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  1. My RSW 15 died after approximately 20 years of service. The red light would come on but no boom from the box. After some research on here I saw many people used Edwards Electronics to get it fixed. I gave it a try and sent in my order to receive my order number to send in with the components. I have never take apart a subwoofer but it wasn't hard. I just took photos of all the wires and where they went. Around 3 1/2 weeks later I received a box on my door step. I plugged it all back in and screwed everything back down. Nothing. After another minute of playing with the preamp the boom was back! I swear it is better than before but maybe I just missed having no subwoofer for over a month. I wouldn't hesitate to send anything back to Edwards Electronics. The communication was great and I am very happy with the results. I hope to get another 20 years of service out of my RSW 15.
  2. Gentlemen, I first wanted to say that I had no idea that this post would gain so much attention. I want to thank all of you for your advice (and some humor). But I am sure some of you are curious as to what set up I decided to go with. It took me 5 days of moving speakers arround (high/low), connecting/disconnecting wires, and moving some furniture. The end result was worth all the effort I put into my HT system. I have actually decided to go above and beyond what I originally wanted to do. I have decided to go with two systems. One strictly for HT and the other for music only. For HT, I have decided to go with (5) Heresy II's all the way around and (1) RSW15 subwoofer. This set up sounded the best to me for HT. To my ears, this was the best balanced system for HT. Why did I not go with the RS7 for rears? Very simple....my ears did not like what they heard(with Lascala's or HeresyII mains). I am not badmouthing or not recommneding the RS7's, they just did not work for me. I really thought I would go with them, but to my amazement...no dice. (5) Heresy II's rock for HT. Highs, mids, lows were all smooth and well blended. The Lascala's were so clear and bright, they overpowered the center and rears. I don't have the proper room for another Lascala as a center(I thought about that to). This is the set up that worked best for my room acoustics. As far as the Lascala's and KP115 subs, I have dedicated those to my permanent music system. The Lascala's fill the room with so much pleasure, I couldn't part with them after buying the other (3) Heresy II to complete my HT. If I had the room (and more money) (5) Lascala's around the room would be an awesome HT!!! Folks, I just wanted to share my experience in testing out set-ups for my new HT. It was fun and aggravating at the same time, but it was well worth the experience. Once again, I truly appreciate the feedback listed in this post and would like to thank my Authorized Klipsch Dealer for their support. I am very happy with my decision and plan to get the most out of both systems now.
  3. Hey guys (Horned and Boa)...give me a few days and I will give you my opinion on my findings. I am not a "true" audiophile, but I do know enough and I like good equipment. Bottomline~~~~I will go with the surrounds and sub that sounds best to my ear. I have no disrespect for Horned or Boa. I do thank them for their advice and I will be testing everything that my dealer can provide me. I will be testing first: Mains - Lascala Center - KV 4 Rears - Heresy II Sub - RSW 15 Second: Mains - Heresy II Center - KV 4 Rears - RS 7 Sub - RSW 15 Third: Mains, center and rears - All Heresy II Sub - RSW 15 Fourth: Mains - Lascala Center - Heresy II Rears - Heresy II Sub - RSW 15 Fifth: Mains - Lascala Center - Heresy II Rears - RS 7 Sub - RSW 15 After these five tests I will be sure I know what I want. It will take me a few days of listening to both music (Mozart to Metallica) and numerous movies to find what my ear desires. Until then, you may not hear from me for a few days until I give my feedback on my decision. I will be honest and give reasons for my choices. Until then.....adios!!!
  4. Doug, Thanks for the reply and that link to that lengthy but very interesting forum. I am going to buy the RS-7's and try them out with a new RSW-15 sub. They aren't that much money and I will play around with them. My dealer by me will also lend me another pair of Heresy II's to see if I like that arrangement. I guess it really boils down to what my ears hear the best. If have just heard so many good things about WDST that I want to see if my ears can hear the difference. I will follow up on this post in about a week after I receive everything and try it all out. This message has been edited by digger1978 on 06-06-2002 at 11:25 AM
  5. Tweeter carries a nice line of products. The only negative thing I have about them is there price. For Klipsch speakers they sell them at full list price. I really don't understand how they stay in business in the Chicagoland area. There is a dealer 5 miles from them that is an authorized Klipsch dealer that has much lower prices than them. I guess people don't take the time to price shop anymore. Maybe that is why the majority of our population is in debt. LOL
  6. I currently have Lascalas, KV4 center, and Heresy II's for rears. I also have two KP115 15" industrial subs. Everything rocks but I am in the process of changing my amplfier situation to run off of one amp (HK Signature 2.1) instead of the 5 that I have now and purchasing a RSW15 sub also. My amps now are a HK Citation 22(main), (2) HK Signature PA2200 (center and rears), and (2) Crest LA1201's (subs) I am curious if the Heresy is the best match for surrounds or if I should go to RS7 because they are WDST and the Heresy's are not. I just demo'd the RSW15 in my room and it was pretty impressive. My KP115's aren't powered internally I and wonder how long the amp in the RSW can take that pounding? I appreciate all Klipsch owners feedback please. Thank you.
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