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  1. Excellent deal for ALASKA residents , these will sell very quickly , and the price is actually low for the real value of these speakers in such a remote area -
  2. the Chorus 2 is the most modern speaker of the Heritage line , since it was introduced in 1990 to replace the klipsch Cornwall which had been available since 1959 and so , the Cornwall 2 was phased out in favor of -the Chorus 2 , which was also phased out in 1996 , leaving only the Khorn-LaScala -Heresy -Forte as the Heritage line speakers , and it was not until 2006 that the Cornwall 3 was brought back to the Heritage line - -there are no plans for a Chorus 3 -and the Forte 3 is the closest product to the Chorus 2 -
  3. ` Thad - I would start by adding subtle contrasts to the various sections of the house - -a mix of colors that are pastel and glossy can do wonders to show the high ceilings , the angles , and the wraparound stairway is for me the centerpiece , and the walls can also abound with exciting graphics - -if you have friends who are artists and who can paint , or spray paint , you can ask for their ideas of murals - - the stairs , is an intricate steel structure design that is worth highlighting with colors , and , as you look up , from the 1st floor at an angle it should stand out as a link -
  4. ok - so , what I would do in disconnect the old caps , use an ESR Meter and check the oil caps for ESR leakage since you cannot test them in circuit - -mount the new caps with newer wiring and listen over a week for changes using both the old and the new caps , on separate hookups , this will allow you to compare the sound in a live test -
  5. Crites crossovers sound just like the original XO --BUT WITH ALL NEW PARTS -
  6. Tom - did you ever replace the capacitors in the E network --- 44 year old capacitors must be leaking ESR ---and before you do any changes , or while you do them , make sure to freshen the caps ---
  7. not bad ---looks like stained raw birch - with stapled grilles and klipsch badges - AA crossover --- price is very fair -
  8. these speakers were the 1st to feature the Tractrix port found in the Heresy and the Cornwall IV
  9. a total disaster -1 out of 2 is defective right out of the box -
  10. RandyH000

    USPS slow

    -definitely not right ----- We have the opposite for packages in NYS by USPS ---0 corruption on this side - we get shipments by USPS from California to Northern Upstate NY , all the way up to the USA -Canadian Border in 4 days - UPS ---Fedex Ground can take at best 1 week to 10-12 days from CA - and the service is slightly more expensive , plus they rarely deliver on weekends , whereas USPS does -
  11. To my knowledge T-Nuts were not used by klipsch , maybe @DizRotus and @jjptkd can chime in to confirm - in these pictures , one can see the screw holes being in mint condition -the T-nuts would not be needed -
  12. Dear Amy , I share the Best Thoughts of the Irreverent and his Peers 🤠 , @oldtimer @Coytee@billybob @dtel - We are without News from @BigStewMan @Sancho Panza , and so , I will Speak for Them - Happy Birthday -
  13. Bruce , this schematic was modified twice by John Albright -
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