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  1. Many thanks to everyone for the tips and recommendations! I followed all of them and came to the conclusion that both K-77M's are bad. I have also been talking with Jim Hunter at the Museum. It's been a lot of fun trading old stories and memories of the "old days". He was particularly interested in my Scripto cigarette lighter that says on one side, "Stolen From Paul Klipsch" and on the other side, "THE AURAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN $200 AND $500 AMPLIFIERS IS ALMOST NEGLIGIBLE. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SPEAKERS EXHIBITING THE SAME PRICE RATIO IS STARTLING". (signed) J. Figby Blotz. A couple of you wanted to see photos, but these are big files so I'll do my best to send them in a couple of posts
  2. I'd love to speak with you at your convenience. We were the Klipsch rep, as well as H.H. Scott, Irish Tape, Tandberg, Audio Empire, Rotron Whisper fans, etc. The company was Ray Johnston Co. and I worked with Ray starting as a 23 year old audio nut. Left Ray in '71 to become a founder of Jafco Electronics in Seattle, WA., where we were, of course, a Klipsch dealer!!! I'm sure that you are right that these are 1970 K-Horns as I was guessing at '72. I'll take pictures and send them to you.... By the way, they are in mint condition with "bookmatched Rosewood fronts that Paul picked out!
  3. They are all snug! Thanks for your thoughts!!
  4. This is my first post, so please understand that I might not be in the right forum. I will also post this in the Klipsch General Forum. I worked for the Pacific Northwest Klipsch rep in the late '60's & '70's and traveled with PWK and RLM on the West Coast in Paul's Twin Beechcraft. Have lots of stories! Around 1972, Paul convinced me to sell my Cornwalls and buy Rosewood K-Horns and he'd watch over the order. I did and he did and the model is KB-RO and the serial #'s are 3H272 and 3H273. They were QC'd by Portus Gilley and have the original Type "A" crossover networks, original woofers (K33P I think), K55 (V, I think), but the original K77 (A, I think) had to be replaced with Klipsch K77M's. The K-Horns have been stored for many years, >20 years, but are now back in our media room. Unfortunately, the K77 tweeters are not working correctly, so now to my questions.... 1. Are the K77's repairable and, if not, what is available to replace them. 2. Would you replace the Type "A" crossover network? 3. Should I open the horn hatch and see if the woofer cones are still intact? Any other thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!
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