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  1. Well ....We have a bit of home time on our hands now dont we. Finally finished up these Forte II's . They replaced a set of Herseys and I was not ready for what is an amazing upgrade in sound. Truly surpassed my expectations , much more base, super clear highs and mids. The new B&C DE10's are amazing, super smooth and not overwhelming at all. Really, a great improvemnt in that area. Super quality work in the manufacture. I was prepared to put in L-pads if my crossovers were a failure , not needed whatsoever. I guess I got lucky with my dart board design of Caps on my crossover.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even the wife who was a bit annoyed that I was bringing larger speakers in the house said that the upgrade was overwhelmingly good. Didnt hurt that the first thing I played was her favorite CD Cat Stevens. haha..Thanks to all on the fourm that contributed to the ideas that went into this project. Thanks for watching and take care of yourselves in these weird times.
  2. And then these showed up. cool! One of the tweeters diaphragm's were damaged when I pulled them out. So we went in this directon. They look awsome.
  3. The Miflex KPCU 0.47uF and the Audiocap Theta 7uF's were for sure the big spenders on this board. I hope they will be worth their weight in listening pleasure.
  4. Someone else on the fourm suggested sand paper on each strand and thats what i did. Worked great!
  5. The speakers sounded OK. When I tested some of the caps on the old X overs several of the caps were pretty far outside spec, more than 40%. So as with most on this fourm I set out to hopefully make the speakers sound better. My choices for caps were based on the musings found on this fourm to have made an improvemnt to Forte's within a resonable $$ . And with that I took some creative justice as well. The total cost is about the same as a pair of ALK's. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Yea, as I said in the other post, Iam sure it would have made little difference, but I chose to just coil it up on the bottom. I would like to know how precise the length effects it though?
  7. I did, and they shipped it folded up. My guess is that they get the fabric from overseas in a small folded package, the cleaners had a hell of time getting the wrinkles out. https://hobbyhouseneedleworks.com
  8. Indeed I do and I did haha. Sadly I have never used the router and the learning curve is bigger than I expected. Figuering out the proper RPM for this hard wood and then once you dont have both edges of the router touching the wood it becomes a wild mess in a hot min. In this instance a table router would have been a better choice. The second one was a bit better but still emabarrasing. I suspect If i was bit more patience and practiced I could make it pretty or a t least average, haha. I should have just started over with it but I'm running out of time to get this done. Danm dude, the top looks pretty good though? right? ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. My router skills leave a bit to be desired, Iam more of metal guy.
  10. Got one crossover done, not really proud of the wiring layout.No one will see it, but it bothers me. I'll see if I can clean up the second one. Both cabs are paded and ready for stain.
  11. Hmm the crossovers. So much to take in on this subject, Thank you so much to the Members that I have PM'd with questions and to all that contribute here on the forum. I will be experimenting with a variation of the ALK. Here is a mock up, ideas poached from many. The leads on the litz cores are a bit longer than I need.. Can you trim these back? Iam sure that the difference if trimmed would be Negligible, but it would be good to know what effect it would have.
  12. So after my Hersey rebuild Iโ€™am taking on a set of Forte IIโ€™s. I acquired a matched pair and have started refinish. I have sealed the cabinet seams with glue and sealed the inside of the front of the cab with Flex seal rubber coating. I also dampened the Mid horn lens, woofer and Passive cages with Flex seal in addition a few strips of ultimat product to further deaden them. I braced the inside of the cab as well. I ordered some 18 ct Lambswool Linen to replace the torn ugly blackish grill covers. Going to drop them off at the cleaners to get a proper pressing. I flipped over the factory speaker bottom to see if it modernize the look a bit, I think it kind of makes them look like their floating, jurys still out on this mod. Replaced the connection posts with some nice new ones. I was surprised how well the veneer cleaned up. someone had put many coats of clear on these at some point, maybe that was good thing, at any rate Iam happy that I dont have to recover them.
  13. Thanks for the reply ๐Ÿ™‚. Sorry , did not mean to hijack the topic. I will follow up with this in another thread.
  14. While talking litz air coreโ€™s , can you trim the leads? Or if too long just wrap them up to the length needed?
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