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  1. All are still available. I would really like to move the sub and Forte III to help fund my next purchase.
  2. Regarding sub: no power cord included. Wireless kit included. Sub base is included - I forget their name. No interconnects included. Thanks
  3. I will post pictures of sub. I don’t know how old it is, but I purchased in SEP of 2016 from Klipsch when I moved to OH. Serial number is 106070115490207.
  4. I am open to PayPal if you add 3% to cover fees. I will not ship. It is not worth the effort/risk. I prefer local pick up. It is certainly more work, but I want a smooth transaction. I would really like the sub and Forte III to go. They are great, but I do not need/want any extra speakers around. I will always keep my Forte II for bedroom system.
  5. I have grills for RB-81 II. There seems to be a lot of interest. They are sale pending. I will pull them out of the closet and snap a couple of shots. Forte III are still available.
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