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  1. Hello all , still research one or a pair of K-31-K in a good order , please contact me in mp Moolenacker
  2. Hello all i still research one K-31-K in good order in advance thanks a lot Moolenacker
  3. Hello, i still search one K-31-K for sale. If somebody can help me that's will be great,i live in France. Moolenacker
  4. hello Iteachstem , i still search one or two K-31-K depend your choise in advance thanks a lot
  5. Hello, i still search one K-31-K for my pair of KLF30. In advance Thank you all
  6. Hello,please do you still have K-31-K for sale ?
  7. Dear jjptkd thanks fo your answer and i still search one K-31-K
  8. Hello All i just want to know my bad experience, one guy contact me trough some pictures robbed on this forum , and sale to me one K-31-K pictures robbed on the post in 2015 from Dasagu the Gazer send to me pics from the post on dasagu.. he had made contact with me , his pseudo name is " sonhalter Tom David" and is paypal adress is samuelndegwa920@gmail.com after many emails , no reply back , and the tracking number doesn't work and false if my email can protect anybody on this forum that will be great, and i still search one K-31-K in excellent condition or new..because paid at sonhalter tom david , and received nothing and no emails back from him ( gazer probably )
  9. Hello all,thanks a lot at all peoples who tried to help me,i still searching one original K-31-K MoolenackeršŸ‘
  10. Bonjour Ć  tous, recherchez toujours un K-31-K pour ma paire KLF-30, D'avance merci.
  11. Hello , i'm present , i living in France and known klipsch speakers since long time, i 'm searching an original K-31-K woofer in good condition for sale , or parts to repair mine ,with a new cone and original suspension.All offer wlecome, in advance thanks for your help. moolenacker
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