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  1. I was working at a factory on a little hill. There was about 4 inches of snow on the ground when they called it a day. Oh ... did I mention there was a stop sign at the bottom of the hill?
  2. you think chaos ... you should see it ,here, when we get snow. Folks don't seem to know that snow/ice is slippery
  3. our weather is nice for the moment wet and cold predicted . 50`f highs... The wood we bought is almost too big to build a good fire in our stove .... so, I burned off some energy splitting wood. Mano y mano ... splitting wedges and [my favorite tool] a big hammer. a little bit of "Old Folk's Boogie" "... with the right medication, won't be lazy"
  4. like when I complain about our heat... you get that, when you live there.... a little late this year, isn't it?
  5. Looks good! I took a break from leftovers to have leftover lasagna.
  6. LOL George sounds like you're having some fun. ----------- the stupid things I notice Cin vs Pit football game there is a drop of water in the middle of one of the camera lenses ... like the camera has "floaters" .... ---------- correction the Michigan player that got broken yesterday.... his name is Zak Zintner
  7. overcast ... 60` ... a bit of dampness [spots on the windshield]... I spose I'm gonna look at a couple ball games. ... just in time to see Lintner get his knee broken.. That makes me cringe I'm back to eating lasagna. One serving of stuffing left. Pies are gone.If there is enough breast left, turkey enchiladas... for those interested a couple cups of pulled/diced white meat sour cream green onion cheddar cheese green chile red bell pepper cilantro sliced black olives that's the filling. it's a really good turkey salad if you don't want to wrap it in flour tortillas. Line in a pan and cover with green enchilada sauce. Bake at 350f until bubbly
  8. Everyone's watching ball games, I guess hope y'all had lots of food, family and fun. We don't have much for leftovers ... Boy and grand were here ... boy went and came back with some extended family...
  9. lasagna is in the oven. I will survive until T'day I'm half afraid to go outside today. It is a bit on the breezy side. If there were leaves to rake ... they're gone. So are the garbage cans and you might want to tie down the VW. I see the cats have their claws out, trying to keep a grip on the ground...
  10. took me two trips to the grocery ... but, got what I need for T'day. Went last Friday. The place was a madhouse. Everything was out of stock. And they were unloading the truck. The store was full of people and ... well ... I got about half of what I went for. Today .... wife had a Dr appt. I figured an hour. Went to the store. Parking place right in front. Grabbed a cart from the caddy. It didn't crab. A very cute lady smiled [maybe laughed] at me as I was going in.... I was wearing my sarong and robe .. The store was well stocked. About 1/3 the people as Friday. I found everything I was looking for and was back at the Dr's office in 45 min. Wife had just finished. a pleasurable shopping trip. that lady that smiled at me made my day.
  11. Looks comfy, John. Dave sez he will clear the leaves from the drive. You would have to reach really hard to complain about our weather today. 80`, a little light overcast and a little air moving.
  12. we did a bbq last night. Tomahawk steaks. Sorry. No pics. They were very good. bbq is a year-round thing here. Just a matter of wanting to build a fire. not like we don't have 2 cords of seasoned mesquite ...
  13. we had the boy over for Vet Day dinner ... man food tomahawk steaks on the bbq sorry ... no pics they were very good. .......fresh grass fed beef - not aged. It has a different texture. Tender and sort of crisp, like an apple. was wife's idea to do them on the bbq . "Easier" she sez. which translates to, it IS easier for her, because I'm the one doing it ...
  14. I thought you were talking about th dog getting drunk ... My friend had a dog that you could not set a beer down around. He would knock it over and drink/lap it up... the dog made more lady friends than his owner.
  15. last time I wore a suit was 16 years ago the 5th.... the doghouse is where I go to drink and smoke. She doesn't like the smell of left-handed cigarettes. I think we got our first freeze of the season this AM. Yeah .. I had a fire.... if for no other reason, the coffee gets cold too fast. My SIL is here... since Monday. She sez she's going home tonight .... I doubt she will head out tonight.
  16. party at John's! been a long time coming. good for you!
  17. setting up a house is plenty to keep you too busy to go out, even if the weather was sunny and warm.
  18. I remember weather like that ... it can get depressing. we have to dress in layers. It was 37` this morning.It is now 87`. We don't mind near record highs at this time of year.
  19. we have tons of daddy long legs [cobwebs] and dust.... high r/h is 30%, we live on a dirt road and have a fireplace
  20. whoa... @Tarheel!!!!! como frijoles tennis shoe? [How you been, Keds] Hard to complain about our weather, today. 40`f AM and 85` this afternoon. Got some fresh glass on the Niissan. 2 rock pits and the normal scratches no mo'. Coulda gotten the feds to pay for it ... but, really tough to get a # off an oncoming. And by the time you recover from the rock in the windshield ... he's long gone. knocking the cobwebs outa the LS. ...which brings up a Q. How do you, if you do, clean the diaphrams in the horns?
  21. ....it is 10 o'clock. do you know where your children are?
  22. ef you, jobu ... I do it myself! --------------------------- fresh this AM 30 something. Accuweather sez 39`. They tend to be a few degrees high. it's OK. Highs are near 80 I can suffer with that
  23. where/when I was a kid ... 10PM, minors had to off the streets, unless they were with their parents
  24. when I was a kid, we had to be in [the yard] at dark thirty.... by parents with DST you have to be in your yard by police/law ... it is after curfew
  25. farmers don't care what the clock sez. If it needs to be done and it is light enough to see ... nature doesn't take holiday
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