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  1. UNREAL --------somebody is gonna steal these
  2. Research Roundup: What Have We Learned About the Coronavirus , Lately ? https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/news/2020/08/06/research-roundup--what-have-we-learned-about-coronavirus-recently-
  3. Always liked these Oris type horns , there are some that are made right here in the USA -------and at a fraction of the cost
  4. I always wondered who made that big horn , our own @greg928gts
  5. Bill Gates : Another crisis looms and it could be worse than the Coronavirus https://www.marketwatch.com/story/bill-gates-another-crisis-looms-and-it-could-be-worse-than-the-coronavirus-2020-08-06
  6. does the popcorn machine work
  7. it's an Eames Style Lounge Chair ------classic style
  8. i AM GUESSING 500 square feet --------
  9. Congratulations - Clients are very important -
  10. well the CW4 , owners rave about the speaker , but in the same token ,the Klipsch RF 7 ii could be used as rear speakers ---but on it's own , the CW4 will be vocally and tonally a very serious enhancement , and , on par with the AL5 -
  11. I doubt it , but , a picture would tell us very quickly ------as to the overall condition of the part -----
  12. what's your location ---State-City
  13. RandyH000

    Wtb khorns

    they are not that bad ------but they need work -----these were black speakers that were stripped -------and they left the back panel painted black -
  14. here is a picture of the internals of a 1968 --------H700----------------------is this what you see in both 68-and 69 speakers -
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