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  1. I don't feel like I have enough experience to tell you how good a C2 is, but I can tell you that I love it and most people seem to say great things about theirs. I would guess that the basic C1 sounds just as good but with less features. The big difference between it and a passive preamp is the complexity. I think the main idea of a passive preamp is that it's not powered, and usually that means less features. Less features means a very short and simple signal path, which is theoretically good for maximum sound quality. I don't think the difference is a huge deal in practice though. My passive preamp is basically just a volume knob that sits on my desk, which is perfect for what I'm doing. I'm using the M1 amp with a Modi DAC connected to my computer as my "daily driver" system. You can look up the Fostex PC-1e or Emotiva control freak (discontinued) to see what I'm talking about exactly. If I was using the amp for more of a normal stereo setup like I was using before I'd go back to the C2, actually I'd like to set up a vinyl only system in another room with it someday.
  2. I had a pro do it. I'm using a passive preamp (an inline volume knob basically, so no caps) but I did try it out with a Kenwood Basic C2 for a bit to use my turntable. I managed to recap the C2 myself, that was my first and only time doing something like that and luckily it worked out. I can PM you the info of the guy that worked on my M1 if you wanted him to do yours. If you can do it yourself though I'm sure it'd be cheaper to get the kit from DRM Audio, that's where I got my C2 capacitor kit from.
  3. I have that amp and like it a lot. I had mine recapped and it did help the sound. When I first got it it sounded kind of soft, with weak bass and now that I think about it the highs were probably rolled off a little too-still sounded great but in a different and less accurate way. In any case I think recapping is a good idea for reliability's sake, 35+ year old caps in there...
  4. It always seems like they're so far away for some reason!
  5. In decent condition overall but nothing crazy. Lemme know!
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