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  1. Back to more current
  2. Chairman of the board is in the house. From my dad's collection Unplugged... They all were, then
  3. ... it only hurts when I breathe ask me how I know....I don't have much padding
  4. BrainSaladSurgery is one my favorites "I'm perfect, are you?" I don't remember one tune on LoveBeach
  5. Brain Salad Surgery... that will stop many searches I have most of ELP, including LoveBeach. Didn't impress me, at the time. Maybe I should give it another listen... any thoughts on the album?
  6. I was warning my wife about retirement --- It's a very short hop from not having to do anything to not having anything to do. @BigStewMan Sorry to hear you've injured yourself. Sounds like cracked/broken/bruised rib/s to me. An X-ray would give some insight. Just to make sure something more serious isn't... If it is cracked ribs, not much you or Drs can do about it. Don't cough, hiccup or sneeze. Hope it's not more than that.
  7. a meal and eating something are different... You did eat something? I hope
  8. that started in Kyogle.... The gal lived in Grevillia
  9. That's a light breaky. I booked a breakfast at a pub I was staying at.... lamb chop, sausage, eggs, toast, coffee, orange juice. The breakfast cost almost as much as the room... serious 2nd pub I booked a room, a gal [a patron] at that pub took me home with her..... then it got strange. She wanted to "play" with me... after her live-in boyfriend/husband went to sleep. I very politely declined... "I think it's time we go to our respective rooms, thank you" he was a footballer, and I didn't want to die in Australia
  10. found something
  11. I'm in listening mode today. Might dig something out for y'all, I dunno. Was up at 3AM... in the kitchen. Putting breakfast/lunch/dinner together Garfield breakfast/lunch/dinner... lasagna. Ate some "breakfast"... Sleepy now
  12. the school doesn't have [many] teenagers. K - 8. The young 'uns are a little scared of me. They're kinda intimidated by my height. I'm a foot taller than anyone at the the place. The rest of the staff being female might make a diff, too.
  13. young kids are easy.... it's adults that give ya trouble
  14. Wife had a/nother follow up for her eyes... I went to the grocery. The lady in the white pants wasn't there. Whew!!! Wearing masks kinda takes the fun out of shopping... that and this social distancing thing. Can't see their smile thru the mask... but, the eyes don't lie. And yes, I did have fun with the ladies. I even bought some groceries. Stuff to make lasagna. .. my style. No meat. Lots of cheese and veggies. Zukes, onions, mushrooms, spinach, peppers, broccoli. Three cheeses. Parm, mozzarella and ricotta. Been a while since I've made it. I usually get a 9 X 13 and a 9 X 9 pan. I'll put it together this evening... if it cools off early [rain] or tomorrow AM.
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