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  1. I remember EZ Wider Unroller. I also remember using 2 wheat straw papers ... seeds, stems and all.
  2. Crazy dry. The soda crackers do stay crisp. Good weather to make jerky or mummies.
  3. While fresh paint and clean carpet might help sell , most folks [buyers] have their own ideas and will repaint and install carpet to their liking. Mornin' All About halfway through this pot of coffee. No real plans for the day. Another red flag fire day. Humidity is LOW... Dew point was -12`F with an R/H of 2%. Might be a day to go fishing.... after I water the garden.
  4. That scooter might make a 2hr run....I think distance traveled is the issue, though. I live 60 miles from a big/ger hospital. Only an hour drive. -------------------------------------- We have a patch of lawn on our acre. Just a patch. House 800 - 900sq.ft. @JohnJ, like I need to remind you... size up rooms for the stereo. We have 3 rooms that aren't twice as long as deep. One room is 14ft square... unfortunately, it's the kitchen. Another room that's ~10 X 10, and the bathroom - it's 8 X 8... No room for LS in them. Our livingroom is 12 X 25.... I had to put speakers on the long wall. Still considering making a sub out the the old upright piano. Not getting rid of the wood in the piano. It's near 100yr old. A '29 Packard...if my memory serves me. Moving the sound board might present some challenges...
  5. like down on the border.. where I am. lol tbh I wager we have as high percentage of law enforcement per capita as anywhere. You oughta see them all come out of the hills when bad weather threatens...
  6. Welcome @Boris Siomin ! I bought a pair of RP600Ms on ratings only. They have/had very good reviews. I can listen to VanHalen or Sarah Jones with equal pleasure looking at specs and reviews....I think you will be fine with them. What have you got for amplification? or is that to come?
  7. We have some wonderful songbirds Our state bird .... ... isn't one of them. Sounds like someone having trouble starting their car/
  8. When you live near a SAC base.... and we get air to air combat training over town... The only reason I can think for "over town" is to give them a point of reference to the border. 12 miles isn't much when you're doing 500mph. was chuckling about some of the newcomers to town asking about "air quakes".... sonic booms. lol Well, that men's championship game wasn't near as entertaining as the women's. I went to bed. before it was over. Wife has a couple of visits to the ophthalmologist coming up. Her cataract surgery needs a follow up laser treatment. They say it's quite common.An in and out thing. No "recovery" time, except for her eyes will be dilated.
  9. A Tarheel neighbor [when I was a kid] showed us fried okra. Only way I can eat it. Apples and cheese? All the time around here. kid came back after the egg hunt. I have plans for her today. Plant some tomatoes and maybe a trip to the lake. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Need to flush the coffee machine. We have a red blinky. Time to get a box of filters.... Every 6 months..200 in a box. Watched the NCAA women's final. Arizona put on a good show. Wasn't expecting it to be that close. Was entertaining, at least. Cleaned the doghouse yesterday. Vacuumed, too. .... Most of what I cleaned up was green. Was a time, I could/would have saved the sweepings...lol Plugged in the A/C and gave it a test run.
  10. I found that you need to season it heartily. A goodly amt of pepper in the corn meal works for me
  11. Having a quiet day ... after getting the kid [with Easter basket from church] to the Easter egg hunt. We handed her off to her momma. We had her all day yesterday. we planted a flower. I let her help. She dug a little compost, mixed compost into the dirt, set the plant. then we cooked dinner. Bluegill fillets and green beans. I had her shake the fillets in the bag of corn meal and she really like the way I season beans. So, I gave her the stuff and let her do the spicing. I didn't tell her, but, I fixed them before they were served. They were a little weak. Happy Easter Not a big fan of lamb... but, that's what wife wanted. SO. she's cooking.
  12. grasshopper

    Can’t sleep

    a combination of physical and mental activity can help. If one of those is tired and the other not... you see where I'm going...
  13. High and dry here. 90`F. Pretty nice. If I were I whiner, I might call it warm. Doors and windows open. We can w/o stuff blowing all over the place... Just a gentle breeze. The past few days have been, "Tie down the VW"..
  14. they're gonna call the Heritage line mid-fi and go crazy high end for perspective
  15. Warm enough to start thinking about "rehydration". don't think trying to do it one shot at a time is working... back to cold coffee. ambition? not today Spose I should rummage around and see what dinner might be. We had deep fried bluegill, sauteed peppers w/onions and fried potatoes last night. Hard to beat that.
  16. heard of the band... not familiar with their music
  17. rainy days put me in the mood for ElectricLadyland... except for the "filler" track ... I think they only put one in???
  18. ah yes.. coffee and pot...a good morning
  19. from pics... looks like a cucumber vine. Growing instructions are very similar, too I think they might make here. wind???? red flag yesterday... Yeah we had some. I define Spring as sunrise to sunset wind, here... Not 30mph, though...
  20. I'm a leg/butt man... Never considered one Bunn a complete set. Sorry... to easy
  21. Mornin' All I'm nowhere as scientific as some when it comes to brewing coffee. I do grind my beans fresh and consider them freshly roasted... The roaster is 3 blocks from the house. @Nowhere27 Welocme !!! Went to see what the "used food store" had yesterday. They give "cast off" produce away. Brought some apples and bananas home, along with... kiwiberries, habaneros, mangos, ginger, tumeric, shallots, strawberries, red bell peppers, a jackfruit [never had one -- even after living on Kauai for 8 years] and something I had never heard of... a a kiwano melon. Looks like something from outer space. Orange with fleshy spikes. It's good. Tastes like a cross between cuke and kiwi. Did a little research. Related to cukes. Native to sub-Sahara Africa... Oughta grow here...so, I'm saving some seeds from it.
  22. I have a very dim view of "big pharma". ....but, I have think. "When was the last time I heard of someone getting Smallpox or polio?" sometimes you just have to trust someone you have no reason to.
  23. Damn Carl 923mile in 13.5hrs.... Averaging ~ 70mph. At least one fuel stop... A charged battery fix aunt's car? My limited computer repair flowchart begins with turn it [completely] off and restart it. ------------------------------------------------ We're in for another windy day. Red flag fire warnings. 85`... humidity is normal [low ....10% or so..]. Was chuckling at @JohnJ's comment about the humidity dropping to 30%. We don't have to close the potato chip bag... or the soda crackers.. however, raisins turn to sweet little rocks. watching the NCAA Women on espnu... Baylor and UConn... coming a good /close game We had the little girl last night. She wanted to spend the night at Grandpa and Nana's.
  24. lot of options.. I watch the GrandSumo and AustrailianSuperTruckRacing. Bobtail semis racing on a course. --------------------------------- Gonna be a nice day, temp wise. We'll see how the wind is. Think the neighbor/s may get a "concert" today. Yard work requires music.
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