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  1. 7 hours ago, Doug said:

    Sad to hear these kits are no longer available. Doesn’t seem like there are any other easy tractrix K400 replacements on the market for a reasonable price? I’ve seen the Bruce Edgar article, but it seems like lots of sanding with the eliptrac kit would still be easier than building a form and bending plywood, etc with the full-on Edgar DIY approach.

    Wonder why Dave Harris stopped making them? 

  2. I took the ST-70 and put it in my office to run a set of Lynn Olsen Transmission line speakers I got. The ST-70 is MUCH quieter on the Lynn Olsen ( 92db 1wx1m) than on the La Scalas. I'm streaming to a Raspberry pi which runs into a Audio GD Master 7 DAC. Also have a JBL sub in here too. 


    Still need some organization,  but we'll get there.


    The Lynn Olsen speakers also sound REALLY good and have peaked my interest in that type of speaker design.


  3. Added a tube DAC and a tube USB to SPDIF converter a couple months ago.


    This DAC is amazing! After having listened with it for a couple months now, I wonder how much better you could actually get. We'll see if I'm still saying that in a year.


    My preference has also been to use the Oliver Sayes Korneff SET 45 that I just changed to a type 80 rectifier as the power amp. 





  4. Hi, 


    I have a buddy in the Bay area who has a Sonance Sub amp and wants to get it looked at for repair. He is not a DIY type and just wants someone to look at it and either fix it or tell him to get a new one. Sounds like its in some protection mode and when he opens it up he can see some arcing, but he doesn't solder nor does he want to take on fixing it himself. 


    If there are any suggestions on good techs in that  area I'd appreciate any recommendations 



  5. I have 2 Eames knockoffs and both are just too short for me at 5'10". They just don't come up high enough on my back to be comfortable to listen in. While the Plycraft knock off is better/taller, it's still not as great as the more retro chrome Ekhorns stressless chairs I have. The vintage chrome stressless is a bit more minimalist looking, but ultimately a larger chair and will recline to almost flat, with the ability to lock it into a position in recline. 


    The original Eames Chairs have very little recline in them and are essentially fixed, while a lot of the vintage knock offs had more recline in them, but they were on a tensioned spring system, that is not able to be locked into a position. 


    Here's a link of the Ekhorns Stressless Chrome: 



    I got my locally for ~$300 per chair and while they need to be refoamed and recovered, that shouldn't cost more than ~$1000 for both chairs. The vintage Eames knockoffs aren't that hard to recover either, because of how they come apart in panels. 


    If you end up likening the Stressless, lemme know and I can check with the guy I bought mine from to see if he has any others. He flip's vintage furniture and gives me really good deals, but we would have to ship it, which couldn't be too bad with Uship and I would be happy to help in any way I can. 

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Limberpine said:

    Damn, I want those! They’re closeish to my house in Portland, but I’m in Chicago for the next two weeks. I bet they won’t last that log though. If I was close, I’d certainly buy and hold for someone if need be too….😁

    Or sell my La Scala 1’s and live with these………😬

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  7. 6 hours ago, babadono said:

    Sale pending?

    You buy 'em Limberpine?

    God, I def don't have that type of dough for a system, not all at once at least! Would have been cool to listen to them though! 

  8. On 3/5/2022 at 12:51 PM, opusk2k9 said:

    I spoke with Gil again today.  He would really love to hear from the Forum.  

    It doesn't sound like he is making much progress.  No luck yet on getting his cell phone reactivated.

    Please try to reach out every once in a while and brighten his day.


    The number is.  There is one shared wireless phone , so it sometimes takes two or three tries to get Gil on the phone.

    You may want to spell out his phone number so the bots don't pick it up and begin spamming him. : ) 

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