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  1. I haven’t been to his place yet but thank you all for the methodological testing tips. I will report back. So if I get an impedance reading below 7.2 and above 16 - or no reading at all - than the tweeter is toast, correct?
  2. The guy doesn't seem very tech savvy. I have a multimeter so I'll have to test it. What should it read impedance wise? As to the tweeter working, I thought it was. It may not have been or was and when the guy transported it home something came loose or a component gave out when he fired the speakers up at his place. They hadn't been used in some years.
  3. Is there a way to test to the tweeter to rule out whether it is bad? And what are the components to check that could be effecting it if the tweeter is tested and confirmed to work? I sold these to a guy and he is saying one of the tweeters isn’t working so I want to make it right and he’ll him fix it. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for all the help. I haven’t sanded yet but did a once over with the Murphy’s oil soap and that cleared up/lessened a lot of the stains! It did make the grain pop a bit as others said. I have some fine steel wool and will try that.
  5. Thanks for that, makes total sense. Yeah I figured maybe 220.
  6. Does not appear to have finish on them. what grit sand paper would you start with and can I use a random orbital on these?
  7. Anyone have recommendations on how to clean up the stains on these?
  8. I just picked up some KG4s. The serial numbers are consecutive but one of the speakers has the grill logo emblem on the bottom of the grill. From what I've seen, they usually are both on the top of the grill, right? Is there safe way to remove it to flip it so both speakers match, aesthetically?
  9. I’ve looked up info on dating Heresy speakers but I’m not sure how to decode this serial number. Can someone help me out?
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