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  1. I wanted a nice cherry or walnut finish... but the black is growing on me. I use a Line Magnetic LM211ia always on triode mode. I'm definitely going to refinish these... but everything is working great and it sounds awesome. I want to get a nice warm solid state integrated amp to really push these with some power to hear how that feels.
  2. so life has been very busy... since my last reply I have sold my condo and have just entered into contract on a new house. However, during all this I have not wavered in my pursuit of my very own La Scala's. I am very happy to announce that today I picked up my "new to me" 1976 La Scalas. They are beat up, they are black, but they are mine! Was able to audition them before buying for $900 and they sound amazing. The seller was really cool and went over all the upgrades he made to the XO's... he built the XO's himself from the ALK design back in 2004 before the prebuilt XO's were offered. He made a few additional upgrades to the crossovers over the years like Tweeter specific hookup wire, fuses from Japan, varying taps for time alignment and others I didn't quite understand. Point being, they are working awesome. Some quick pics below taken right before I put them in my storage space... so hard to close that door. Won't be able to listen to them on my system until September 28th when I move into the new house. Sucks, but happy to get have them waiting for me when the new listening room is ready. just wanted to update you all since everyone was so great about helping me find a pair. The plan is to listen to them for a month or so and then get them freshened up with some 1/4" panels and stain them. Want them to look as good as they sound. thanks again for the support!
  3. awesome... would you be able to to send some pics of the guts?
  4. Damn... you guys are the best! Looked at the ones in Denver and have reached out to the seller and found another pair in Sacramento CA for 1400. Tempest is the best! Thanks for that tip. And they don’t have to mint! But would hope for very good condition.
  5. Hey Rob... is this your listing? https://houston.craigslist.org/ele/d/highlands-klipsch-la-scala/7166982558.html Price seems fair, would you be willing to ship, I know that's no small task!
  6. Those are beautiful Marvel, that is ultimately what I want aesthetically. I've settled down quite a bit from my initial post... reason has returned.
  7. thanks Randy... Auditioning them would great! I would love to compare by listening to both as 've never heard a La Scala of any variety with my own ears. However, the closest pair of LSI's appear to be in California. That is not going to happen anytime soon. I live in a HiFi wasteland. I've just read through some of your other posts regarding the K43 and the LSI's and it all sounds great. Hopefully a pair show up closer to home soon. Per your post on power handling, my purposes for these would be a 2 channel set up, mainly for vinyl. They will be powered by a Line Magnetic LM211ia tube amp (15wpc). So their ability to shine with low powered amps is where my interests lie. And yes, looks do matter to me (and my wife), so the rugged club look won't fly. Wouldn't be opposed to a project restoring to a more Domestic version look... but many say it is a very big job to get even an average result. Unless a pair popped up locally at a reasonable price, I think the best way forward to wait for the La Scala pair that checks off at least most of the boxes for my situation.
  8. thanks Claude! that is first time I have heard anything positive regarding the the LSI's... not that I heard anything negative either. I guess I just never heard much about the sound of these at all. thanks again!
  9. yes... the black pair are about an hour away from me... the other pair I have yet to get details on are about 4 hours away.
  10. I wish, no response yet from Tony T. just mean that you're my Klipsch agent, determined to get me those La Scalas. I'm going to try to get out to see the black pair this week. Bringing my amp and hoping thew blow me away.
  11. billybob... I feel I need to give you a finders fee!
  12. those are the LSI's I was referring to in my original question about renovating these into the home version. Most say the project wouldn't be worth the effort. What is the reason behind saying the LSI's will sound better?
  13. sorry, didn't mean to hijack this thread, thought I was posting on another conversation!
  14. Hey Randy... so it seemed that to that the majority of the replies advised against buying the LSI's with the intent to restore them to the classic La Scala home version. There is no way I would get them and keep them stock. Just trying to get what I want and not have any regrets later. and on a side note, I did get a message from another forum member offering up some la scala's he's had for awhile. They came to him with bad paint job, but in good shape and all stock. he replaced the caps and repainted black. Looks good, but I would still want to sand and refinish with a wood stain. $1600 sound fair?
  15. Hahaha... yeah, would be a fun drive but it's a long one. actually this afternoon another Klipsch forum member sent me a message that they are willing to part with some LS 1's... he got them all painted up in multiple colors and he refinished them in black... the look pretty clean. all stock except for sonicaps on the crossovers.... and he is only about an hour from me! $1600?
