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  1. Thanks for the input. The 2x4 panels are 2" deep and the 1x4 are 1". I have bass traps in the corners as well. Nothing on the side walls behind the seating position. The back wall is floor to ceiling book shelves.
  2. I found that having them next to the side walls and facing my listening position to where the tweeter fires just over my shoulders the best for a seamless soundstage and to where they don't make themselves known. Need to do some tube rolling or make a cable change to tone down the high frequencies just a tad. What has me confused is that the sound is a bit inconsistent. Sometimes I find it perfectly smooth and even and other days it tends to sound a bit bright with the same music/source. They should be broken in by now...at least a couple of hours on them i think.
  3. Did more toe out work for you? I find there is a trade off as the imaging suffers with less toe in but the tonal balance is warmer and less harsh.
  4. Are you using all stock tubes with your CW4s? Any brightness issues?
  5. I'm a bit wary of class D amps, especially with horns. Haven't heard the Lyngdorf, but it definitely has a great reputation. My thinking is that since I have this incredibly efficient speaker, it would make sense to utilize a low power amp that may have some inherent advantages because of the low power and simplicity.
  6. Has anyone heard the Luxman SQ-N150 with Cornwall IVs? Looking for a sweet sounding amp that can take the edge off. I'm driving my CWIVs with a PrimaLuna EVO300 and the sound can be somewhat bright with stock tubes. Tried changing out the input tubes to NOS Bugle Boys and it improved, but still inconsistent. Also intrigued by the Decware Zen Triode.
  7. I have a pair in San Antonio that's for sale.
  8. I would have to agree that Tannoy look too vintage and overdone. Unless you live at Buckingham Palace, they are just too ornate. I think the Klipsch Heritage speakers have a retro modern look and fit in much better with any decor.
  9. So you are saying to make sure the Klipsch horn is on axis vertically, correct? I thought you were talking about the Tannoys needing to be elevated. Shouldn't the Fortes already be at the correct height by virtue of them being taller and should be at the optimal height relative to normal sitting position. I could see your point if you are auditioning both and are not seated, but I wouldn't think that would typically be the case.
  10. But if the Tannoys are intended/designed with the tweeter firing just below you ears, why would you want to raise them up to compare? They are not intended to be placed on stands. The soundstage has realistic height without them being elevated ...not like the Heresy where you get the impression of the sound coming up from below. I would think the designer compensated for the height to achieve the desired tonal balance.
  11. Why? Cheviots were designed that way and it didn't seem like the soundstage was any lower than the Forte.
  12. I would agree with you. I would really need to crank up the Tannoys to get engaged and otherwise they sounded a bit dull. The Klipsch sound engaging at any volume. I own Cornwalls now and I'm still trying to optimize them. Very sensitive to placement and any other equipment you hook up to them. The CWs can be placed much closer to the front wall without bass becoming boomy. I had to place the Cheviots about 4' off the wall before the bass sounded right in my room.
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