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  1. I don't know how far you are willing to go.... Tucson/Phoenix cl has had some. I got lucky with mine. Some came up. I had already planned a cross-country road trip...in a few months. I arranged some storage for them...6 months and 4000 miles [r/t] later, they got home.
  2. Good morning! Went over to the neighbors yesterday. A sad situation. She has ALS and had to go into "assisted living". Her belongings are being cleaned from the house. I went over to see if there was anything we needed. Came home with a Kitchenaid stand mixer. Model K5SS. It's a beast. I bet it weighs a good 20lb. Told the folks doing the work we are looking for a couple chairs and a loveseat. We'll see what they find. The neighbor has 2 shipping containers and 3 storage sheds full of stuff.... not to mention the house being full to the ceiling. She was a "collector". Unfortunately, the place is infested with mice. A lot of "used to be nice" stuff hitting the dumpster. And a lot of good stuff going to the same place. .. and I understand. Taking the time to sell things is a waste of time, considering that all of her assets will go to her care, before the state starts covering it... Like I said... a sad situation.
  3. At 100, my grandmother was basically unresponsive.... .... until you put music on. Then she would light up and sing along
  4. I got a ticket ... not speeding or belching beer in the cop's face... for not registering my bicycle. I have a new definition for "weed-eating" ... the munchies I'll probably be doing some of that today.... I am paying for my activity, yesterday. Not moving very well, yet....
  5. I always knew it as "finished work"... the bar at the bowling alley on Kauai allowed us 2 "pua hana" drinks, was serving until 2AM. I found out that you can't get a drunk driving ticket for riding a bicycle tanked.
  6. Pau hana having a cuppa to wash my breakfast down. Breakfast was spaghetti with chicken instead of cow. Took the weedeater to the north forty. Was getting knee deep. I'm done for the moment. That was the hard stuff. Now I can just putter around for the rest of the day. Take it as easy as you can George. I was feeling better and I started doing things... relapse 2 days later...I'm just getting my wheels under me
  7. anyone see "The Ocho"... on ESPN I didn't/don't know... Some of the "sports" featured... dodgeball, knife throwing, tag, quiddich I suppose that if poker is considered a sport, OK.
  8. Our folks said the same thing.... I will not disagree with your dislike of rap or whatever it is called. Something about them having to tell you who they are, in the song, speaks volumes
  9. sounds like my nephew... except, he isn't that ambitious. Been very quiet We didn't have internet, cell service or land lines for the last 2 days. Someone "disrupted" the fiberoptic line that supports them... Did ya miss me? lol I missed the phone solicitors... NOT
  10. about what it is here with less humidity I pushed the mower around the lawn. It's soft and kinda sparse right now ... wasn't bad, except the mosquitoes have begun. Not like Minnesota or Alaskan bad.... they know they have a short window before things dry up.... and then, maybe I'm just whining .
  11. I used to order parts for my R/C helicopters from China....10 days from ordering to the door. I think the guy had some connection at their post office. Other places would take a month or more... this was before Amazon.
  12. it's been pretty nice here. Low 90's Humidity is up [for here] And yeah.... the big burrito is comfortable....
  13. Hi John... the sarongs are 6 feet in circumference.Lap the excess and roll it down, like a bath towel. They are long. 48 inch "inseam". I take a 36" inseam when I wear pants. Pants inseam is measured from crotch down...So, 48 inches from waist down isn't as long as it sounds. ------------------------- Made pizza tonight. Used bread flour instead of all-purpose. Way better texture to them. Not so "cakey"...more pull to the crust.
  14. is a 72" waist considered XL? The sarongs I make are ~48" long and 72" around.... Wife starts school today. No kids until next week. I'm on weather watch. Big rain means she can't get home and or get stuck between here and there.
  15. I have an H/K 630 and a Yamaha CR 840.... both are nice amps. The H/K is powering a pair of '76 LaScalas and the Yamaha, RP600M's I understand that the Yamaha CR 840 has some changes from the 820.
  16. use tortillas... no dishes to wash
  17. whew.... sunny and stciky humid. Not a cloud in the sky this AM. a typical monsoon day. 65` at sunrise... 95` now. It is gonna rain. Clouds are bubbling up. I've been being domestic. Dishes and laundry. We are having fun now. Well, in a few minutes. Coming up on cocktail time.
  18. the "doghouse" was called that before I set up shop in it. There was an old lady living in there when we bought the place. She went by the name Coyote.... I go out there to listen to music when the wife is home. She sez I can listen to music in the house. My response is always "No, I can't". I typically listen "at volume"... unsecured items fall off shelves
  19. did you see the price on them?...$375 And they will easily fit in the little car, w/o breathing hard... especially after squeezing those LS in it. Convincing the wife I need them... that may be a bigger trick than getting the LS in the car. That and finding a place in the house to set them. This house is only ~900sq/ft and housing the LS The RP600Ms are in a room [building] of 140sq/ft. TBH I'm quite happy with the gear I have. The price is what I found so attractive on the Fortes
  20. When I was gonna buy another pair of LS. Wife sez, "You already have some of those" I don't have any of these... and are closer than the nearest supermarket. I drove cross-country to pick up my LS. I was planning the trip before I bought them, though.
  21. oh, the temptation https://tucson.craigslist.org/ele/d/green-valley-klipsch-forte-ii/7514767234.html yeah, they have cosmetic imperfections. I wonder how bad. These are local to me. Only 40 miles. Not bad, considering it is 23 miles to the interstate from here
  22. Don't look at me that way... a sarong is for men that don't have the legs for a kilt. lol
  23. I guess I'm a party animal. I drink coffee every day with no pants on... I wear a sarong
  24. for some reason, they do air-to-air combat training over "town". All I can figure, it gives them a marker so they don't infringe on Mexican air space.... But, yeah, when they give the planes the juice, it can get very loud. I prefer the A-10s to the supersonic models. You can actually see them. I have been driving and seen an A-10's face in my rear view mirror. Yes... there is a minimum altitude.... the ground
  25. we just had an "air quake" as an uninformed local called them. The AF is playing. The sonic booms have been very crisp lately. They must have some new toys...
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