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  1. Spring Break ... I thought I was gonna get a little time off, too .... but. NOOOOOO One trip to Sasabe and 2 runs to Tucson. Was going for 3 trips to town ... wife went to visit her sister and decided to not come home until Saturday. I have to pick up my other wife at the airport at the same time. She's been to Kona for a few weeks. Nursing a friend, who was in a car crash. I keep thinking we are to the end of needing a fire. The predictions say not. I see some frosty AMs in the forecast.
  2. "Active sporting life" ... hmmmm I'll leave it at that. was watching the female hoops. Saw a gal that was built like a football lineman....the Fridge comes to mind ... Didn't see anyone moving her out of her position ... And she could shoot the ball. Averaging somewhere in the 20pt/game. letting some air to my boo boo. No, no pics and I don't wanna see John's, either ... especially that LOL
  3. Oh ... check Tucson's weather today .... 60` rain 1st day of the golf tourney LOL ... at least it wasn't snow. That happened a few years ago
  4. I was teasing my sister, lives in NC, about shoveling pollen.
  5. congrats you gave birth to a stoner sorry ... I can't stop myself
  6. I've noticed that we aren't into upgraditis here. Pretty content with the equipment we have ... Not that we wouldn't if space and money weren't considerations ... it's kinda gray today. Almost wintry. A chance of spots on the windshield. ... and it's not warm. 60 for a high is 10`below average. I need to change the dressing on my leg. The Xeroform gauze is smelly. Very medical and it has a petroleum jelly base. Everything that it touches smells. I have to cut a piece ... so, I'm going to smell like a hospital
  7. stopped by the clinic they said I get to keep my leg. It's healing up nicely, they say. I just stopped in to get some medicated gauze dressing. I was glad they asked to see it. I would have asked.
  8. I didn't light a fire last night. It's a little cool. About 40` outside... 55 - 60 indoors. Sun will be up in an hour or so, going for 75` ... I think I'll leave the coffee on the warmer. I was busy yesterday. Drove wife to work. Cut some weeds, vacuumed. Cooked dinner. I'm done for the week ... I wish
  9. saw an ad in fb selling a set of drums described as not banged up I thought that was what you did to drums. ???
  10. grasshopper


    similarly ... when viagra was new ... a man was given an experimental dose and they made love on/at the dinner table. when asked about the mess ... Oh, we'll never eat in that restaurant again
  11. we don't see many/any civilian aircraft here. We live under one of the AF operational areas. No rules. Complain if you like ... but. took the wife downtown this AM. It was jammin'. Bikers, street vendors, farmer's market. Reminded me of living in Lihue. At "rush hour" a person made better time walking ...
  12. the Heritage Flight training is happening in/over Tucson. Vintage warbirds flying with modern aircraft.... the prop planes air going full tilt and the jets are having a hard time going slow enough w/o stalling... I wonder how well the old stuff would do against modern in a dogfight ? Like trying to swat a gnat. took the car in for oil change and struts ... that was my day. phtttttttt !!
  13. can'r say I did, @Dave1291. @Full Range if you stop at the bakery next to the Coloroy Beach House [in the Sydney metro area] and they are serving mango salsa/chutney with or in their pies ... it's my fault. I made some for them.
  14. I guess it's Spring? You know a company is in trouble when they have to tell folks they have some socially redeeming value ... I saw an ad for tictoc today
  15. "Pies"" are Aussie burritos. You can get all kinds of stuff in them. I was gonna say that pies are breakfast ... but, I see it is advertised on the sign...
  16. .... I might add the Dr only sees me when there is a problem. Last time I was in the office was 2 years ago, for a vaccination only. Never saw the Dr ... lol
  17. my turn to sound like an old fogey... when I went to the Dr for my leg, they stole some blood and ran a few tests... PSA is good liver is in good shape and my lipid panel is OK .. not great I'm rather surprised. I kinda thought I had abused myself more ... ... but then science is showing much of what I was doing for fun [the anti-drug films didn't work] are now being shown to been good. Damn hippies were right, I guess
  18. before we got married ... wife had a place on the edge of a [for real] pasture. You could sit on the porch and watch 'em go by. I often wondered where the mountain lion, that is usually attached, was. getting a smattering of rain. Still warm, though. Sposed to get more and colder for a few days. Time to plant seeds.
  19. The weather forecast, yesterday, included a heat warning. I can understand a heat warning in June, when normal temp is 100` and 15`+ normal is HOT ... not in February when 15`+ normal is 85`. Our Mexican rescue cat needed a little follow-up care from her spay. We came out of the vets ... it looked like a petting zoo. A herd of deer were 30 feet from the office. Wife's eyes couldn't see them ... so, I idled around them so she could. They acted like it is an everyday thing. Didn't even look up from their grazing.
  20. probably against the rules ... football uniforms that have images on them that are very similar to a football
  21. it's a 1989. 3.8L 6cyl. Front wheel drive... What get's me, the title says it listed it at $15,999. Not a cheap car.
  22. I have an 88. Not so big. The boy's MustangGT was the same size. This car has a few cross-country trips on her. the most fun car I've has was a '71 Datsun 510. That little car would go anywhere you pointed it
  23. I'll change the subject ... this sounds like a bunch of old people ... Got adventurous and fired up the Oldsmobile. After charging the battery for 2 days, it needed to have a basic problem fixed. Too much air in the fuel tank and not enough air in the tires. I was lucky the fuel didn't go stale. Took her for a little cruise ... a few miles. I can't say that I don't like the soft ride it offers. It is a comfortable car.
  24. this happened Thursday. "My" Dr is in Tucson, yes. I see her for my med card exemption/s. I tease about the Dr at our clinic not liking me. Every time I see him, he has to refer me to someone else or otherwise can't help ... He's a GP. He might have liked being able to do something for me. I'll try to get in tomorrow. Having an estrogen overload. Wife's sister and her secretary are here... There might be a death in the fam. SIL likes to talk. Secretary likes to sleep. She keeps about the same hours as me. Up at 4AM and down at dark thirty. Fun Fun Fun
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