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  1. I agree with the Tube Pre and Tube Power. That really changed things for my setup. You can alo check out Erhard Audio. I got my Tube pre and Tube phono from him and am happy with them. Holger has also been very nice to work with as well as responsive whenever I have a question. 

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  2. I found a place locally that loans out Amps, so I have given that a go while mine is being fixed. I tried out a Omaha od-300b for the last couple days, I found great detail using these on the La Scalas, but it lacks a teeny bit of ommph when compared to the St-70. Which is probably to be expected when comparing the Omaha at 10watts per channel to the ST-7- at 35 wpc. Am I right there? Or does it have more to do with SET vs PP?


    The Omaha was lackluster on the Cornwalls in my opinion. I really like the ST-70 much more on the Cornwalls when comparing the St-70 to the Omaha.


    The Omaha is nice, but is integrated, so I don't get to use my pre with it, which is really a non starter since I just bought it, but I thought it would be a good chance to hear some 300b's.


    It looks like they have a  Quad II Forty monoblocks that I might be able to try out too. I might see where that goes. What I do know is that my SS is good, but I really do just love tubes and what they bring, even if they are a lil more finicky!


    Fun fun!

  3. On 11/29/2020 at 12:44 PM, MicroMara said:

    Due to my professional past in which I was a global player I think otherwise. Ebay and Amazon are certainly an additional sales platform in the future. Even a nice website will not be enough. First you have to establish the product in the market and use the tools of marketing. In order to offer products with competitive prices you have to buy large quantities from suppliers, the production requires production facilities and personnel, the distribution and advertising must be tightly organized. There is an overhead, such as accounting, bookkeeping and financial management. This also requires manpower. If you do it, you have to consider all this and you need a business plan and investors behind it.   


    I was just telling my buddy who owns a Private Equity firm that he should find a mid to high end cable manufacturer to invest in cause their margins have to be pretty stellar.


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  4. Theses are still for sale in the Raleigh Durham area if someone wants them. The guy who built them used to work for VAC. Shipping to me in Portland would have been $350, which was just too much for me to justify. He seems like a very nice guy and is moving, which is why he is selling them.

  5. Can I just plug these into the RCAs as a way to short the RCA and do that last final test before sending it off? 


    Or is that a moot point, due to the SS not having any noise? And I should just send it off? 


  6. 20 minutes ago, billybob said:

    Well, have you taken your amp out of the basement by itself and tested it with another speaker upstairs where the CW is, just see if louder buzz downstairs?

    Before we get into it further and pl lease do the phono jack thing for others as directed. Always unplug amp first.

    I am curious about what that new receptacle with isolated grounding is about.

    Did an Electrician do the work?

    And, when you found his mistake as you said using your outlet checker, did you see a grounding wire coming from the house ground coming to your new outlet?

    Thanks and be careful and relaxed before doing work with a/c voltage.

    Guessing you had a breaker to switch off before doing your recent outlet fix.

    Do you have a dedicated breaker switch for the basement addition?

    If so, you should see the new white Romex coming to and from the breaker and outlet. 3 wires to and from the breaker and outlet and possibly a bare copper to panel box.

    I will test with CW.

    I will do the Phono thing tonight.

    It was a GC who did the work, who has electrical experience, but we also fired him, so there is that.

    Yes, there is a grounding wire that comes from the house and that is hooked up outlet.

    Yes, it is on a  20amp breaker and I had to switch it off to change the outlet and make it right.

    No, unfortunately, the breaker situation is pretty scatter and the whole basement is scattered across like 1-2 breakers......which I'm now realizing I wish  I would have knwo more now to have it on one circuit.


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  7. 3 minutes ago, billybob said:

    And about your amp, did the problem with buzz suddenly occur, and when?

    Thanks again!

    So, not long after I got the Dynaco( Arrived to me on October 12th), a red spot developed on one of the power tubes ( October 16th), . I replaced that power tube and everything went back to normal.  Then, I noticed a teeny tiny bit of noise when they were on the Cornwalls when standing right next to them and then very faint when sitting in the listening position about 8ft away. Once the basement was finished ( I had a more robust electrical outlet installed where I was going to place the stereo equipment https://www.homedepot.com/p/Leviton-20-Amp-Industrial-Grade-Heavy-Duty-Isolated-Ground-Duplex-Outlet-Orange-R71-05362-IGS/100356987)

    I took the Dynaco down and set it up with the La Scalas ( Around November 15th) and the noise seemed to progress and get louder to the point at which I started asking some questions on here as well as asking questions of to the builder, because it really interfered with the listening experience and seemed to be exacerbated by the addition of the tube per-amp I hooked up to it, which was a brand new build. The builder of the Dynaco has said I should just sent it back to him to have him look it over then fix it, because he thinks it could a bad filter capacitor, but I wanted to make sure I exhaust all options before doing that, given the cost and risk that comes along with shipping.


    Pic of redspot on October 16:



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  8. 2 minutes ago, billybob said:

    That's right, remember now. Best of both worlds. Do you ever run the Dynaco amp with the Cornwall's?

    Yup, for awhile, before I had the LA Scala's, I only ran the Dynaco on the Cornwalls. What I have noticed is that the Cornwalls have more bass, but the La Scalas have way more detail. So after getting the tube problem solved, I may look at ways to increase some of the bass in the LA Scalas, because I think getting that little bit of extra bass, with them, could really create an amazing experience.

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  9. 1 hour ago, billybob said:

    Hope it works out.

    Forget now which speakers you have.

    I have a set of 1978 Cornwalls, and a set of 1978 LA Scalas. This tube system is running  the LA Scalas.

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  10. 1 hour ago, billybob said:

    So you do not have just 2 phono rca ends to plug into the phono section just to check?

    I have a set of RCA plugs attached to a cable and could sacrifice one of them for this, given that they're $6. But, once I cut the RCA ends off, do I just strip some of the wire and wrap it around the shield?

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