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  1. Thank you soundbound.

    One of the biggest challenge is done, I had to buy all the parts from US and Canada......

    The second challenge is now to find someone who has a pair of K-horns AK6, because I want to compare the old version with the new AK6.

    Do you know someone who has the new AK6?



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  2. Guys, I'm now more confuse that before :D


    I spent three months searching for the material / parts, I'm thinking now to start over (to spare a few years, as the nice golden retriever said)  .


    Is that much the difference between K-horns and Jubilee? I looked on youtube to find a comparison, but nothing.

  3. Hi Tom, thank you for the details. 

    This is also my problem. I analyzed a lot between this two options and I went for the more safe option.

    In time I will search for a bargain K-402s and then I will build a Jubilee also :)  

    My "man cave" is in the attic and due to the roof conformation I'm limited to 1.3 -1.4 meters (4. 5 feet).

    So now I'm focusing on the Klipschorns. It will be a DYI project, due to ridiculously high prices that we have here :)


    I found already most of the parts I need. I will go with originals K-33, K-55-v and K-77 just to try to be as close as possible to the originals. What I will change are the x-overs, I will use ES400 + ES5800.













  4. Thank you James,

    I also found this file, but I need the specs to make the ZMA and FRD files.


    Size –               inch

    RE  -                 Ohm

    FS  -                  Hz

    QM -  

    QE  -  

    QT  -  

    RMS -              Ns/m   or kg/s

    MMS -              Gramms

    CMS –             mm/N

    VAS  -              Liters

    SD   -               Square cm

    BL    -               TM 

    Pmax (Wattage) -    W rms

    XMAX -            mm

    LE -                  mH

    EBP -

    EFF  -             %  

    SPL  -              dB

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  5. I was also leaning towards Jubilees, but they are too big for my room.

    May be in the future, if my wife doesn't kill me first.

    In Europe the houses are not so generous like Australia or US :) 

  6. Hi Marvel,

    I know that this is am old topic, but I have to try;

    The K-33 woofer specs were perfect, but I also need the

    values/specs of the k-55-V and K-77(T-35) used in the Klipschhorns, if you have them?

    Thank you

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