes. We can get a flush of fruit set before June. Once it gets 100`, no fruit set.... if we don't get rains you are about done for the season. IF we get a monsoon, July thru Sept are some of the nicest times down here...high temps drop to low/mid 90's. And you get a ton of late season toms Phoenix --- no. It is still hot with more humidity. I paused the music for a minute and picked up a bit of trivia on tv Humans fart an average of 20 times a day... I have to wonder what constitutes a single fart? Do the pop pop pop pop farts make a fart or are they counted as individual farts?
  3. I'm about done planting garden. Not that I mind clean dirt under my fingernails... Temps approaching 100` makes it tough to sprout seeds and get and kind of survival rate.... not to mention our low r/h... saw it at 3% the other day. Dew point was 1`F. What I do have up, is doing OK/good... for now. I'm relying on our monsoon to temper the heat and give some humidity. Last year was a complete bust.
  4. because I live in an astronomically oriented area, they were telling when and where to look for this on the weather forecast. Since we don't have clouds, they have to report something. We get time and direction to see the ISS flyovers, too.
  5. considering most bottled water is filtered tap water... no, I do not drink bottled water....especially at a dollar a pop for a quart [pint?]...I'm a cheap bastard Our water has a high mineral content, but, tastes OK. Most everyone in Tucson uses bottled....since they try to "blend" ColoradoRiver "water"/mud into the groundwater. Yeah... the tap water up there IS nasty. Some of the worst water I have run into was in St.Petersburg FL... sulfur and LOTS of chlorine Delicious stuff ---------------------------------- since RockyMt spring water was brought up... When I/we were in IdahoSprings CO, every one of us got Uncles Sam's Revenge. So much for the purity issue ------------------------------------- on a side note --- If you carry your own coffee beans when traveling, the coffee made from local water changes. I always look forward to getting home, so my coffee tastes "right".
  6. grasshopper


    vegan meat is an oxymoron.. they tell us to not eat highly processed food and present us with this.... . they might have better success [with me] if they would stop calling it meat however... kernels from nuts are called meat, but they aren't trying to pass them off as beef
  7. I'll try to remember that before I take it out... lol
  8. Nothing exciting goin; here. The boy is on his way to Montana... the people he works for have a dude ranch up there... He'll be gone for the summer. Hope he has enough warm clothing... I see snow in the forecast for the drive up there. I expect he can see snow any ol' time up there. Last time I was in MT, it snowed... and it was the end of April.... and when I was in CO, Idaho Springs - 50 miles west of Denver and 2000 or 3000ft higher, it snowed in August.... Yeah... I got the keys to the Harley.... it will get run while he's gone. He didn't seem too keen on that. Too bad...It will NEED to be run during the 4mo he will be gone.
  9. I'm not buying a lottery ticket tonight. My luck will let me win ..... and then get struck by the Chinese booster space junk...
  10. I told my wife, before we married, that most of my friends are women. Don't know what the neighbor thinks of the gal that comes over ... in her bath robe. -------------------------------------------------------- since it was brought up.... BBQ What fuel do you prefer? Briquettes, lump, wood burned down to coal or gas??? Me? I like lump mesquite charcoal. Have to be mindful of how hot it gets. Good stuff. When I was on Kauai, I kept hearing of this magical BBQ wood...kiewe. Come to find out ....... kiewe is mesquite
  11. are pensions even offered any more? None of the jobs I ever had gave one... kinda figures ... considering I barely made blue collar. Had a lady friend drop in yesterday. It was a little awkward. We haven't seen each other for several [7 or 8] years. You know how that works... the phone call asking if the number still belongs to...and is the other person still "around"... We had a nice visit.
  12. Feel a little like a stranger... haven't been around much. Nothing exciting. just been busy working in the yard/garden. I pruned some of the mesquites yesterday. You can really see any difference, except the brush pile grew substantially. part of what make maintenance tough. Nobody notices that everything is the way it is supposed to be.... but, you will hear about something wrong. think I lost 2 pomegranate bushes over the winter. They aren't showing signs of life
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