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  1. you don't want to see my desk... I would like to
  2. we have one of those, too Here's something "on topic" like it ever stopped me my folks drank folgers... I don't remember these cans
  3. it's already in my yard this place is like a museum... after they moved out. We bought it... contents, too I found a can in one of the sheds... BLASTING CAPS.... and it had something in it.... nuts and bolts... Whew!
  4. it is/was a truck bed trailer. Vintage? No idea. It has spoked wheels....
  5. running warmer than I am comfortable with. Might be something or nothing....
  6. I would guess older. It was a combo radio/record player in an end table size cabinet. Not near as sophistcated as what you pictured. I do remember one tone arm being black and the other, green. Plastic ar bakelite snake replica arms. I just searched Google image says it's '50's vintage Zenith
  7. I snagged an H/K dvd player at the white elephant for $10 and I have a Marantz 5 disc CD machine. The Sony just glitches a lot less than either of the other 2....I'll manage school ended... Thursday was the last day... Summer school starts today. Covid mandate that schools have it... Problem is... wife is the only teacher at the school. Nobody to punt it off to... we won't see rain for a month... I think May average precip is 0.2in... We might see some toward the end of une. The clouds of yesterday were an anomaly.
  8. my grandmother had a tt with two tone arms....One for 78's and the other 33 1/3... they were fashioned to look like snakes. You pushed a button on top of the cabinet, a door opened and the tt rose up/out. This same record player had a radio... not just AM/FM [I think it was FM?]... it got shortwave. No idea of the age. At least 60 years old, now... I believe it was an RCA. With Cobra arms?
  9. I think it took a few hangovers to make this pic
  10. Mornin' all Been up for a while. Nicw rhis AM.. a little cool. A few high clouds. Nice sunrise. Color 360` I contacted the shop I bought the Yamaha from. Gonna take it in... . This going to sound stupid... but, I might let them clean/lube my old Sony DVD player. The silly thing reads discs with fewer glitches than any other machine I have. I use it for CDs the dust is a big problem here. Growls a little when it loads. And it is 15 years old. Never been serviced in any manner I could prolly do it myself... just a matter of the right lube and where to put it
  11. I have a collection of pieces saved from the fireplace. Knobs, knots and knurls
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