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  1. I am looking for a Stephens TruSonic 103LX2 which is 4 ohm.....in red like this one If anyone has one, please let me know.
  2. I like the raw wood look. Kinda vintage industrial.... But certainly open to veneering with something simple like walnut.....or something exotic. LoL.....don't know yet. Open about it.
  3. Thanks! The first one....on the right, has an incredible finish to it. The second one will need some work. Some paint loss on the horizontal pieces....and the finish is not nearly as nice. Will have to figure out what to do. Maybe talk to a furniture refinisher....about matching the finish.
  4. Was able to pick up a pair of Cornwalls a couple months ago. Not set up yet....but thought a picture was due. They are 1974 or "73? The cabs are Douglas Fir.
  5. Thought I'd update this thread. I haven't posted in a while..... I did drive to Texas and buy a second Klipschorn. A 2000 mile RT, for me! Had to hang out in Houston an extra day to allow hurricane Ida to pass....then headed home to Tampa / St. Pete. Original fabric is in pretty good shape. So these are a project.....and will have to be on the back burner for some time. The first one I bought has a P52 TruSonic woofer and the second has a 103LX TruSonic. Both are 4 ohm, I believe. The 103LX has a Red Back..... I'd kinda like to match up the Red TruSonic and have a pair. I've seen many woofers in Blue....but not in Red. Anyone know the difference? Anyone have one to sell or trade?
  6. Thanks @Fast996 for noticing my ad for the 1953 Klipschorn. She's a beauty for sure! I got it a little over a year ago....and posted on here, the Klipsch Community about it. Have quite a few 50s era speakers.... I have a compulsion to buy singles and try to match them up.... Not a good business or sanity model.... But, having looked for a year.....I have found a match that is only 30 days apart in manufacturing....and all Klipsch Codes match. Even the fabric matches...! And it is in nice shape also....but have only seen it in pics. Working on a deal now to acquire it...but more work to do. It is located 1000 miles away....so working on that also. I do have a question for anyone knowledgeable about the cabinets. These are pics of mine. There looks to be a bead or filler or some sort of build-up that gives the horizontal plywood edge a sort of curved appearance.. The paint is not on just the flat cut edge. Some sort of edge banding. Anyone know what that is? Thanks Leland
  7. Hi TFR1. I have a match for the 1953 Klipschorn you mention that your friend bought above. ( or at least very close.) From the Auction Site....your friend's is a type 357. Mine is a 357-7. I don't know what this difference is. But the rest of the identification numbers and types all match. Mine is serial 426 and your friend's is 414. Same finish. Mine is July '53 and your friend's is June '53. Any chance of you getting in touch with him for me? Hard to tell what year these posts are.....so realize it might be a bit old.... But, thought I'd post and check with you about it. Best Lee
  8. Hi @Godataloss Do you think it might be for sale...? I couldn't afford the Tannoy Silver....but perhaps he'd like to sell the cabinet... Or even better....Buy mine. I am sure the one pictured above is a genuine Altec 606. I believe these on the East Coast were manufactured by HomeCraft Furniture Co. in New Jersey. Those sold on the West Coast....were manufactured by Hill Craft Furniture Company. I believe this to be the case.... I did buy a second one.....but now have regrets.....it is not the same as mine. Could have a discussion about these if anyone is interested..... Back to the Fisher X-202. Was reading up on it...and didn't realize it was held in such high regard....suppose to be a nice amp. Mine came out of a console.....so it says Executive on the front left.....instead of the Model #. And no case. Looks to be original....but I haven't looked inside.
  9. Can't load other pics.....I would be over 2Mb. I'll wait a day or 2.....and down size the others. It is the older version with the gold face plate.....and not a B or C model.
  10. Hey @RandyH 000 got a bit delayed in getting back to you. Got busy....found another Altec 606 cabinet....and bought it. I really don't want to sell my Fisher X-202 right now. Granted it has just been sitting on a shelf for a couple years....but perhaps one day, I'll get to fixing it up. I will post some pics for you. It has not been cleaned....but looks pretty good.
