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  1. Thanks would they also have the replacement capacitors I've read about in the forum
  2. have the back open for a couple of days. there was only a few inches of water the speaker was in so maybe the bottom edge of the woofer was in the water. the cone wicked up some don't believe to got to the center no water on the x-over panel. reading other posts should I replace the capacitors at this time also
  3. I have a pair of heresy speakers I bought in 1978, my first high end audio purchase out of college. loved them for over 40 years. Recently had flooded basement with one speaker sitting on floor in 4 inches of water. woofer cone got wet but not the driver. Unit number is 50B658 inspected by Bob Hamilton. Would like to know what to do to restore functionality to this speaker and suggestions on how to restore both speakers to original specs.
  4. Yes the backs are assembled with Phillips cap screws the serial has an "R" in it. I bought them in 1978. Had a flood in the basement. One speaker was sitting in 4 inches of water and the paper cone was wet but not the driver.. am drying it out now and have not powered it up yet.
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