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  1. 70 F , we're still freezing here for another month ------let me grab a hot coffee --damn cold heating seats will do wonders -my wife keeps them on in the summer , I say woman , the seat is boiling , she says , I like my arse HOT
  2. what is the DCR of the various K77 Tweeters ---the readings may help us determine if any tweeters are tired or defective
  3. the best capacitors for your speakers are klipsch original -------sold by @JEM Performance , the Factory klipsch certified crossovers repair center - https://jemperformanceaudio.com/
  4. Great job , is that Duratex applied with a roller ?
  5. RandyH000


    BEAUTIFUL Speakers -GLWS
  6. I have 1 /NOS Cane Grille / Lazer badge -looking for a second grille from what I see the Cane fabric is different on the Signature Edition ---it is peach white
  7. do you have pictures --------just to see what these look like , I have Heresy 1 cane with Lazer logo
  8. I never met a good vet in my whole life , when dogs get really sick , there is not much they can do , Vet medecine is in need of a serious revamp to catch up with the advances of medecine in general -
  9. I'm not sure if the K23( forte 1) or the K25 (forte 2 ) or k 28 ( forte 3-4) are made in the USA , I have a brand new pair of k28 , and nothing indicates where it's made -
  10. given the lack of oxygen -no wonder --
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