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  1. 4 hours ago, Islander said:

    It’s just my opinion, but to putty over the screws that hold the back in place sounds like a bad idea

    Sorry, i was a bit misleading there... I don´t want to putty over the access-screws, just the ones that fasten the braces i put in.

    For sealing the ports i was looking at foam-tape like the stuff You suggested.


    I have also been looking at the Crites tweeters. In the future i might go down this path, the real problem are german customs that make this very expensive...

    Thanks for Your input!

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  2. Wish i could Shu. Don´t have the bucks, and most important, the space...

    But i hope that other european members might see them, France or Belgium.


    But there is a pair of Heresies that i´m looking at. They are reserved until later in the week. And there i was, didn´t want to buy any more speakers...

  3. Hey Peter, You forgot to mention the option seen in Your sig. The OP could try to get KG SW, it was meant for speakers just like the Heresies. Downsides would be:

    1. No powered sub, so you can´t crank up the power on it. Just provides the "missing" lower Hz.

    2. Maybe hard to find these days.


    But it could mitigate the problem of having receivers/ amplifiers without sub-outs.

  4. Well, at least here in Germany one can see a lot of gear popping up on ebay lately. Many want to change gear, but i suspect a lot is related to covid as well and people sell. I really didn´t want to buy any more speakers, but today a pair of HBR 1 turned up and i may go for it (it´s still marked as "reserved".

    Those stains are easily fixed, but if You feel like waiting, something will come up for sure. 600$ really is a bit steep...

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  5. 12 minutes ago, ricktate said:

    I would also put seal on the back panel also check the washer on mid driver.

    Yes, i wanted to put a seal on the back-panel eventually. Haven´t thought about that gasket inside the squawker yet, thanks for bringing that to my attention. Being more than fourty years old, it´s probably time to change these too.

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  6. Next were the crossovers. I´ll upload pics tomorrow since i´m already at my upload limit.

    I haven´t done much listening till now, but somethings definitely changing. There is more happening on the right side now, sound is brighter, but not harsh, and i think details have improved. Could be that famous "veil-effect".



  7. So the zip-tie-mounts came in earlier and i could start work today, finally! I started out with the right speaker and first i did the bracing.



    First i made some markings for the spots where the pilot holes would go to then drilled them. On the outsides i sunk in the holes (is that how you express it in english?), so i can putty the the screws over later and do a nice paintjob to the back panels as well.




    I was just a tad bit too fast... to screws went through the label... Can´t be helped now, maybe i can do something about it later on and it´s just cosmetic anyway.

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