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  1. Oh, let's be honest... we don't really care how quiet it gets done... as long as we aren't the one swishing dishes... Speaking of quiet machines... Why do they make these battery op clocks tick? And then they put that mechanism in a nice resonating box Mornin' All Ice on the water bowls this AM. It will be gone in a minute. The sun is up/out.We're back to record temps being a bit on the warm side... 90` is record. We're running a touch above normal with low/mid 70's... 70` is average.
  2. I take that you prefer to put your boat in the water as opposed to going out ON the water... even for having lived in IN.... ice fishing is the epitome of cabin fever.... Even if the ice is biting
  3. I was ready last Nov.... Winter is OK in HI
  4. I put some seed in yesterday... Let's hope it's a new year. The last 3 have not yielded a bounty, by any measure yeah.. those look like daffodils. Could be narcissus, too
  5. in general... seems as though "durable" goods have a much shorter lifespan than they used to and the new refrigerators with the eco-friendly refrigerant don't last... so, the whole appliance ends up in the dump instead of polluting the air.... go figure I've had 2 dishwashers in the last 25 years. First one lasted 6 years. 2nd one... 13 years and I'm still married to her
  6. one thing I don't need in my life is appliances that nag... bad enough the new cars email you to tell you crap. kinda fresh this AM.. Sub freezing. Threw a bucket of twigs in the fire to knock the edge off the house.
  7. Hi Bill Yeah.. Schools close for rodeo and county fair. Absentees soar otherwise. We used to skip school and go to the fair... see a lot of classmates ..... and teachers there. Shoots, my wife's school is closed the Monday following Easter. With Sunday being a high holy day... many of the families travel and observe the holiday elsewhere. They come home on Monday.... Kinda like why schools traditionally run from Sept - June.... The kids are were needed as "farm hands" thru the summer. ... and why did I leave my coffee in the house? Dimass.... Not enough coffee to think straight... I can do a Steve on my kitchen, if I haven't had coffee before trying to make coffee. Good thing I had my eyes open this AM. Grinder was empty. That was a little odd, but... I put more beans in. Ground some... About dumped the container into the machine and noticed there was an awful lot in it. I know wife doesn't grind beans for me. The machines sounds like a garbage disposal... but, doesn't seem to wake her.... SO... best guess is, one the cats was on the counter and stepped on the GO button... I put down food for them when I make coffee... maybe they were trying to speed the process...... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- debating on putting my bean seeds in the ground. We're gonna see frost and I wonder how much good row covers do??? The other stuff ... it's too early yet ... or will be started in party cups [seems like the right thing to use]. I had some corn that I could plant in March and pick for corn on the cob in early July. Toss that "knee high by the 4th of July" stuff...
  8. Mornin' all. More dirt wrench work yesterday... Garden is a bout half ready. Taking a break today. My back needs a rest. Maybe I'll make a run to the lake. Wife is off today... Rodeo - even though it isn't being held this year. They made the school schedule last year - pre-covid/// I should have stopped looking after I purchased my RP600Ms... Seeing 160's on cl for $150 - $200. 4 speakers in the doghouse might be excessive... but, I am still tempted. I really don't need more speaker... a better amp might be nice. This old Sony, with no display, could be replaced. It's an AVR and has lots of features I never had or will have use for.
  9. Not much chance of spring showers.... Yesterday afternoon the R/H was 4%... for a dew point of -2`F
  10. .Mornin' All Not only will goats eat anything green or things that were green... they love to climb. Like on your car/truck. Trample in the roof/hood. Kinda fresh this AM. No fire last night and 35`. Thinking about a bucket of twigs in the stove. We're in for another CoC day. 80`
  11. takes 'em over an hour for an emergency call out here. 2 or 3 days is about right for a normal bs complaint. By the time they get here it is usually resolved... they draw straws to come out here... loser makes the run
  12. just the opposite effect here. No weeds because no rain.... then Tucson got around 4in total all last year. It tends to be [significantly] wetter here... not the case this time.
  13. Depending on where in Tucson...60 -70 miles.... As much as I would like to give them a new home... I am quite satisfied with what I have... speaker wise. However.... if they need to be stashed for @joessportster, I can do that.
  14. I dunno about that. The electric chainsaws I have weigh more than gas op. Snow blower and chainsaw are two different animals.... but, the little 2sroke motors are very light... batteries and wound motors tend to be heavy, by comparison
  15. I can relate. When I went to SanFrancisco, my ex wanted Chinese food... and thought she knew where "the" restaurant was... Instead we landed in a "home style" Chinese place.... No sweet/sour or anything remotely familiar....We ordered....it came in a rice gruel... jook. Real Chinese food. It was different --- shall we say
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