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  1. Scatterbrain by JeffBeck https://open.spotify.com/track/4nqusKH4sULM5n14EHAtYQ?si=LlnFO4lOQx-Swqo9nxdSFg
  2. I have to go up the roof regularly thru the winter to clean the chimney. It's plenty bright. Even with sunglasses , I can't see when I get down. You don't see motorcycles parked on asphalt here. I made that mistake. The kickstand sinks into the black goo. Sun finally came out. Wonder if it will stir some storms? We already got rain this AM. That negates our chance for rain. Forecast said 20% and it's done that...
  3. I've done roofing in the summer. We did a dome. Worked in the shade as much as possible, until the ladders started scarring the shingles. That was a "fun" job trying to keep the courses level when you couldn't really snap a chalk line... before laser levels. Done a lot of fun things in the summer... like sandblasting a couple swimming pools. That was just more fun that you can imagine. Kinda amazing my lungs aren't worse... Fixing a sewage processor at a campground. I hesitate to call it a sewage plant. Took a bunch of sand and the sludge pump couldn't pick it up... so, we baled it out. The poor bugger filling the buckets at the bottom of the 8ft deep tank....
  4. reminds me of a joke that I can't tell. PC crap
  5. When we were building that cow skull, we spent as much time indoors drinking as working. --------------------------- was listening to Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Alan Parsons.... Either my memory is toast or they changed a bunch of solos ... I have it on vinyl and presume it has been remastered on spot. Like watching different cut of a movie... "Hold it. I don't remember that"
  6. I got it bad once. It was the hottest day ever recorded in Tucson. I was on the lake and still got cooked. Drank a bunch of room temp water when I got home....then took a nap.... woke with the worst "hangover" ever. All the classic symptoms. Sick to my stomach and a monster headache .... .
  7. It takes a while to set in that our bad weather is too much sunny, dry and warm Too much of a good thing.
  8. there's an oxymoron if there ever was ... I still laugh at ads for "turf" companies that unroll plastic grass and call it turf. They used to paint grass green for the winter. I thought that was pretty funny, too. It faded out to looking "natural".. but when the paint was first put down....it was day-glo green. I take "a dip" in the kiddie pool. That buys me a few minutes of time to work.
  9. if every day was GREAT... great would become average sometimes we need to be reminded what "good" is.
  10. Holy cats!!! Accuweather forecast called for rain at 6AM.... they were wrong and I thought the forecast was screwy. It is raining at 5:45.
  11. Hi @Edgar "out of control".... We like to think we can control nature. So far, we have seen those efforts blow up in our face. ...as I remind myself we have to accept the fact that we are not all powerful and have no real control. Have faith [and take some comfort] that things are the way they're supposed to be, whether we like it or not. Hope you feel better today regards, Bill
  12. put that between two slices of sourdough.... Was chuckling at the weather forecaster. It was 113` in Tucson and he was trying to make it sound like it gets much warmer than that ... excuse --- highest temp ever recorded in Tucson was 117` . Ya think you are really gonna notice 4` more? Hit and miss rain... We got a miss today. Did cloud over and wind came cool around 5. That was nice. A little sooner would be better. Did knock the edge off. oh spot is still running the way it is supposed to. Hope I didn't jinx myself. My buddy gave up on spot. told him what I did. he doesn't want to do that... he uses his computer a lot more than I do. Refreshing the browser makes you have to jump thru hoops with all the sites you use. For me, it wasn't a long list... here, and my email, and spot
  13. absolutely!!!!! Make time to do it. A sense of purpose. Something to look forward to. I like gardening. A long term project.
  14. Laugh more.. stress less and a healthy amt of exercise is working for me. Never worried about money... never had any to worry about.... that has not changed. Kinda let myself go since "retiring". Stopped shaving and cutting my hair...flaunting the fact that I'm the only male in the fam with hair [that didn't migrate south]. if you call it a regret Moving to Hawaii. Wiped out my "bucket list". I have a loving wife, a roof and a pair of LaScalas...Can't ask for much more
  15. grasshopper


    I do try to keep my garbage in one place.
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