  16. I know your Panelhead... this has happened to me too many times, finding "better" deals right after making a purchase. It just happened on the Heresy's I recently purchased... cound't find a pair locally after looking for about a month. 2 days after buying my pair off ebay, one with a damaged woofer cone, up pops a clean pair of Heresy's with crites drop in crossovers.. for roughly the same price. I always say do not look at any classifieds right after a purchase, but I always do. but, I'm still loving my heresy's.
  17. looking to pickup a pair of La Scalas... would prefer a pair in very good cosmetic condition. But, I do have a pretty good restoration game so long as everything is structurally sound. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and I'm willing to travel to surrounding states and California for the right deal. thank you!
  18. that's a great Idea! and yes... I am fine with my heresy's. Just got the Heritage bug and need more horns.
  19. thanks all... so I guess I'll pass on the Industrials and I'll just be patient... not my strongest attribute. But, I'll manage.
  20. you nailed it! I will obsess for a time and then when I give it up, the offer will finally show up. I'll be hitting you up for price checks!
  21. thanks billybob, my gut agrees with what you said and maybe my post was a call for some common sense. what sources do you frequent when looking for specific equipment? I've been doing the obvious ebay search, craigslist and US Audio Mart with zero luck. Not used to not finding any offerings! Used LS's are a rare bird. Which is why I started looking at the listed options again my better judgement. As for my speakers, nothing audiophile, but I have been rotating through these speakers for several years... Boston A150's, ADS L710's, KEF LS50 and most recently I have been into my Heresy II's with crites caps kit and Ti tweeter Diaphragms. Sold the KEF's recently to fund a tube amp... I'm more of a vintage guy. Hey Coytee... I've never seen a K402 before your post but it looks like the JBL 3722N's I was just looking at that are available locally for only $500 a pair. Not sure how they are for music. The La Scala's are for a 2 channel stereo, music only set up. Basically this is first time in my life I will have a dedicated listening room. So wanted to get something crazy like the La Scala and I kept seeing all these cinema speakers in my search for big horns. thanks avgugytx... I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel, or the La Scala. My woodworking skills are on point for restoring, not so much on building from scratch. Guess it will be the thrill of the hunt for awhile...
  22. really want to get me some La Scala's after a very enjoyable stint with some new to me Heresy II's. New LS's are out of the question for the near future after recently moving into a new house. So used is the only way it will happen. Looking around, it can be tough to find used LS's for sale where the seller is willing to ship, understandably. And here in Salt Lake City it is a Klipsch Heritage wasteland.... nothing. So, I can go about it 2 ways and I'm hoping the forum experience will help me decide which is best. Option 1: found a seller that will ship a SINGLE "LS-BLS W/S". It works great, per the seller, and appears to be in great shape.... love the aesthetic of these! $1500 shipped. Excited about this as it would look great in my new place. However, I fear the possibility that I wait forever for a viable match either locally or another single that the seller will ship. Could be a long long while! Option 2: plenty of the ugly (sorry for those that might be into them) Industrial La Scala's to be had for cheap. However, to get them show room ready, it would be a project. I'm always up for a project, but hopefully it isn't a huge undertaking to get them stripped stained and refinished. And not sure if even a fantastic finish on an industrial will be anything close to a "normal" La Scala. for those of you that might have some experience in either option, I would love to hear your take? thank you!
  23. this is the route that I am leaning towards now... I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be but I usually circle round to the simplest, usually. Spoke to Bob about the components needed to build up the boards myself. In the end I want to get it set up right the first time so I don't have to open it back up for a long time.
  24. So I ordered the Crossover Rebuild kit form Bob Crites, along with the Ti Tweeter Diaphragms, Risers and Cane Grille cloth. However, this question is specifically about the Crossovers. My Heresy II's are 1986 so they have the round terminal cups with the caps all piled on there. I decided that I wanted to keep the terminal cups stock since the do sound great as is. I was thinking I could cobble together some replacement crossovers the Sonicaps from the Crites Kit on some KG4 round terminal cups that look identical to the Heresy II terminal cups. I am watching some KG4 round terminal cups on ebay... would only be 45 for the pair. Does anyone know if this would be possible or if there are differences in the KG4 Terminal cups from the Heresy II's? If not I will probably just disassemble the stock crossovers and rebuild on a board mounted to the bottom of the cabinet. Or, maybe I could build crossover boards with the crites kit and some new inductors/autotransformers. anyone else have experience with any of these options?
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