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  1. Regarding Klipsch subs. I have four SPL-150s in the theater and am happy with them. "Much better' is very relative. I use towers for all surrounds, so I am biased.
  2. 504C. Center 6000. Fronts 600. Surrounds All RPs
  3. Don't forget that they have a rear port so you cannot mount them flat against the wall. Google speaker wall mounts....there are hundreds.
  4. There is only one way to find out which is better. Try both setups and see what you like the best.
  5. The 8000s and 504C are great. Same as my LCR. Now. if you have a flat ceiling, definitely try putting the 500SAs on top of the 8000s and use bounce. See this.... https://www.dolby.com/about/support/guide/speaker-setup-guides/5.1.2-dolby-atmos-enabled-speaker-setup-guide/ Regarding this sentence. I am guessing you meant RP-500SA as shown in your diagram. "+RP-502SA for $400/pair as front elevation atmos speakers."
  6. Something different from my usual fare.....
  7. If you can swing it, you definitely want four.
  8. A UMIK-1 is coming with it, along with application software plug-in license. I have also been watching Home Theater Gurus videos, and a couple others, regarding the topic. Thanks for the assistance.
  9. Thanks....they should be here next week.
  10. Room is 16x30 with screen on short wall. I have four SPL-150s. I would like to try one in each corner, but have a problem with one. The back right corner has a door on the side. I would have to move the back right speaker about 36" forward from the rear wall past the opening. Thoughts regarding the rear placements? Before anyone makes the suggestions, I cannot do a front and back 25/75 placement due to a door and piano, and I cannot do one 50% on each wall due to a fireplace. A miniDSP HD is in my future. Thanks.
  11. I just added two more SPL-150s this morning bringing my total to four. Now my subs are complete. Tonight's movie and it is great!
  12. Use wall mounts. As they are rear ported, you need some room behind. I use two each R-51M and R-15M for my upper ATMOS speakers. They work well for this purpose.
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