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  1. sounds like you are intending to fire off a few rounds.....the neighbors are gonna love you, even if fire "blanks"/wadding. or will it be "The crazy guy next door is playing with his stereo again"?
  2. @Tarheel sounds like me trying to figure my LS. Was noticing how much the sound changes in relation to ear height. The squawker needs to be at ear level - yeah.. I know that is what "the book" sez, too. that translates into raising them 6- 8in. I can do it by myself, if I'm a little careful. Don't go thinking I'm going to lift them... not all at one time. I can lift one side.... that's all I need. Shove a 2X4 under the side that is up , then do the same on the other side.... back and forth
  3. leftover cranberry sauce? ... I leave that for the wife. She likes the jellied stuff.
  4. ... after repeated tryptophan poisonings, I think I have revived been eating like a pig.... and needing to sleep it off ==================== drinking the "regular" Mexican beans. We live pretty frugally and good coffee is an indulgence we allow ourselves. the weather people are straining hard to complain about the weather, Yeah... record and near record temps.... but 80` in Dec is really hard to whine about.
  5. I don't know if/when/how the military disposes of their cars now.... but they used to auction them off. I seriously doubt they get the use police vehicle get. And they got their oil changed every 6mo whether they were driven of not....
  6. the same from me... y'all have a good and safe.... bird is in the oven. We are gonna have lots of stuffing/dressing. Just for the record, I call it stuffing if you take it out of the bird... dressing if it's made in a pan, on the side. I can take a nap now. Last night, I ate half a pumpkin pie, making sure it was edible. I'm not sure yet... May need to do another sampling
  7. I've got a bunch of things to do today.... so, I'm gonna take my sweet az time about it Pie dough is made. Taking a break. coffee and a smoko. then things get messy. Rolling the dough out. ------------- threw the wife for a loop last night. She came home to RobertPalmer Addictions... a calypso tune was on. Funny as. she did a double take. "Ive never heard this before. Who is it?" I let the CD play on. "Oh.. him"
  8. ... because my wife doesn't like my stuffing [the things I do for her] I am sacrificing the turkey as a cooking vessel for the bread stuffing to make rice stuffing in. Oh.. I am still making bread stuffing. It will go in pans. I'm OK with rice... not daily, though. And I imagine the [rice] stuffing I put together will be tasty.... but, I'm kinda set in my ways and look forward to MY bread stuffing. I made spiced/herb bread for stuffing. Dug the bird from the freezer. Should have done that yesterday... oh well. Make pumpkin pies tomorrow. I bet only one [of 2] will live to see Thanksgiving. I have to sample.. and once the pie is cut, Katy bar the door! Oh... bought a 10lb bag of potatoes. Nothing special about that, except there are less than 10 potatoes in the bag. They're huge. Not complaining. Easy to peel. Might present a situation with baked potatoes. One spud will feed more than one person. SO, you could have to carve the potato. Wintering the house a little today. Sealing doors so the wind slows some on it's way thru... I don't worry about carbon monoxide... house is way too drafty. The old double hung windows rattle in the wind.. You can [could] see light around the doors. Not so much air flowing thru the house now.... not to mention slowing the critters from trying to enter.
  9. Mornin' all Drinking Mexican again. My stomach is thanking me. Weather? No thanks. It's not bad. Overcast and still warm for the season... 80`
  10. that clay bar trick sounds a little iffy to me. I would worry about scratching the glass.... and would try it in an inconspicuous place first.
  11. I use white vinegar and water to clean windows. Does a pretty good job on water spots. WIpe with paper towel. I would use a squeegee if I had one. --------------------------- ...with the holidays creeping up, I love stuffing. I feel a turkey is the perfect vessel for cooking it in. Now, about what is put in the stuffing. I prefer the basic recipe... white bread, onion and celery [sauteed in lots of butter],chicken stock... oh, a little S&P and poultry seasoning. I am thinking about making my own bread with the seasonings in it. We'll see about that. What is your stuffing preference?
