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  1. Decide where you are going...5 or 7 base layer and 2 or 4 heights.  There are 9 and 6 too, but that is another story.


    Also, when you say back speakers, are you referring to side surrounds or rear?


    Highly recommend you read this.




    150 over the 120...I like bass....have four 150s in the theater

    RP-600 complement what you have

    TX-RZ50.  Onkyo.     A lot depends on your goals.  Denon has some nice receivers too.






  2. 1 hour ago, Veloc said:

    I've heard that Klipsch subs have bad amps. 


    Do you think that the RP-6000F will be much better than the RP-600M? 


    Regarding Klipsch subs.  I have four SPL-150s in the theater and am happy with them.


    "Much better' is very relative. I use towers for all surrounds, so I am biased. 

  3. The 8000s and 504C are great.  Same as my LCR. 


    Now. if you have a flat ceiling, definitely  try putting the 500SAs on top of the 8000s and use bounce.  See this....




    Regarding this sentence.  I am guessing you meant RP-500SA as shown in your diagram.

    "+RP-502SA for $400/pair as front elevation atmos speakers."

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