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  1. On 10/2/2020 at 3:52 PM, mustang_flht said:

    Please note this is the date of the K33E in the photo, but not necessarily that of Cornwall. I have 2015 Cornawall IIIs with 2014 and 2015 Speakers inside


    For new capacitors choice MKP 😉


    Solen, Audyn Cap and Jantzen are very good 


    What is MKP?

    Should I just use the Bob Crites package, or go to PE and choose from the other brands you mentioned?

  2. On 10/2/2020 at 3:59 PM, RandyH000 said:

    PE  is PARTS EXPRESS---replacement is quite easy , you  unscrew the drivers wires on the barrier strip  ,  (  tag the wires   -right -left )  -then remove the crossovers -


    unsolder the wires going to the old capacitors , one at a time -solder the new caps in , use a hot glue gun   and lay some glue to seat  the new capacitors ------that's it ----screw in the wiring in the reverse order -

    Are there any walkthrouhgs on the forum that I can look at to guide me?



  3. 55 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

    I Forgot to tell you to eventually plan for replacing the capacitors in the crossovers  unless this was already done by the previous owners  , my Cornwall 1 ---1979 capacitors were really bad , although the sound was still ok ,   and the replacement was relatively inexpensive  with quality parts  from PE - the sound  greatly improved  vs the old caps -

    Very good.  What is PE? Or can you provide a link as to where to buy capacitors for these? How hard is the replacement to do DIY? Or should I just take it to a shop to have it done? I think they sound fantastic now, but I am coming from Acoustic Research AR-2a's which are just fine, so the difference has been stellar.

  4. The woofers look identical, but @RandyH000 indicated in the beginning of the post, that there was something odd about them, so that is why I was asking.


    Thank you to everybody for the help! I'm glad to know more about these and their history and I'm certainly enjoying them with my SS amp, and will look to enjoy them with a tube amp here in the future. 😁

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  5. This is super helpful!! Thanks so much! 


    I will pull the backs off to see how the woofers are marked and report back. 


    I do have risers, but I needed to crop the original photos to meet the file size requirements. 


    Here is a photo of the riser. 




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  6. Hi, 


    I'm new to the forum and wanted to date the Cornwalls I purchased a couple months ago to replace my AR-2a's. 


    Please let me know what other information I may need to provide? 


    I'd also like to get the spec information as well if thats available? 


    Thanks for the help! I look forward to learning from this forum! 





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