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  1. https://oswaldsmillaudio.com/loudspeakers


    He's not wrong. If OMA built these they would be at least $250k. But they woild be made out of a "had hewn heritage white oak which was harvested from a derelict lumber mill that shut down in the early 1900's". "This white oak provides a density no longer seen in oak growm today, which lends itself to superior acoustic qualities, which is why we can put the OMA name on them"

  2. Systemdek iix with Linn Basik Arm, Grado Zu+ cartridge and Grado Gold3 stylus.

    Here is a link to the specs on the Systemdek: https://www.vinylengine.com/library/systemdek/iix.shtml

    Link to the stylus: https://4ourears.com/products/grado-prestige-gold3-replacement-stylus

    Only 50hrs on the stylus. Plays both 33 and 45RPM.

    It has a brand new belt, replaced the resistor that commonly fails on these with new uprated resistor (https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?t=108445), added sound dampening mat to the inside chassis, lubricated and greased. I have a cork mat that will come with it as well as the felt mat that was stock.

    This is a great sounding TT!

    $700 obo.

    Buyer to pay shipping and PP fees. prefer F&F or zelle.




    20220711_085453 _ Resized.jpg


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  3. I took the ST-70 and put it in my office to run a set of Lynn Olsen Transmission line speakers I got. The ST-70 is MUCH quieter on the Lynn Olsen ( 92db 1wx1m) than on the La Scalas. I'm streaming to a Raspberry pi which runs into a Audio GD Master 7 DAC. Also have a JBL sub in here too. 


    Still need some organization,  but we'll get there.


    The Lynn Olsen speakers also sound REALLY good and have peaked my interest in that type of speaker design.


  4. Added a tube DAC and a tube USB to SPDIF converter a couple months ago.


    This DAC is amazing! After having listened with it for a couple months now, I wonder how much better you could actually get. We'll see if I'm still saying that in a year.


    My preference has also been to use the Oliver Sayes Korneff SET 45 that I just changed to a type 80 rectifier as the power amp. 





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