  12. that must be decaf... it's bleached white
  13. sounds like you found my "doghouse" ---------------------------------- speaking of clouds, Dave .... our weather forecast for next next week, calls for some. This kind gentleman reminded not to panic because "The sun won't be so bright" ---------------------------------- I need to drink some milk before hitting this Peruvian coffee. It's a light roast and the acid is killing me. Doesn't taste acid... my stomach is differing with my taste buds....
  14. I went to wally while wife was in the Dr. Snagged a #15 bird for 87 cent/lb. I was OK with that. If we can get another cheaper.... fine. We'll buy. We have a freezer. Grabbed a few turkey dinner stuff while I was there. I wasn't in the store 45min, went back to the Dr office. Waited 5 min and wife was done. We were home in 3 hr.
  15. When I was flying R/C helicopters... I was, all the time "adjusting" things just to see... I can relate. ----------------------- one of these times, I am going to get out and do something I want to do. Not today, though. Shuttle the wife to the Dr this AM. Nothing exciting... "mom"ogram
  16. Mornin' All I'm still above ground Missed a good party Saturday. Band and all ... in the cemetery. We don't do Dia de los Muertos lightly. ---------------------------- fully realizing that folks are in search of perfection in our sound systems/// Y'all ever get to the point of saying, "I guess that is how it is suppose to sound"?
  17. ...if you can call +5` "Indian Summer", it's happening here, too -------------------------- We got a "new" tv. Boy gave us one of his. Nice unit. Toshiba No, not "smart"... just the way I like them. ------------------ in the Norts Spews - anyone else used to read Tank McNamarra? U AZ snapped their 20 game losing streak [football] with a win over Cal. A Cal player got a celebratory punch in the nuts from a U AZ player. Somehow, I think that should warrant a little more than an unsportsman like conduct penalty.
  18. I don't have a bloody barn.I did devise a handy little rack for "not whole plants". Curing is a little different down here. Our problem is keeping it from drying to a powder. There are some chemical processes that folks try to achieve. I know the flavor can change appreciably.
  19. Mornin' all thought I'd check in. Garden is about wrapped up. Just waiting for the curing process to happen -- could be 3 mo. I had an out of house experience yesterday. Drove wife's secretary to the Dr.... oh boy!?! just for schitz and giggles, I pulled the little sub from the doghouse and brought it in to the livingroom and LS. The 2 rooms seem to be acoustically polar opposites. The LR neutralizes low bass. The doghouse .... even the little R15Ms would pin you to the wall. Now I want a better sub. ...if I was really ambitous, I would take the LS to the doghouse and see how they do there. The distance/s from the main listening position are pretty near the same. Difference is LR is 12 X 25. Doghouse 12 X 12. LR has a sloping ceiling
  20. I'm about done. I still wander aimlessly, though. Took the broom the the doghouse floor. Looks less like lawn than concrete.
  21. I find myself getting more into All Souls Day
  22. Mornin' all still no tv. I'm getting a lot of little things done. got an on topic Q... mark this day on the calendar boy gave us a french press. I could use some tips on its use. I know there is a certain amt of science involved. Water temp. Grind of coffee. Length of steep....
  23. We close off the road thru town and have a street party. Kids trick or treating at booths... adults in costume... hayride around town. It's a good time. No need to dress up. You can go as yourself. the bar is open and in the middle of everything.
  24. Not an anthurium. They're called "Little Boy" plants because of ...... Halloween weekend. Gonna be a big time downtown. Dance at the bar tomorrow eve. Street party Sunday evening. Adult party at the bar Sunday... try to stop that from happening. Nice thing about Halloween. I don't have to dress up. Grab my "wisdom stick" and robe... I'm ready. Thinking I'll take a few of these Kiwano melons to give away. When they ask... I'll tell them they are chupacabra eggs.
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