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  1. If anyone is interested int he second set, let me knwo and we could work something out with shipping or me housing them for you to come pick them up.
  2. Just talked to him. He actually has a pair from 1978 and a pair fro 1979. Is one better than the other? Both stock from what he said. He told me his brother had covers for them, so I would imagine they are in fantastic shape and I will be going to listen to them tomorrow.
  3. https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/ele/d/tualatin-klipsch-heritage-la-scala/7217675559.html I'm actually going to go listen to these. Thought I woudl post here to see what advice everybody has on these? Things I should look for when vetting for purchase? Seems like a fair price?
  4. But that is only if I bought them new from the factory?
  5. I'm trying to figure out how much they woudl cost to ship. Maybe, I can get the dimensions and weight of the box and then they can just be shipped via USPS in the boxes they're in?
  6. I'm brand new to tubes and am looking for anybodies experience with the Erhard Audio Phono and Pre? I bought a Will Vincent St-70 on here from @joessportster and am seriously enthralled by the sound and depth that comes out of the Cornwalls with that amp. Like, WOW! So, to feed the "sickness", I have now gone down the path in thinking that the Pho and Pre should be tubes as well, but I want to get some other opinion on that and opinions on Erhard if people have experience with them.? I have also looked at the Tubes4hifi Pre and Phono as well, which are similar in price, but don't have tone controls. And if I'm being COMPLETELY transparent the Tubes4hifi are not as nice on the eyes as the Erhards. I know it's about the sound........but its also a bit about the aesthetics. : ) Thanks in advance for all the help! I'm def a noob to more sophisticated audio, but have recently gotten back into music in a deep way because of the Cornwalls.
  7. I have been thinking about it. Seems like a rather good deal though.
  8. I would love one set, but imagine the shipping would kill me. If he would even ship them. https://bham.craigslist.org/ele/d/birmingham-klipsch-heresy-iii-brand-new/7214781155.html
  9. https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/ele/d/miami-klipsch-forte/7197960686.html
  10. https://raleigh.craigslist.org/ele/d/apex-klipsch-forte-walnut/7191409025.html
  11. Seems like a good deal: https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/ele/d/west-bloomfield-audiophiles-excellent/7214607020.html
  12. For those in the SLC area. Might be able to work yourself a deal. https://saltlakecity.craigslist.org/bar/d/salt-lake-city-excellent-klipsch-forte/7215419790.html
  13. Saw this: https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/ele/d/portland-klipsch-speakers/7215226811.html Wanted to see what the consensus is on these? I have been looking for some outdoor speakers and these came up. If you have experience with them, I woudl love to hear about it! They are asking $60 per speaker, not for the whole lot. Is that fair? Thanks!
  14. I did talk to him and he is a woodworker and has a shop, so I'm going to have him make some cases fro my Marantz amps. Silver linings.......😎
  15. Well he just called me and said that his brother, sold them to him initially and now wants to buy them back so he is not going to be selling them on the market. : ( He is going to keep my number in case his brother ever ends up wanting to sell them.
  16. I tried to fit the Corwalls in the back of our Tesla Model S. 🤣 Yup, had to take one at a time.
  17. Oh, wow. Much bigger. Woild need a truck and a helper.
  18. Are they the same size as Cronwalls dimension wise?
  19. I just bought some Cornwalls like 2 moths ago! How much better in sound are these?
  20. If you look close at the ebay photos the woofers are dented. Just an observation of that you might want to ask about or ask for closer photos.
  21. Pretty far to travel, but there is a set here in Portland, OR. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/ele/d/portland-single-klipsch-rf7iii/7209519385.html
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