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  1. cats seem to know who is allergic to them or doesn't like them... and them get in their face. ... so yeah...just to piss you off
  2. yeah... the 2 shot vaccines are talking boosters... Nothing about J&J
  3. w/o this going political ... booster vac shots for pfizer and/or moderna....what about J&J/Jannsen? Did that vaccine fall into disfavor? Curious, because that is what I got.
  4. we haven't washed away... may have more access to a computer after today... lucky you. lol been patching roofs and cutting weeds. If it doesn't rain any more this season, I'll know the roof is watertight. Murphy's law.
  5. the stress of knowing all that is wrong will get you well before the diseases.
  6. 66 years old... I take a multi-vitamin, when I remember and "medicinal" gummies...vitamin C type... I normally smoke/vape my other medicine... but have been known to make "medibles". Do brownies count?
  7. once you get used to it.... 25`F isn't cold after -25`F. Almost t-shirt weather ------------------------------------------- still raining and cool here. Way cool for this time of year...75` for a high. The low is, maybe, 65` ---------------------------------------------- Bought an LED shop light around the beginning of the year.... bloody thing burned out already. So much for LED vs floros. Wasn't expecting it to last an eternity... but 6 months is a lot less than that. To be fair, our electricity has been popping on and off. Maybe a power surge killed it. I dunno
  8. folks say what a nice place this is... I tell them, it will still be nice -- when you return Hint Hint
  9. wonder when Indiana is gonna change name LOL
  10. Mornin' all I'm still alive. My computer is puked. Keyboard went down. I suspect the Pepsi Syndrome... The whole keyboard went down slowly. Borrowing wife's machine.... when she's not binge watching her shows. We've had good rains. Not what you're seeing on the news from Tucson. They got smacked the night before last. Pushing hard to keep up with the weeds. Misplaced the whip sickle and was afraid I wasn't gonna find it before the weeds ate it... and not being able to find it until they died. after a couple of really dry years, we're approaching average precip for the year... and it seems wet. Mozzies are starting to show Been hunting tomato [horn] worms... Why can't you ever find them before the plant is stripped and the worm is the size of your index finger? And then, you still have to look hard at the naked plant to find them... and then there the are budworms... they are rearing their ugly little green heads...
  11. the zolt mines under Detroit.... Limestone pits by Chicago... uh huh... things change wuz under ocean prior to ice...
  12. 1 - 4 key in center row gone.excuse spelling. I'm trying to use spell check to help. Got to misspell it right to get the proper word back. I livet in bottom. You kin get wet there. I'm on top ov little hill now.
  13. computer keybor not working right. limiting me.... row row row my bote. 1 inch precip
  14. a beautiful sunny day. Bluebird skies. I predict torrential rain this afternoon
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