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  1. these can't be the stock caps , someone 's done a few mods on this XO --
  2. @Islander is an experienced member , as well as @billybob , Welcome to the Forum -
  3. the AA is the best sounding XO for the LS , no reason to change it , it's that good - but you would gain , by using better high end capacitors in the AA -
  4. --the speaker is not blown yet , but it's either rubbing the voice coil or it had glue separation in the spider or the upper cone - -in all cases the warranty should apply - were are you in BC ? @Islander is in Victoria -----he can definitely be of help to you if you Guys can hook up - there are quite a few Canadians on the Klipsch Forum @HPower @NADman @Geoff @Zachk0 @MC39693 @glen not in the valley @Cold Smoke @moray james @mungkiman
  5. well you're gonna have to 1)-make sure the screws are tight all around - any loose screw or loose panel can create buzzing - 2) take out the woofer , check the front part of the woofer for separation or the cone for any glue separation -- 3)- swap another woofer in the same slot and put the buzzing woofer in the other speaker ------and test ----- if the same woofer is buzzing in the 2nd speaker , your woofer is damaged and would need a recone or a replacement
  6. can you show us a picture of the surround -----is it cracked or lightly torn- is it dry ? -----if yes , -the surrounds can be replaced -
  7. these woofers can be repaired with speaker cement glue --------check to see if the Surround is cracked or if it is separating ------glue will help eliminating the buzz in some cases ----in extreme cases you would have to change the surrounds -and , while you are at it check all the woofers right away , can't hurt -
  8. Here are the IR controler and the Hypex Remote Control - https://www.soundimports.eu/en/hypex-hypex-remote-control.html https://www.soundimports.eu/en/hypex-fusion-remote-kit.html
  9. did he sell the LASCALA TOPS , I would be interested ----------if these are not sold - shoot me the seller's email - tx
  10. a raw BB option on top of MDF would be awesome ,even , at an extra cost ,it would sell , the rest is perfect to me @Chief bonehead has a winner here in the CWIV
  11. -Cris do you have a model in specific , and would the plate amp feed both speakers or you would need 2 , for a pair of CW - TX
  12. looks like someone on this forum got a real deal , they are sold
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