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  1. I checked with bob... he only has his own crossover builds. I did get the rebuild kit from Bob with the Caps. However, since my HII's already sound great, I wanted to keep my current crossover cups stock and upgrade another crossover set. I was able to find and purchase one pcb (square) version of the HII crossover on ebay but am I not finding anything else to complete the pair.
  2. In search of Heresy II crossovers... interested in the Terminal cup variety and the PCB version also. Hopefully someone has one or a pair sitting around!
  3. thanks Dave... I'll try that too. I was thinking I was going to get some direction on how to check the drivers with a multimeter or something more technical. nope. Socks and paper towels. Low Tech is my favorite, thanks for the help!
  4. jimjimbo for the win... stuffing a shirt in each horn and checking for the obvious missing frequencies reveals they both the mid driver and tweeters are fine. Man, how do people say these are shouty? sound so good.
  5. haha... thats pretty simple. would I be risking the amp playing the speaker without the woofer... it would change the impedance right?
  6. so I drank the cool aid and now own a pair of Heresy II's. I have never owned any Klipsch and have never heard the heritage series speakers. Recently bought a low powered Tube amp (6wpc) and kept coming across the Klipsch Heritage series as the choice for tube amps. I became pretty obsessed with the Heresy's due to the controversy that surrounds them. People praise them or deride them, very few in the middle. I gave up on them several times given the level of hate I kept reading... shouty, no bass. But I kept coming back and eventually found the Klipsch forums. I had to try some horns with my new tube amp. Finally a pair popped up on craigs locally. They are from 1986 with the round terminal cup. Got them at a very reasonable price due to the fact that one of the woofers is completely blown. Cabinets are very nice... and they are plywood, not MDF. I hooked them up to do a quick listen at very low volume to test and see if anything besides the one woofer needed repair. They sounded amazing! even with the one woofer out, the mids and highs sang to some mazzy star. And, the bass sounded very good. But, I'm not a bass head. So I guess they are enough for me. Can't wait to hear with both woofers moving air. I don't know if I'll need to do all the upgrades that I was thinking about... not yet anyway. The replacement K24-K woofer is on it's way! So even though I was very happy with the sound considering the one was hobbled, I still want to check to be sure the Tweeter and Mid Drivers are okay. I have no idea what I was really hearing from the one speaker with the damaged woofer. So I was hoping someone could tell me how to test the tweeter and midrange horns/drivers to determine if they are okay or if they need repair or replacement without damaging anything. The other speaker appears to be just fine. Any help is welcome... thank you!
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