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  1. Well someone had to post one of these, great results so far.
  2. Can’t really comment on those , I see 2 of them on eBay currently for a very high price. I can comment on his class A & MKll amps. I have owned a 25/25, a 150/150 MKll amp & mod 66 pre amp, that was bought directly from him before his passing. & now this one. (150/150) nothing but good reliability and great sound from all of them. At any rate I received the Schiit pre amp & phono amp today and enjoying it as we speak.💪
  3. Sold one of these a long time ago & regretted it ever since. This one is a little different, it’s the 100/100 class A model. Schiit pre amp was shipped today, so it will be making sounds by the first of the week. I think I’ll start off with my new Triangle’s, possibly move over to my Klipsch floorstanders later.
  4. Have a choice on getting series one or series two , Phase Linear amp, any thoughts on a favorite. Thanks
  5. My Bedini 150/150 amp with his Model 66 pre amp, I’ve owned this for many years now. Currently paired with mission 77 floorstanding speakers
  6. As WETOWNE stated mine has zero hum or hiss, coming through the speakers, Ill have to say I’m happy about that😀🎼
  7. May have found my answer, I think it was a language translation problem. I believe it means, “ if you turn it off, do not turn it back on for 5 minutes,” to protect the tubes. Thoughts?
  8. As promised, here are the pics. Excellent packing job the amp is absolutely immaculate and very impressive so far played one album and one CD. Ended up hooking it to my floorstanding speakers as opposed to my bookshelfs as per ILI ‘s suggestion in the above post. very happy so far. using my Rega Planar 2 with Grado cartridge. One question if anyone one has any experience . the directions say after you use it and shut it down , to turn it back on for five minutes, to avoid tube damage. Am I understanding this right , turn it back on I’m assuming with nothing playing and no load . i have added a picture of the “ turn back on directions “
  9. Thanks for the input!, I’ll have it in hand next week & will report back.
  10. New here, Getting ready to order the Reisong A10 tube amp. I understand it is low powered, and wondered which of my two sets of speakers are more efficient. RP150M bookshelves, or RP4000F floorstanding. I have both & It will be my first tube amp. Thanks
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