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  1. bet you can cook a great pizza -
  2. I see the Technics turntable SL1400MK2 -- what brand is the CD transport
  3. try to shoot us more pictures , can't see much with that is posted ------------where are you located -
  4. these Cornwalls are Made in 1976 - with walnut oiled veneer -
  5. nope , same tweeter , but different , horn -larger-wider http://www.tonsilproducent.pl/files/karty/EN/Horn speaker DRIVER T - APT 150.pdf
  6. ok so here we go - 1)-- the older APT 50 internal thread tweeter uses the Eminence D25D diaphragm for APT-50, manufactured prior to January 21, 2010 -45 watts -air gap Ferro fluid- http://www.tonsilproducent.pl/files/karty/EN/Horn speaker DRIVER T - APT 150.pdf 2)- the newer APT50-external thread tweeter uses the Eminence D25D-2 or D25D-3 ------ 35 Watts-----no mention of Ferro-fluid https://www.parts-express.com/pedocs/specs/290-530--eminence-apt-50-spec-sheet.pdf https://www.eminence.com/pdf/Eminence_HF_Components.pdf
  7. yep , China know have the best telescope on Earth, but we still have Hubble into Low Earth Orbit -
  8. he had said something about a lack of bass and vibrations you can check his older posts
  9. if both tweeters use the same diaphragm ---(-never checked it ) ---------the rating should be the same , if not , then power rating could differ -and if one Diaphragm uses ferro-fluid and the other does not , same thing - I think they all had ferro-fluid , it was the novelty of this tweeter for better heat dissipation
  10. I use 1 of my 2 pairs of Heresy , with a pair of CW instead of a sub , by placing the Heresy on top of the CW1 -
  11. everybody uses sniping software nowadays for EBAY sales - so bid high when sniping , since low means the next sniper wins the item by 1$ more
  12. I really like small amps - how is the bass on these MX-D1
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