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  1. SVS, HSU, Paradigm PW 2200 and RSW 12. Some cost more then you want to spend. I think you'd get the most bang for the buck from SVS for $500 - $600 for sure and they guaruntee satisfaction.
  2. I had an HGS 12 and it won't compare to the RSW 15 in output from 20 HZ up. In fact I bet it would take 2 HGS 12's to get to the 97 DB @ 20hz the RSW 15 hits.
  3. For the 1 day my DD-15 worked, during the frequency sweep to calibrate the sub, the room would shake very, very well at 25zh. Once when watching a movie with my old Velodyne HGS 12 I had some glasses set on the kitchen counter rattle off and brake on the floor. Yep, I was proud! You should be able to get that with some good 20-25 hz bass! Remember to negotiate with your dealer, they have a 100% mark up on price so you might be able to get an RSW 15 for a few bucks more. Then you'll be "Done With IT" for the bass Department! Don't forget to look at the new HSU VTF-3. You can get some VERY serious Bass from that at 20 HZ (97 - 99 db or something)???
  4. I got my DD 15 Thursday night after work. I was told the set up was going to be very difficult. I thought it was actually very easy. The Velodyne has every adjustment you could imagine, then some. One of the nice features of the new sub is a Contour Bass setting. If you want some extra Bass at say 25 HZ in Movie Mode (or any other 6 modes) you can set the boost to +or- 6 db at 25hz or 60hz or 15hz ect... The Velodyne DD-15 is the first sub out of 5 previous subs owned by me that not only had enough power but could put out way more bass then a B52 Bomber could Bombs. Yet it was so easy to blend it with my mains almost immediately. Most of my subs were set to about 70 - 80% Max Volume were the DD-15 could produce much more bass at 30% volume in my home. My other subs were Klipsch LF 10's, Velodyne HGS 12, JBL D112 (D.O.A.), and finally a Paradigm PW 2200. The DD 15 easily best's those subs in every catagory except it Broke! Only half way through a war movie and one nasty sound later I've got almost no real output and the driver seems to move 4 inches or more and making some nasty noises. Apon moving the sub out to check the connections, I found that my Power Cord and My Sub Woffer cable had nearly vibrated out of the sub. I'm thinking that the sudden loss then gain in Signal destroyed my sub last night. I will be contacting my local Dealer for a replacement as I did buy a Bumper to Bumper Warranty with it. I guess my post comes down to this: 1. Every adjustment there is with Truely massive Bass output! 2. Even with Velodyne's "Protection" Circuity, you better be careful with it and make sure to get the extra Warranty!
  5. Maybe so, but at least they can provide information regarding the products reliability. I think the PB 12 came from the D112. If's that's the case, you can at least get a heads up to the reliability as I even took a chance and got a Dead On Arrival D112 from JBL even after it was supposed to be a new refurbished unit!
  6. For some very good bass at a very good price you may consider these: Paradigm PW 2200 104 @ 25 hz W/ 114 DB peaks HSU VTF 2 93 DB @ 20 hz SVS "they go from very good to Oh my God" take your pick! For some VERY serious Bass output consider: HSU VTF-3 (something like 99 db @ 20) Klipsck RSW 15 Paradigm Seismic 12 (14" squared) no reviews yet but at a retail of $1600 (USA) it should be a 12" version of the Sunfire Signiture with a 4500 watt peak amp. Velodyne DD 15" to 18" (Big money 3k to 4K) but top notch Bass and sound! SVS top of the line "ULTRA or SVS PB+ anything (or B4)"! $1000 to $3000+ but with performance that will probably best anything in it's price range (then some)! I have had several Klipsch subs (LF 10's) a JBL D112 (D.O.A.) a Velodyne HGS 12 and finally a Paradigm PW 2200. I spoke to my wife yesterday regarding another sub upgrade and she informed me that I was going to buy nothing other then a top of the line VELODYNE or NOTHING else at all! She LOVED my previous HGS 12, as did I. I just asked to much from it and so I sold it before I ruined it. Anyway I have been looking and collecting data for sometime now and I would seriously consider all the subs and companies above. As for my wife, It is the new Velodyne DD 15" (I could have got 2 RSW 15" for that) but it is what it is!
  7. I just talked to Vel. and they say it is a 3 to 4 db gain across the board with the DD vs the HGS on the 15. That would put the DD 15's specs on par with the HGS 18".
  8. OneCall is an Authorized dealer but I got those special price quotes from UnCle Stereo (www.unclestereo.com). I mis-Posted above! Get this, I just went to Good Guys for some speaker Brakets and I noticed they now sell Velodyne. They had an SP 12 and when I asked if they could special order me the DD 15, they said yes. They don't have the DD 18 in the system yet so I couldn't order it. Good Guys also gave me 10% off and included a 10 year Bumper to Bumper Warranty, NO INTEREST UNTIL 2007 (37 months same as cash). Just under $3000 out the door and it will be here in 2 weeks or less.
  9. My local dealer had MSRP on them at DD 12 $2400 DD 15 $3000 DD 18 $4000 And "UNCLE STEREO" (OOPS) quoted me $ 2435 on the 15 and $3100 on the 18 They just sold their last HGS 18 at $1700. If only SVS had some kinda special like at some local dealers, such as on my Mitsubishi card or Good Guys card, they are often doing a same as cash 12 month no interest / payments. That makes the DD series easier to buy for me then my FAMED SVS PB2 Ultra.
  10. I listened to the Velodyne DD 12 today. The sound was incredibly clean but it lacked authority at less then about 70% of max volume. I am looking and the DD15 is a real consideration but they are an arm and a leg.
  11. I just picked up a Brochure on the Seismic 12 but I couldn't get a price. Do you have a guesstimate on what it will run? Sure does look like the wifes will love it at just over 14" squared! Any guess to 20 hz. output? Also, What are your thoughts on the new Velodyne DD 15? could I expect any REAL improvment on output vs. the HGS line?
  12. Go to www.Audioreview.com and read about it before making up your mind.
  13. I have been thinking about selling my Paradigm PW 2200 for about $350. I just haven't decided on a replacement yet. Where are you located?
  14. Boy do I want one of those! I just bought a $1600.00 BullMastiff and intended on pre-ordering a PB2. Then my wife found out that I had to go Fullerton Ca.(about 5 miles from Disneyland) and that was it. The whole family ended up staying a few days at Disney before getting the dog. Now there is no money left yet my enormous yearning for that sub has not deminished. If there is anyone who has pitty on me, I would be willing to sell my Paradigm Pw 2200 for $1250.00. That way your not just GIVING your money away, your helping me and getting a good $500.00 sub in exchange. I assure you I will appreciate it. Anyone?
  15. In your $ range you might also consider the HSU VTF-3. If size isn't an issue then look at everything from SVS. Ron @ SVS guarunteed me if what I bought from them wouldn't seriously outperform all other subs I have owned that he would personaly pay shipping to return the SVS. How can you go wrong with that?
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