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  1. AndreG.

    The Other Discs

    From what i saw in Your posts up til now, i wouldnĀ“t have thought You were the Metal type. šŸ˜‰ What do You have in your collection? IĀ“m interested.
  2. I for one found @ClaudeJ1 link a good read, but i guess it just boils down to what You say in your post. ItĀ“s the "Ritual" in one form or another that lets us all participate in this hobby and this great forum. Most likely i couldnĀ“t even decide if i am type 1 or type 2, IMHO itĀ“s two hearts beating in most of our chests.
  3. AndreG.

    F22 Raptor

    As there are several Gentlemen here who have worked in the aircraft-industry, what is Your opinion. The next generation fighters will be predominantly UAVs, or do you think there will always be pilots on board? There are a lot of discussions going on, as far as i know. Since childhood, military flying has always interested me. I spend ten years with the German Airforce, albeit in air defense only, my system was the venerable HAWK.
  4. AndreG.

    What I Got Today!

    Great idea, will buy this for my Marantz as well, thanks for posting this! 129ā‚¬ is really not much. What do You think about the noise-level?
  5. I canĀ“t put up atmos speakers and iĀ“m content with my 5.1 system, also iĀ“m not really sure about the "added value" šŸ˜‰. Besides, thereĀ“s other gear i would want to buy first.
  6. Hello there, My KG1.5s looked just the same, scratches all over. In the end, i decided to strip the paint off. I used acetone and steel-wool to get rid of the black stuff. HereĀ“s my thread: Once You stripped the old paint, you can decide wether you want to oil, stain or just repaint them. I found that i only had to do minimal sanding. IĀ“m happy with the result.
  7. My thanks also! IĀ“m looking for a player too and since Marantz stopped making BL-Players, the Panasonic seems to be a good alternative.
  8. This project is done: With the tweeters being almost at ear-level, sound has improved markedly, imho.
  9. When i get back from work, iĀ“ll post pictures of my terminals, letĀ“s see if that helps... Just found a picture in the forum: My terminals look just like this one, these on a Cornwall II, can You see the red mark on the upper post?
  10. So i connected the DV7001 to the SR6008 via HDMI for DVD and via cinch for CD listening. Subjectively, music sounds better through the analog connection. For my ears the music seems "warmer" and the soundstage separates more from the speakers. Comparing the DV7001 to my former player, a Pioneer 757Ai, the Marantz definitely plays along much better. Whereas the Pioneer sounded thin in direct mode, to the point i had to use my sub to beef up the bass, the 7001, in direct mode, supplies all the bass i want, without sounding boomy. I read about this before, the fact that the DV7001 plays music better via analog than through HDMI. So i will keep the analog connection for CD and HDMI for DVD/HT purposes. For myself, i consider this topic answered.
  11. Good point, thanks! So: Innensechskant Kopf Schrauben 1/4"-20 x 1-1/2" 304 Edelstahl Vollgewinde DE
  12. Hello Marios, did You modify your crossovers already, can You post about your experiences with the rebuilt XOs? I own RF3s as well and am curious as to the results. Thanks!
  13. If anyone in Germany/ Europe is looking for the right bolts to use for the Omni Mounts on KG1.5 & 2.5, i found them on Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B077GP3DLX/ref=pe_3044161_185740101_TE_item I got these longer ones, because the wood on my risers is quite thick ( About 1"/ 2,5cm).
  14. WasnĀ“t it the ozone layer that keeps UV- light from saturating EarthĀ“s surface, i thought the magnetic field keeps the suns charged particles ( i.e. solar wind) from striping our planetĀ“s atmosphere and water, like on Mars?
  15. Hello, welcome to this forum! I believe YouĀ“ve still got the "old" terminals on wich you use just screws to tighten bare wire to the speakers, right? If so, look closely, on one side, where the screws go into the terminal, the plastic is colored red. This may be hard to see if the plastic is dusty ( As it is on my Heresy Es.).
  16. Hello, IĀ“m on the search myself. I follow this thread for example, some suggestions for starters here: Good hunting!
  17. Thanks, those are the ones i need. Found them before but somehow i forgot to bookmark them.
  18. OK, so if i remember my lessons right, i will need four 1 micro farahd caps, two in parallel for each one of the originals.
  19. Along my line of thinking. Later this week i will do some listening and post my opinions. Still open for further thoughts though.
  20. Greetings, fellow Forum Followers, This weekend i got a used Marantz DV7001 wich is connected to my Marantz SR6008 now. In the manual i read that the 7001 is capable of CD upsampling, but the signal is put out only via the analog outputs. My question is: Is it worth going from HDMI sound to analog output and upsampling, will the difference be audible with on my system (See my sig..)?
  21. Yes, still pure. My uncle bought these years ago, then gave them to my mother and now i have them. IĀ“ve been running them for some some years now, but havenĀ“t listened consciously, but all the drivers are working. At some point i will hook them up to my Marantz and see if the caps need replacing. Thanks for all Your input! I definitely have to replace the cloth on the grills and i need one new badge. Found badges on Ebay and i think i will order the cloth from Bob Crites Ebay channel. For the caps, if i replace them, i havenĀ“t decided yet between Mundorf or Jantzen and wich class i want to go to.
  22. Ok, popped one open. No surprises, i think, nice and clean.
  23. While iĀ“m not ready to start on the Heresies yet ( A new hifi-rack for my stuff needs building first.), i would like to take a peek inside the cabinets. My question is, are the backs of the cabinets seald with a gasket that i would have to re-new later on?
  24. That depends - soundwise, it could be as simple as just re-capping the crossovers to make them sound better again. The problem with restoring them 100%, at least for me, would be, i probably wouldnĀ“t want to part with them. after having spent that much time and energy... For You, the better you can make them, the higher the price can be, You ask for them.
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