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  1. Sorry, I miss typed, I ment, L300 is what I would like to have. Yes you are correct! In the studios JBL had studio Biamp versions ofthe L300.... JBL 4333A Studio Monitor is the L300 studio version and it also had different woofer as well, I believe. The L100s were a completely different animal .No horn or cool dispersion device 🙂
  2. Spoken like a true Klipsch guy! haha. I have been in many studios with the L100 and they are amazing speakers. I wish I could afford a pair. As I read the Klipsh fourms, the common complaint with many of the vintage cabinets seems to be the frustrating speaker placement needed to enjoy them. Just scratching my head.
  3. Look on Ebay, someone makes copies.. not plans. Probably a bit of CNC work involved
  4. Did anyone ever supply part numbers for the horns to do this A-55G mod to a forte?
  5. HAHA yes thats what bob stole his sketch from ..
  6. I agree with your comment. (So, why are they doing these weird things with capacitors if there is no benefit mr. medwin? ) 🙂 Clearly Its not all voodoo opinions, There is some science and probably electronic rules behind adding different caps to caps to get a prefered voicing of a speaker. Which is why I started the thread. While I enjoy the Voodoo portion of all this ie: what I think sounds good vs other people. This fourm has an incredible amount of talented people that have already done many times what Iam doing for the first time... so Yes Voodoo good .. yes science good. I love it all, but I need to know what horrible mistakes to avoid. like adding two .01uf $35 caps that will in effect add nothing to my listening pleasure. And of course this is based on my humble system (odyssey Khartago amp, and Candela pre, and my soon to be rebuilt Forte ii's) Perhaps a $50k system would find those two little caps completely Mortifyingly horrible. 🙂
  7. No disrespect as I'm just a nube.Can I say exactly?
  8. Is that from Bob Newart, Button down mind strikes back, freekin funny.
  9. Yes Glens, that is correct , sorry, I should have clairified. Iam talking in crossovers.
  10. All good incite from the group . Thank you. ALexander you are probably dead right . I will measure them just for kicks when I get the caps and let you know what I find. This crossover voodoo is new to me. In normal theory like pwr supplies it seems correct that you would just make up the best combo for the correct Capacitance, but clearly when it comes to Sound being put through a cap all bets are off as many factors (and opinons) seem to make a difference in the final voicing of a crossover. For me and and this ($$$) level of mucking about with crosovers I think I will just use the two caps and be done at 7.48uf However, I enjoy the chase and find it cool to find out that abnormal thinking is what makes all us creative types ... well creative with our experiments. Iam and old roadie and most of my high end is gone and I have terrible ringing, most of this is lost on me I would bet, but I cant help myself haha. Thanks again to the group on these pages, you guys rock.
  11. To point then I would not expect any audible advantage to adding the Thetas but would accomplish the net goal of proper Capacitance ? So at that point I may as well just add two more 0.01uF Audyn plus's or any other .01uf cheep cap with no ill effect?
  12. probably a biginner question and Iam...Iam building a crossover for my Forte ii's that require a 7.5 cap for the tweeter section. I will be using Audyn plus caps for this build and the closest I can get would be a .68 and 6.8 giving me 7.48uf. Iam thinking of adding a an additional two Audiocap PPT Thetas 0.01uF to get me to the 7.50 that is specd for the ALK style crossover. In addition I believe the Thetas will add a bit more clairity. I read on another fourm that adding more than 0.01 % for bypassing can cause phase issues. Any thoughts about this? From what I understand Part of the ALK design is to help get rid of phasing issues with these horns and I certainly dont want to spoil that process.
  13. Has anybody tried a set of the JBL L-300 lenses in front of their Forte or Herseys squawker?Seems that it might help in dispersing the mids so that speaker placemnet might be a bit more forgiving?
  14. You are comparing your new V 2.0 crossovers to "your" factory copies. Did you ever compare your new V 2.0 to your old V 1.0 ALK stlyle Crossovers?
  15. I know, old thread, but new to me! Iam about to order parts to make my forte II ALK style X over. Dean , what would you do differently with that design to remedy that effect?
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