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  1. Emory

    KG4 or KG5.5

    I'm thinking I'll wait until I see a nice pair of Heresey's for sale. I think it will be worth the wait. They are available on ebay but no bargains there and I'm not paying another 300-250 to ship, especially with their asking high price.
  2. Emory

    KG4 or KG5.5

    I like R&R but not the new stuff. I'm more in the Bob Seger era. How much were the 5.5's new?
  3. Emory

    KG4 or KG5.5

    No 500 per pair, two different sellers
  4. Emory

    KG4 or KG5.5

    So based on your kind replies, I'm leaning toward the KG4's if they are smoother sounding than the KG5.5. I definitely do not want a bright high end like the R26F's I have now. I will make an offer for less on both if I decide to buy. I missed a pair of Heresies by a week. Damn. The KG4's are oiled walnut and the 5.5's are black satin.
  5. Emory

    KG4 or KG5.5

    I have a chance to buy a pair of KG4's or KG5.5's. Asking the experienced Klipsch guys/gals here which is the better and smoother sounding speaker. The sellers are asking 500 for the pair. Thanks for your help. Both appear to be in excellent condition.
  6. I'm beginning to think the same way. Makes more sense to buy the Schitt unit. I like the dynamics of my Klipsch so I'm not selling them. Just want to tone down those mid highs.
  7. Well that's the best answer for sure. I know their products have high reviews so I wouldn't be nervous about buying it. Looks like the third knob from the left would be the helper. The bass would also help too. Thank you very much for your time.
  8. Well thanks for all the replies every one but in my room there is not much I can do with it acoustically to reduce the harshness and I'm not willing to spend the same amount of money on wire as I did for the speakers. :-) I would need more than just a few feet for each speaker. Of course Upscales description of magic is baloney as I'm sure it's just some type of filter zeroed in on a certain frequency range. Maybe I should be thinking about an equalizer to do this since my amp has no tone controls. That is if I could find one that won't drastically reduce the audio quality of the system.
  9. Another thought I had. If that product is so good and they can't get enough of them, then why doesn't hifi shops carry them. If the demand is there no company is going to say we don't want to make them any longer. Would be asinine.
  10. If you can find them, yes. Upscale will not sell them, they give them away with a speaker purchase. Searched all over and cannot find them for sale.
  11. I have a two channel only audio system using one R12 sub and a pair of R26F's powered my a very detailed and dynamic Musical Fidelity integrated amp. The amp has no bass or treble control. Where would a good recommended sub crossover settting be for this set up? One more item; if I do not toe the speakers in, would it audibly reduce the harshness of the horns? Thanks.
  12. Hi all, Does anyone know where I can buy a pair of AH! Noise Killers? They are suppose to tone down the harshness of Klipsch Horns, especially the high end. Upscale Audio has them but they only give them away to people who buy speakers. Somebody must sell these things. My R26F's are beautifully detailed but just a bit to harsh with my Musical Fidelity integrated amp which is very revealing. Thank you.
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