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  1. oh no... there are some strains that do smell very similar to skunk "perfume". For the most part, tastes better than it smells. Not this tire fire crap. dead skunk in the middle of the road... thought that was Jim Stafford... Nope.. London Wainwright I drove over one, a fresh one. Did not hit it with the tires. Could still smell it in the car when I went thru the BP checkpoint... 5 miles later and I had the windows open the whole way. My eyes were watering.. I can tolerate a certain amt of the smell. We had a "pet" skunk living here for several months.Ate and played with the cats. We never had a major [smell] problem with it. You would notice it come home after a hard night. Never discharged here, tho. I relocated it for fear of rabies. Told wife that if the vet would give it a rabies vaccination, it could stay. The vet wasn't going for it. Helpful hint when live trapping them. Use the smallest trap they will fit in.If they can't lift their tail, you won't get blasted. Learned that with the first one... I moved several. 4 or 5. Would rather deal with them over 'coons. Had to transplant a few of them , too. Coons can get mean.
  2. in some circles, skunk is a pleasant odor... Not me. I have some, that after 3 years of "mellowing" are near almost palatable. It smelled/tasted like a tire fire... Any good? I dunno... Couldn't stand to smoke it.
  3. should be that way. I went to the lake... Parking lot to capacity and frig people camping. ...and more coming as I was leaving. so much for "stay home"... the only reason for the folks to be camping is if they have an infected individual in their house... and especially then, they should stay home. They could be carriers. Not a new concept does Typhoid Mary ring any bells? I shot the governor an e-mail suggesting he limit numbers of people at recreational facilities. The state parks that you need to pay to get into have a gate and attendants. Our lake doesn't fit that. rant over. my spring flowers are getting fragrance not that bad, but we're getting there. they need a little more time to develop their full fragrance...
  4. sorry to say... capitalism at its finest and the need for oversight hope these folks feel real good when they look themselves in the mirror
  5. Mornin' All ...especially @Dave1290 ArivacaBlend this AM. I need to find a little something to do this AM. Wife is tutoring for a couple hours...one student ...in our house. I am not too crazy about this. well, Boy will be around a lot more. Was told yesterday that he is getting laid off the end of the week. Told/suggested that he file for UE two days ago. About went fisticuffs because "I still have a job"... There are times when being right sucks. He does have some cow punching lined up.... at cowboy wage....$100/day. Cash. That will help. I suggested that he get hold of his lender about car payment, since he is no longer employed... Just to brace them for late payment. And I bet he would like the $3000 for that truck back. Might be too late. He doesn't have the title or plates yet. Might be able to negate the transaction. IDK. We''ll see how much of a friend the guy he got it from is... Oh.. that last frost Jujubes trees are fine, lilacs are fine... poms got burned. A lot of crispy black leaves...Garden is fine. They can take snow and being frozen. A few years back, I had a potted plant. It got frozen solid. Leaves would snap, frozen. It made it. dirt frozen solid, too. This being on shelter in place could be worse [for me]. I have a friend in NJ. She lives in a studio apt. No yard/property to wander.... and someone in the building is infected...I worry big about her. After the convo with @BigStewMan about vaping... dug out my "mini whip" for the SSV, and loaded it with tobacco. I might be able to do that. Got the desired effect w/o smoke.Taste was tolerable.` what else?....
  6. I've been worrying the same for me. I have similar problems. Not saying my vape is good for me... def not as bad/hard on me as smoking. Wish I could stand putting tobacco in it. Vaped tobacco is nasty tasting. There was a smokeless cig marketed some time back. Each cig had a little piece of charcoal in a "burner". The charcoal heated the tobacco w/o it [the tobacco] burning. That was before vapes... but that is what it was. I have a couple cartons somewhere around here.... somewhere thanks google https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premier_(cigarette) a little something to shelter in place by https://open.spotify.com/track/0xwG5stzrc5B70TycPwenY
  7. Hi Rudy Getting your wheels under ya, are ya? Good! Take it easy for a while... like you have the wind to do anything exciting. Do not over do it... whatever it is.
  8. My lungs, too Ever try a vaporizer?... not e-cig type. They are not near as hard on my lungs. Check out an SSV or DaBuddha. Typical reaction is, "I didn't get anything"... and then.....
  9. Indica gummies Is that a product or affect? lol You wouldn't have a problem with mine... You would never get to sleep to start. I use sativa products. any Trekkies here? I was watching an old Perry Mason... George Takei is in The Case of the Blushing Pearls .... the more I watch these shows. Kinda surprised the coroner doesn't just follow him. He seems to have a knack for being where dead people are... I've taken to calling him Perry Manson.
  10. yeah... I'm up... been up for.. since 2:30A...5:30 your time Watching tv and avoiding the news as best possible. Wandered out to the doghouse and responding to a couple e-mails...else I would have been "on" earlier Dave, does the cat have food? Our get ornery when they are hungry. Wife went grocery shopping with her sister yesterday. She left at 1:30P..... returned at 7PM. I was just a wee upset. We didn't need anything... They spent 4 hours in a grocery store. How do you do that? I wasn't too crazy about her going to start and then to take so long. Women. The store was fairly well stocked, I guess. No tomato products, though.
  11. when someone says antibody, I look in the mirror and think... "that body would repel about anything."
  12. @Rudy81 glad to hear you're home. Spose I should introduce myself. My real name is Bill. I live in the sticks of southern AZ. Proud owner of a pair of vintage LaScalas and H/K630.
  13. Mornin' All. Nice sunrise this AM. Watching it out the window of the doghouse. Formulating a plan for the day. I busted my hump yesterday. Something less vigorous today. The lake would be nice. Do more bushwacking than fishing. Trails are pretty overgrown. not in a rush to get out. It's still kinda fresh out. Mid 40's. I have time to make coffee and find out what wife's plan is for today. She says they are supposed to report. One good thing about the kids getting school at home... the parents have to be involved. And with everything closed, most parents should be around.Give them something to do.
  14. it's getting nice here. 80's all this week. 40 -50 AM. Thinking we are beginning "sun season"... Won't see much for clouds until late June. our one local weather forecaster calls it "Severe Clear"
  15. I can't fathom payments like those. Ours is ~$700/month including taxes and insurance we got the shelter in place. not much adjustment for me. I get off the property once a week. Don't know if wife will need to go to the school, except for/to make study packets for the kids...I'm guessing boy will be home. There are people living at the ranch to feed animals... aren't any guests. Hope the lake doesn't get so popular that they close it.
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