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  1. Proudpapa

    WTB K48-E

    Looking to buy a K48-E woofer for a Chorus II. I’ve already bought a pair of Eminence replacements but would like to put the original OEM’s back in. Reconing is not an option because I only have 1 woofer. Long story short I bought these as a project. Thank you
  2. Started a Chorus II project and appears the previous owner of these had someone take a knife and jam it down the tweeter horn.In doing so of course put a hole in the diaphragm but also damaged the horn so bad that it wants to press down on the new diaphragm.Any assistance would be appreciated.
  3. Mint A23 Amp and P3 preamp with remote $1250. Northwest Illinois.
  4. Thanks everyone! I tried calling Eminence on Friday but they were closed.Calling first thing Monday.
  5. I have talked with Crite’s they don’t carry a direct replacement.Reconing is not a option .I acquired these speakers and other than one of them missing a woofer they're in very good condition. Previous owner took the woofer in to get it replaced/repaired and then the place went out of business and no woofer.
  6. Has anyone ever used Crite’s 15” woofer to replace an existing Chorus ll woofer? If so was it a perfect replacement match? Needing to replace woofers and passive radiator in Chorus ll’s.
  7. Just bought a pair of Chorus speakers upgraded with Crites tweeters.Looking to add a 2nd pair of something preferably a 2-way design.I just sold a pair of KG 5.5 which were excellent speakers but I’m looking for something different.Thinking of CF3 or KG 5.2’s.Any thoughts?For power I’m using a NAD 9060 with an Adcom GFP 555
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