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  1. Crites crossovers sound just like the original XO --BUT WITH ALL NEW PARTS -
  2. Tom - did you ever replace the capacitors in the E network --- 44 year old capacitors must be leaking ESR ---and before you do any changes , or while you do them , make sure to freshen the caps ---
  3. not bad ---looks like stained raw birch - with stapled grilles and klipsch badges - AA crossover --- price is very fair -
  4. these speakers were the 1st to feature the Tractrix port found in the Heresy and the Cornwall IV
  5. a total disaster -1 out of 2 is defective right out of the box -
  6. RandyH000

    USPS slow

    -definitely not right ----- We have the opposite for packages in NYS by USPS ---0 corruption on this side - we get shipments by USPS from California to Northern Upstate NY , all the way up to the USA -Canadian Border in 4 days - UPS ---Fedex Ground can take at best 1 week to 10-12 days from CA - and the service is slightly more expensive , plus they rarely deliver on weekends , whereas USPS does -
  7. To my knowledge T-Nuts were not used by klipsch , maybe @DizRotus and @jjptkd can chime in to confirm - in these pictures , one can see the screw holes being in mint condition -the T-nuts would not be needed -
  8. Dear Amy , I share the Best Thoughts of the Irreverent and his Peers 🤠 , @oldtimer @Coytee@billybob @dtel - We are without News from @BigStewMan @Sancho Panza , and so , I will Speak for Them - Happy Birthday -
  9. Bruce , this schematic was modified twice by John Albright -
  10. , the IV 's are definitely the best Heresy so far - the H1 is a great speaker for vocals , I use my H1 to complement the Cornwall 1 -
  11. The Heresy 1 is a great speaker , can't beat the K55-K77 in such a small box
  12. --- GREAT NEWS --- 10-YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY ON HERITAGE CLASSIC PRODUCTS Klipsch Heritage speakers are a significant and sound investment. These intricately-built speakers are designed and assembled in the USA by skilled craftsmen, delivering the power, detail, and emotion of the live music experience into homes around the world. Because Klipsch Heritage speakers are built to last, we are extending the warranty from five to ten years on all current* and future generation Heritage Classic speakers. *Current models include: Klipschorn AK6 La Scala AL5 Cornwall IV Heresy IV Forte III We're here for the long haul.
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