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  1. Just talked to him. He actually has a pair from 1978 and a pair fro 1979. Is one better than the other? Both stock from what he said.


    He told me his brother had covers for them, so I would imagine they are in fantastic shape and I will be going to listen to them tomorrow.

  2. 2 minutes ago, billybob said:

    Hope you are really wanting those and not going on anything I may have said.

    The posting is 5 days old so, would make an offer first in your terms first, as well as other questions.

    +1 on contacting Cory also. He may have a good or even better deal.

    Who is Cory?

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  3. I'm brand new to tubes and am looking for anybodies experience with the Erhard Audio Phono and Pre? I bought a Will Vincent St-70 on here from @joessportster and am seriously enthralled by the sound and depth that comes out of the Cornwalls with that amp. Like,  WOW!


    So, to feed the "sickness", I have now gone down the path in thinking that the Pho and Pre should be tubes as well, but I want to get some other opinion on that and opinions on Erhard if people have experience with them.? I have also looked at the Tubes4hifi Pre and Phono as well, which are similar in price, but don't have tone controls.  And if I'm being COMPLETELY transparent the Tubes4hifi are not as nice on the eyes as the Erhards. I know it's about the sound........but its also a bit about the aesthetics. : )


    Thanks in advance for all the help!


    I'm def a noob to more sophisticated audio, but have recently gotten back into music in a deep way because of the Cornwalls.

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