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  1. they are asking $395 for the RP600M. $400 for the KLF20 saw some RB62 II [?] for around $200. If memory serves me ... I expect to see some gear let loose when school lets out.. College towns
  2. Mornin' all How's everyone? We got ~ 0.5in rain yesterday. 2X what was predicted. No complaints The car should be done today ... after the kamikazi deer. Took them a while to get parts . 3 weeks. Over the holidays... Told wife to not expect things to happen very fast, gathering parts. With things being closed and shipping overload.... They say it will be done tomorrow. Now I am thinking of seeing what I can fit in it. I see some KLF20's in Phoenix. $400. In my price range. May be a deal or not. There are some RP600M's for about the same price... but what fun would that be? They will fit too easy. And they are a little on the pricey side [from my view]. Still gonna take the H/K to the shop. That will happen tomorrow or Friday, depending on when the car is done. I really do not think there is anything wrong with it... I need a baseline to work on this intermittent. Plus, the shop will have things I may want. Maybe an amp for the doghouse??? I'm still celebrating my b'day. Wife didn't get me anything fun ... an electric blanket. I'll use it... but it's not FUN. I enjoy getting toys, still.
  3. Anyone going to the SuperBowl? I know I am economically challenged and do not have $4600 for a cheap seat. Even if I did ... I can think of things that I would get before a seat at a ball game, so far up/out, tha you need a tv to watch the game...
  4. Getting a drizzle. Nothing big and temps will be close to [almost] 60`. A little below normal. mid 60's is average Have paperwhites/narcissus blooming. Thought it would be nice to have some flowers in the house. Brought a sprig in and quickly rejected that idea. Musty smelling. Same reason I don't like Stargazer lilies. Remind me of a funeral "home". I think parlor is is better. "Home" in conjunction with funeral seems odd.
  5. thought "cane grills" was code for something I just realized there were speakers in the pic
  6. @JohnJ Can't say for sure how the beans are "processed". About all I remember is the way I described. I may have to give it another try. First impression wasn't favorable. I prefer a light roast. Medium at the darkest. Once in a while I get a hankering for dark roast ... but for everyday, it's light.
  7. Chicory is a taste I haven't acquired, yet. The local roaster has some beans that were dried with the cherry on. Kinda reminds me of chicory. Rather expensive [for us]... as if it matters. I don't care for the taste. ... and I agree with the "may not"... When the fed made hemp/marijuana Schedule One, it seriously impeded any serious research into the plant.
  8. Thanks @Marvel Prolly not worth the $$$ to resurrect. Should fix the fuse holder and plug it in... See if magic smoke escapes... Say it ain't so .... synthetic coffee. I'll have to give that a miss, just on principle. Think I mentioned wife having AMD. Now, science says THC may slow its onset.Mushrooms being good for cluster/migraine headaches and depression... Maybe the hippies were on to something? We were just having fun. yeah yeah... I'm in a notch group.. Too young to be a hippy and too old to fall into yuppie.
  9. been watching grass grow for years... much more entertaining than watching paint dry
  10. Hey all Was digging thru my things and found an Eico 3070 Cortina amp. It's pretty rough. Worth cleaning up and being gone thru? https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/eico/3070.shtml
  11. Hey @Brenda ya better gives us a report. We're derailing your thread.
  12. About nap time for me. 2AM is WAAAAAAY too early to be up. But... No plans for the day. Wife is going to Tucson. Her sister had a lump-ectomy and wife is going to see how she is doing. I have the house overnight. No wild party, even if it sounds that way. Have coffee, so, I may be up for a few [more minutes]. Coffee ground in this burr mill tastes different. I guess the spice mill cooked the beans more than I thought. This dark roast Kona is much less "dark" tasting. Calling for low/mid 70's next couple days. I'm good with that. I'd be fine with lows in mid 60's and highs in the mid 80's, depending on R/H.
  13. yeah. I bought a new pickup truck in '77. $3700. Now... $20,000
  14. I see you [re]moved some items from the room... a sub and a pair of bookshelf speakers. Put them in your "doghouse"? Your wiring genie came, yes? No complaints from the neighbors? No... crank it up. My neighbors don't whine. Even when my wife had me turn it up to uncomfortable levels, even for me.
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