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  1. This seems solved fellas. Bob said he wants people to order the gaskets as an add-on but if you order them by themselves he wants to sell 10 or more. so I figured that there may be several of you with extra gaskets laying around going to waste and I wanted to see that maybe a couple of them went to good use. Thanks all, 👍!
  2. This exactly. I'll message you. Thank you!
  3. Agreed. I have paper gasket material in the garage.
  4. Ok guys, does anybody know the material and thickness?
  5. Crite's page says he hopes people will order them as an add on and I won't be ordering anything else at the moment. Does anybody have extras laying around? If not and they are just rubber.. how thick are they and what is the ID and OD. I could likely just make a pair. Thanks, Brad
  6. Well I picked up a receiver this weekend and had a little adventure. Check it out. https://imgur.com/gallery/LYfJCnd
  7. Killer! I like the idea of using magnets for the grilles. After removing the Velcro from the cabs, what did you use to refinish the black? I doubt I will get this far into mine. I plan on at minimum, replacing caps w Crites, sealing the cabs, installing new horn to driver gaskets, and putting in access panel gasket. But first, I want to listen to them for just a little bit so that I will be able to really hear any improvement. Also, I'm having a buddy who does carpentry make me a set of slant risers from walnut ply. I plan to oil them and am hoping they will be a close enough match. He says he will have em done by next week. 🤞
  8. Awesome! So what I'm learning is that it's worth waiting to find a restored/recapped machine. I'm all over Hifishark.com and USAaudiomart.com today. Are there any other good sites to take a look at? I'm ready to pull the trigger on something when I find something I like. I'm looking for something that's in very good to mint condition that's been restored and has a bit of wow factor when you turn it on(LED's and whatnot). 😉
  9. Just came across this.. $450 CAD translates to roughly $320 USD. I like the look of the 730 more though.. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649615052-harmon-kardon-930-high-end-receiver-made-in-japan/images/2688113/ What kind of wattage do the I's like best? I don't want to be able to hurt them. I'm seeing Heresy I specs at 100W continuous/400W peak.
  10. I wrote a whole response to several things earlier but I guess I never hit "Submit Reply." Shoot. I was thinking I'd go with a Marantz or maybe a Sansui. I have now seen the Harmon Kardons recommended several times with Heresies, is there a reason behind that are are they just generally great receivers? What should I expect to pay for a restored HK 730? I'm assuming this is a bit high? Seems it had EVERYTHING fixed up. https://reverb.com/item/15018296-fully-restored-harman-kardon-730-stereo-receiver-dual-power-supply-design-great-looks-and-sound Is there a go-to person here on the forums that restores the HK's? I know a guy here in town but he deals almost exclusively in Marantz. I'm open to other ideas about receivers to pair with the Heresies, are there any other popular pairings? Here's some more pictures. https://imgur.com/gallery/KIOWF7K
  11. They look plenty good Hpower. I'm about to start on the 2nd cab and I just took these pics. The difference when they are side by side is astonishing.
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