  11. Thanks MacMan....I hadn't thought of that. Will have to check it out.
  12. Hey Randy, Let me think about it. "Beautiful" is for cosmetic condition....hasn't been restored electronically...
  13. Lots of nice gear! I'm on the scent of a matching Altec 606 cabinet.....so off to the hunt. Emails sent. Best to you Lee
  14. Not posting here to sell anything.... Just thought there might be some leads for an old Klipschorn.
  15. Amazing story MacMan. Yes....good things do happen.... How do you like the pair ?
  16. Believe it or not....one of these popped up on Ebay just a couple years ago. ( before I had mine ) Bidding was heavy....so I assume there are others out there....trying to match up. RCA made these in 12" and 15" speaker size....and mine is the 12". But I'd say you are right. Rare as hen's teeth is the old expression.... This is what I have been grappling with. How to find these pieces besides the usual CL or Facebook marketplace...Reverb and such. Are there other sources? I will have to check Yahoo Japan! The Altec 606 comes up pretty often....I'm not to worried about that one. But then you have to find the same manufacturer....and finish. I spend several years trying to match up a Westinghouse mono block....and finally did. The seller told me he had been trying to match his...and finally gave up!
  17. A couple Harman Kardon Receivers.... The Award Series.... TA-5000 and a TA-7000X. I believe the TA-7000x was top of the line. 70 Watts total output, or 35 per channel. Several of each of these Magnavox : 175 9300 8600 8200 A set of Westinghouse mono blocks....all matching numbers..( I'm a fanatic about that. ) One is kinda rough.
  18. Hi RandyH 000, I don't have an inventory. I should do that. Best to ask what you are looking for. My plans were to restore and fix up these pieces....in my elder years. And list for sale....as I finish them. But...I have yet to begin doing that...for the most part. I've got everything from Fisher to Schulmerich. Pilot, Ampex, Mostly console pulls....Magnavox, Philco, Zenith, VM, Stromberg Carlson, Packard Bell....and others. These were affordable...so collected them. Fisher..... SA-16 two of em These are suppose to be popular for bi-amping as they have gain control on them. CA-40 four of em These are mono PPP EL84 amps. Kinda the ugly stepchild...but I like them. X-202.....beautiful condition.... and early 101? another Fisher console pull....don't know the number... That early Fisher Preamp/Tuner T101? several Fisher console pull Receivers....probably the last all tube gear Fisher made. T-29 ? Use to have a pair of the Model 100 mono blocks.....but sold them over a decade ago to some guy in Sweden... The Philco is very interesting....it was a top of the line I guess....for Philco, at the time. The amp had special OPTs...and cables to run Electrostatic Tweeters....and then has standard Mid and Woofer. I am trying to get together some test equipment....Function Generator and Oscilloscope....
  19. Hi Jeeper, I don't know....its become an obsession. I can't seem to stop. It all started about 18 years ago... I spend a lot of time looking... But now, I've become a hoarder....and my home is just crammed with gear. I recently had to rent a storage space....which I had been trying to avoid. I did have a nice pair of raw Birch La Scalas but sold them about 10 years ago. Bad mistake! But my main problem is tube amplifiers. I don't want to tell you how many I've collected...its very much out of hand. Edited: All the 50's speakers were probably sold as singles....Mono systems. Stereo hadn't come around yet...That is another reason.
  20. Altec 606 by Home Craft. Around 1953? Mahogany. I'm not sure about this, but believe that Hillcraft made these Altec cabinets on the West Coast...and Homecraft made them on the East Coast... The Verde...and those type of speakers cabs were made in Glendale California...by a furniture company called Glenn....
  21. Altec Verde in teak. 1958? I did find a match for this one in Minnesota or Michigan...someplace. But the owner didn't want to sell or buy....so I am waiting her out. Its been a couple years now.
  22. RCA MI-12463-B This is the speaker I'd most like to match up. I guess from around 1957.
  23. Thanks Frzninvt, Yes, I did see those. I do like the raw plywood look. More industrial and not as fancy... But it is quite different from mine to be making a pair. I'll have to keep looking. The patina and crackling on my mahogany one is really nice! Lee
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