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  1. At the end of last week my PrimaLuna EVO100 arrived. The EVO100 contains the standard PrimaLuna tubes; 2 - 12AX7 2 - 12AU7 4 - EL34 The amplifier is connected via an AudioQuest TYPE 2 white cable to my Klipsch Heresy III speakers. Listening to the PrimaLuna Dialogue II in combination with the Klipsch Heresy II at a friend's place, I could clearly hear the 3d projection of the sound, something that is clearly missing at my place and an important part of the sound I'm looking for. I've used this WASP tutorial to get my speakers in the right place; http://www.tnt-audio.com/casse/waspe.html Right now, I'm using a AudioQuest Dragonfly RED as DAC. The DAC is connected through a standard €10,- RCA to Mini Jack cable. Could this be the problem? PS: I don't know much about hi-fi equipment but eager to learn! All tips are welcome. Warmly, R
  2. Thanks for all the advise guys! I've found a Hegel H90 for just over €500,-. Will try this out and brief back :-)
  3. @willand Thank you so much for helping out Bill. I'll look into these options. Looking forward to receive some tips from others. The seller told me these Klipsch need +/- 50h before they sound 'musical'. Is that true? Warmly, R
  4. Hi all, I'm new to this forum so excuse me if I'm asking the same question again or if I'm doing something against the rules. I'm not known in the hi-fi world but I've heard a friend of mine playing music for me on a Klipsch system and was sold. I've just purchased my first Klipsch speakers which is the Heresy III. I'm trying to compensate the low end frequencies by adding a REL Q201E. Since there's not much money left, I would like to start with an amplifier that is below €500,- before scaling up to something like the PrimaLuna EVO series. The speakers are standing in the living room which is 3x5m2. I'm sitting 2m away from the speakers in the middle of the room. Here's a playlist of music I like to listen to - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37ZSq4FA67m5UZW0At3FWv?si=ZLwgic4CTNKcsavlz9E3fw What would you recommend? Thanks a lot for your help! Sending you warmth from Rotterdam, Ron
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